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Can you handle me?

3am tears steaming from my eyes
racing down the sides of my cheeks like raindrops racing down the car window
because the middle of the night has knocked on my heart
awoken me to feel the dark, quiet emptiness in the air
stranding me on my lonely island of a bed until morning
when I see the smiling faces of my loved ones
busy, loud, and beautiful

when happiness and excitement radiates through my chest
adventure is in my sights
and like Alice chased the whit rabbit down the rabbit hole
I will chase the vision of adventure until the I can’t run anymore
and with a smile on my face
I won’t stand still
I’ll barely even wait for you to catch up

And when the sunset shows it’s dreamy self to us
I will be consumed with love and passion
The colors of the sky will embrace me
The way I will embrace you
Like I’ll never let you go
The colors will fade and change, but they’ll always come back
Just like me

Can you handle all that?

» Posted By Talia Hope On 10.26.2017 @ 12:27 pm

there’s a hidden handle on you
that had green ivy growing all the way up
but now it’s blossomed into purple flowers
blooming with hope and desire

there’s something mysterious about you
something that made you hard to hold on to
and now i see you for what you truly are
Beautiful as anything could ever be

» Posted By Talia Hope On 10.26.2017 @ 12:05 pm


I guess I’m just disoriented, you know?
I guess I was doing the same thing for such a long time
I forgot how to do anything else

I was numbing myself for so long
I’d like to love you as powerfully as you love me
But, you see, I simply forgot how

You just gotta give me some time
One of these days I’m gonna find my way
And I’ll love you with a passion so strong
You, silly boy, won’t even know what hit you

» Posted By Talia Hope On 10.25.2017 @ 1:10 pm

Sometimes I make wrong turns on purpose
I say, “feet, where do you wanna go?”
left, right, left, right
It’s all the damn same
Skies change from dawn to twilight
And turn after turn,
Trees and streetlights blur around me
The sound of my footsteps in sync with the constant beating of my heart
That will one day stop but today it’s as full as can be
Every breath of fresh air is so powerful
It brings tears to my eyes
I have so much love inside of me and it pours out of me like a flooded river
I’m just a walking flood
That turns left, right, left, right
Until I realize that I’m utterly lost
Completely disorientated
And my ritual is halfway to complete
My steps become filled with purpose
Because I know when find my way back to familiar streets
I will have found myself again too

» Posted By Talia Hope On 10.25.2017 @ 1:04 pm

Spinning faster faster
Blurs in my eyes
Embrace the disorder in my soul
I am disorientated
I am a cluster of thoughts
With a body to carry themselves from place to place
Where ever they choose to go

» Posted By Talia Hope On 10.25.2017 @ 12:41 pm


where does your mind wander when you look through windows?
some say the sunset dripping across the sky consumes them
some say it’s the girl on the sidewalk with sunset eyes
Through my window,
I see you
Looking through your window
Deep in tranquil thought
Are you looking at me too?

» Posted By Talia Hope On 10.25.2017 @ 10:50 am

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