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the oven timer stops right on time for me to grab my food and run through the front door. the weather was warm, and i crossed the street to the old woman’s house to deliver the food. i knocked but no one is answering.

» Posted By Tasya On 03.11.2017 @ 6:12 am


it was sleeping when i came home. then it opened its eyes and yawn with a small mouth and lick its paws.

» Posted By Tasya On 02.24.2017 @ 8:11 pm


i was on my way seeing the counselor when i saw her. standing underneath the tree, with bruises on her arms. she didn’t see me, she was too focused on her books. lights streaming through the leaves and forming delicate patterns on her face.

» Posted By Tasya On 02.24.2017 @ 6:10 am


we were playing golf when the girl came in. she play like a pro, but since we don’t know anything about golf we didn’t know who she was.
afterwards, we found out that she was a world class champion.

» Posted By Tasya On 01.17.2017 @ 6:54 am


the building keep going up and jutting out from the cliff. it was dark, and windy, but I think I saw some lights flickering inside.
which is strange, since it has been abandoned for 2 centuries and no one even knows about this fortress.

» Posted By Tasya On 01.15.2017 @ 4:55 am


i see it before others do.
i’ve always loved the stars before, their presence calming me. but tonight something is different.
it burns brighter and bigger than the others.
then i saw that it moved, and its tails.
but it was too late.
by the time the emergency news started, the comet had become too big to be safe.
i guess this is it then.

» Posted By Tasya On 01.11.2017 @ 1:51 am


i am boarding my plane when suddenly the rain came pouring hard and the people are running for cover. i have no idea what will happen next, but the rain sounds really bad that i’m afraid to take a flight in this condition. therefore, i am booking the next flight

» Posted By Tasya On 01.09.2017 @ 11:24 pm

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