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The beginning of the end is such a banal phrase but she couldn’t think of anything else while looking in his eyes and seeing that knowing smirk with something so childish and pure lurking in the crinkles at the corners of his eyes.

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Equator, that was what separated them these days. At least he hoped so, that she wouldn’t be foolish enough to come anywhere near this part of the world. There was also the equator in his feelings and that she had broken with terrifying ease once.

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However much the three of them moved around and however many people they met, she always felt secluded and separated from the rest of the world either in a motel romm or in the safe insides of Impala.

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The memories were still fresh in her mind, her world, university, the flat, him… It was as if just yesterday she saw him wake up in the morning and blink sleepily.

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‘Don’t make a scene’, she hissed. He had to clamp down on his emotions at that moment while the woman seemed entirely unaffected and even smiled slightly as if she hadn’t just been offended. Though in her eyes he saw a promise of revenge, slow and painful at that.

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You have built too many walls. We don’t keep things from each other like at all, you know. We tell each other everything that happens whether important or not.

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The various small American towns she’d seen had all actually been quite alike. They had different monster plaguing them, that’s for sure, but hardly anything else

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She didn’t need help. Well, not usually, but that day seemes really full of men helping her out: taking her out of the falling train, giving a lift to the city and saving from a mugging.

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Before there was endless road with her brother and father, countless jobs, usual portion of life-threatening dandger.

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Scared, terrified, afraid. Like every person she experienced that feeling. And exactle at that moment it was more than justified what with the train going off the rails and hanging precariously off the bridge, stumbling, searching for a fragile balance. She felt it calm down more or less (finally) and started getting through to the exit abandoning the precious seeds

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