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The chicken in the oven is entirely way more roasted than you wanted it to be. You stared at the chicken on the container, stared at the oven door, and then shoved the entire chicken back in. If it dared come out too roasted, it might as well come out burned.

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Parents are the regulatory body of the kids. They are the one with huge responsibilities of shaping other humans, who would one day become like them.

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There are vines wrapped all around him, binding him to the column behind him. It pushed his back flush against the column, pink skin against white marble. It twined around him, like a hug from the back by a lover.

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Lens. There are lens in glasses, in the glasses that my sister wears. There are lens in the microscopes that I used back in third grade, fourth, fifth and sixth. What else are lens used for? Why, of course, they let you see.

» Posted By Taki On 04.20.2017 @ 9:21 pm

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