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There are moments when the world comes together, when an epiphany strikes like an ill-placed lightning bolt. This is not one of those times. She is thrown into the world with a blink and a sigh, and before she knows it, the epiphany that she wished she had is but an unfortunate calling.

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She sat as still as a statue in the still air of a still night, perched on a window sill. And as she grinned to herself in the moonlight, she wondered if he could see her from his perch in the clouds, if he could see her pale porcelain face smiling down at the world.

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The setting of the scene was awful; it was like Richard decided to copy an old Hollywood film for what it was worth, trash. She scorned his thinking process, really, because foam trees kept trying to press their branches into her eyes, and the scene was really deplorable.

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He was pressed for time. The clock face was mocking him with its waving arms and effortless work. Oh, how much he hated that smirking face.

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The tricks of the trade made her head hurt more often than not. All the loopholes and all the laws drove her insane with the need to memorize them all, as if she had all the time in the world to dedicate time for that. So, instead, she used her common sense and bypassed those cheap tricks and found her own way instead.

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The division between their families wasn’t so great that they could never be friends, but it was great enough that they could never be lovers. The animosity caused their hearts to swell with unknown feelings and for their tear ducts to mount with tears. It also allowed that feeling to morph into love.

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The mist held onto her clothes as she entered the building, pieces of it trailing for her feet as if it were a manifestation of Hermes’ wings. She strode forward, confident and strong, until a blast of air dispersed the mist, and she was left with a sudden chill.

» Posted By Suwa On 08.29.2011 @ 5:12 pm


He didn’t have the chance to speak before the tsunami hit. Its loud roar echoed in the caverns, as if it were using sound to seek him out. He hit under his bag, crouching down low, waiting for the others to flee. This would be his time; when the rest of the crew fled, he would have the chance to snatch away the treasure.

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Tired. I am so tired that the destruction of my health seems imminent. Tired. The destruction of my mindset seems prevalent among all that ails me. Tired. I collapse onto the ground in a fit of exhaustion. Tried. I tried to stop the destruction, but it was too late.

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It was raining last night, but she didn’t bring an umbrella, instead letting the rain drench her. She yawned under the porch overhanging, feeling drops of acid rain touch her hand, but not caring if it burned.

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She forgot the moment her eyes left his. The light outlined his profile with sharp shadows that stung her eyes, so without hesitation, she closed her eyes and smiled to herself. In the darkness, she imagined herself in a land far away from the noise of the city.

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It wasn’t logical. Her arms swung of its own volition; her tears streamed their own path, and now everyone who saw her actions faced her wrath,

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Domestic violence stats were generally not the way he spent his Friday nights, but there was something so utterly horrifying about them that he couldn’t stop reading, as if the numbers were a train wreck he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of.

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Curious George. A tiny, happy monkey that swung on trees. A monkey that made her smile and giggle when it stormed cats and dogs outside, A cheerful little monkey that made her heart swoon and her lips smile.

» Posted By Suwa On 05.16.2011 @ 5:22 pm


It was a wasteland, full of trash and slime and muck. So much rotten fruit was littered around the hills as if they were fairies of the wind, riding in on frozen chariots.

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I never went to a funeral before this. There were too many tears and too many secretive smiles; it made me want to vomit behind a tree. And there, I saw it, sticking out of the ground underneath a gnarled root. Bones of a man long gone.

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I consoled her, but it was to no avail. She cried until her eyes were swollen, rivulets of salty tears crowding around her streaked mascara. She sniffled as she gazed at me, her eyes repetant. I gave her a smile, but knew that ultimately I would have to leave her on that side of the road like I did with all the girls. In the morning, someone would find her, I told myself, but the truth was that she would never be found.

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I don’t believe in loving rain. When it crashed on the metal shingles of my first house, and when it battered down my old trailer, I swore that it was nothing but trouble. I caught pneumonia twice and a deadly flu thrice. The rain to me was nothing but a bother .

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Splatters were everywhere, like a murder scene gone wrong. She breathed in a sigh as her fingers skimmed over the handle of the broom. Her eyes roved around the walls, the sporadic blotches that filled an empty canvas. She sighed some more, utterly exhausted.

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His ragged breathing disturbed the air, warm puffs of air squeezing around icicles and underneath frozen fringes. His shoulders shook, an uneven sin equation graphed into reality. Shutting his eyes, he prayed for relief.

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The columns underneath the bridge shook; the supports weren’t going to last. The cars swayed above the steel, haphazardly driving, panicked drivers slamming on the gas pedal. The bridge rocked in the wind, a lazy motion of back and forth.

» Posted By Suwa On 01.09.2011 @ 8:01 pm


What a respectable man. What a man who walks into the brothel at nine in the afternoon. What a kind of man. He licks his lips and moves to the door.

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A tiny little sun on the face of a card. Really? Was he in debt over that? A tiny little sun. A Discover card. Sure, a jet ski wasn’t needed, but certainly a coffee pot!

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It was a simple phrase that thew him off an edge of a cliff. A tiny, insignificant phrase that pummeled his face with regrets and shoved fear into his heart. A minuscule, silently uttered phrase.

I love you.

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It was pinned to her door with a thumbtack, crisp edges and slightly smeared ink. She groaned, knowing instantly that she was doomed; she didn’t have the money yet, and it wouldn’t be ready until next week.

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Oh my god. Oh my god. Finals.

There was screaming in the library, the LIBRARY! Screams.

Scream. Yelling. Bellowing.

She hated it. They needed to shut up.

» Posted By Suwa On 12.31.2010 @ 2:49 pm


Her lip was bleeding. It had split in the middle of the night, dry skin cracking as she yawned. Her tongue flicked outward to lap up the blood, the droplets spreading to cover the lower left of her lip. It spread with a dark rich color, almost like a lip balm.

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Alterations were a pain. Sure, she had gained some pounds in the past month; it was Christmas season! The world should have expected this! but it didn’t, and she was left with the humiliating taste of taking in her wedding dress to the tailor’s to be altered.

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They were scattered all over the floor, tiny needle sharp stationary accessories that threatened to give her an impromptu acupuncture. It frightened her. She sprang from her feet and onto a chair. They wouldn’t get her! She would survive!

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No, no, no, NO!

It was rejection in its purest form. It’s most violent form. It’s most cutting form. She would cry, but that would make her seem weak, and she could not let that happen. Not with his face right there, not with his sullen eyes asking for forgiveness. She would show him forgiveness in the face of brutal rejection.

» Posted By Suwa On 12.21.2010 @ 3:10 pm

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