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They had history together, there was no doubt about that. But how much did that history affect their future? Some would say too much, some not at all. From her own point of view though, the history just made everything that much more poignant. Made her feel that much more strongly.

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She stared at the hoop she grasped in her hand, light glinting off the glitter that adorned it. Taking a deep breath she threw the hoop high into the air. She watched as the hoop spun, sparkling in the sunlight. It was brand new, no dirt or scratches present but as she caught it in her hand again she knew that wouldn’t last.

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They were always making plans. For where they would go, for what they would see. But there were some things that just could not be planned for. Some things that just threw everything out and meant you needed to start from scratch. It was these chaotic things they lived for, whether they knew it or not.

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The hills stretched out before her, their magnificent mottled green seeming to go on forever. If she hadn’t known better she would’ve thought that nothing would interfere with such a view. However even from here she could spot the roads, although few, criss-crossing amongst the green, much like badly healed scars.

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The horses stood still beneath the dappled light produced by the canopy above. They were only a few metres away and I knew if I made the slightest noise they would scatter like leaves in the wind. I paused and tilted my camera. The perfect shot. The click of the shutter echoed through the trees and the horses looked up from their grazing, their glorious eyes taking in my still form before returning to the grass.

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The light in front of her flared brightly before quickly going out. She sighed. That had been her last match too. The darkness enveloped her as she pondered what to do next. Being trapped by a collapsed tunnel had not been part of her escape plan and now there was little to do but wait.

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The turmoil inside her was so different to the stillness of the water that surrounded her. Here on a boat, floating on the lake of her childhood, she thought she would be able to find the peace that had so forsaken her. A peace so long forgotten.

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He was their shepherd, their leader. No matter how much he didn’t want it, they begged him to stay. They claimed that without him all they had created would fall apart. He tried and tried to convince them that the strength was within them. They never believed him and that was their downfall.

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Suppose, suppose, suppose. That was all he ever did. I couldn’t stand it for much longer! Why did he find it so hard to firmly agree or object to something? I didn’t understand it, wasn’t sure I could. He had always been that way and I was starting to think that perhaps he always would be.

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She watched as water dripped off the umbrellas that passed beneath her window. Those umbrellas had become a necessity in her home-town. It was always raining, never stopping, only easing, giving the locals hope that perhaps the five year rain was at an end before crushing it by pouring minutes later.

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She had always liked the feel of silk on her skin. It made her feel luxurious and pampered, as though she was a princess stuck in a tower, guarded by a ferocious dragon and awaiting her prince charming. Unfortunately her tower was a much more metaphorical one and a place no prince charming could rescue her from.

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He didn’t know what to say. Didn’t know what to think. She wanted to cut those precious threads. The ones that had bound them together for the past five years. Their friendship gone. All because some things just could not be left unsaid.

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Nothing could ever quite amuse her as he did. All his actions seemed to be tuned precisely to entertain her and her alone. It hurt however to know that this was not the truth. He was simply doing the job he had been paid to do. Keep her preoccupied and out of the way.

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The sound of thunder echoed over head as the rain started to fall around them. Although they had ridden hard, they were still too far from the inn and had resorted to taking shelter within an abandoned farmhouse. Luckily the fire they created was quick to warm them and they knew they’d be safe until morning.

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The lightning light up the room as she huddled in the corner shivering. If someone had seen her they would have thought she was afraid of the storm, this wasn’t quite true. She had long since learned to deal with storms themselves. It was the creature that came with them that terrified her.

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It seemed strange to me that people always described him as someone violent. I had never seen him in a fight even though I’d been in the same school, the same class for seven years. In truth it seemed like he avoided people. So anti-social perhaps, but certainly not violent.

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The trophy glittered brightly in front of them, reflecting their eager faces on its shiny surface. It meant so much to them, this tiny trophy. It symbolised all they had been through together. All their hardships. All their triumphs. All the laughs and all the tears.

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“Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” The childhood chant rang through my head as I sat waiting in the counsellor’s office for my next patient. Whoever had said the words was either naive or a raving lunatic who was able to shrug off anything anyone said. The number of children I had seen harmed by a “simple” word boggled my mind.

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The performance was finally over. Sweat trickled down the back of his neck as he caught his breath, waiting in the wings for the curtain call. It had been tough getting this far, completing his goal. However it was finally time for him to step aside, let someone else take the reins. He stepped out onto the stage as they called his name, looked into those bright lights one final time before closing his eyes and taking his final bow.

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Etiquette. That one thing he hated. She was always polite, always proper. Why couldn’t she ever be herself? Oh no, that wasn’t how she was brought up, she had to play by the rules. Those damn rules. They were the reason he was stuck here in this stupid tux, acting polite and smiling just so he could get that one last chance to talk to her. That one chance to tell her, show her, that there was more to life than etiquette. More to life than just following the rules.

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Piles and piles of straw as far as the eye could see. At least that’s what the long stems of mown grass seemed like to her. It reminded her of that story, one of the fairy tales she’d been told long ago. Of a young girl who got caught up in the lies her father told.

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The limit is reached when someone has gone to their maximum capacity. It stops you from going further, but it is possible to extend your personal limit. Or the limit can be the most of what you can do. Everybody has a limit to their skills, whether it is how far you can run, or how long you can write.

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wade? computer wade. kinda reminds me of the show- I mean, kid from kim possible. You know, that geeky kid, who might be mexican or black, because his skin is brown. (Not a racist comment), but I don’t know. He helps out kim and ron, etc. But w/e. I’m not on this subject. Durr. So…Uh..Now what. I don’t know. Idk, my bff jill? When is my 60 seconds gonna be up? Soon, I guess. since the bar thingy is almost red.

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