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I am such a suckeker for stray animals. I used to live on the reservation, and I ended up with an extra dog–chowder–because she was a chow…der… She ran after my car when i would leave the res, and so she would end up spending the whole day, happily hanging out while I ran my errands.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.04.2018 @ 8:17 am


holistic medicine is death to me.
I can not even drink chai tea
Coffee once a day is fine
but one bit of fennel is unkind
my body is not my own today
while I am sharing I don’t get my way

» Posted By Susannah On 04.29.2018 @ 3:57 am


Get my motor going. I pulled, tug-tug-tug… dead. Pull! tug-tug-tug…dead.
What is wrong with this thing? Is the blade too high? am I pushing it too hard? Gas…maybe it’s out of gas! But what kind of gas? Where do I get gas?

» Posted By Susannah On 05.27.2017 @ 3:25 pm


Champagne, Illinois is the home of deep thinkers and middle america. How would Ebert feel…to know…they voted for Trump?

» Posted By Susannah On 01.16.2017 @ 9:06 am


At the picnic, I looked down at me feet and considered the condition of my shoes. They were soft, well-worn…grayish from city walking. I could feel the pavement through the hole in my right foot, where months of walking had worn through the sole. My foot was calloused and black in that singular spot.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.29.2015 @ 2:21 pm

Under which conditions is one expected to keep going forward? To keep moving on? Under any condition, I expect. Under whatever condition, what other option does one have? Keep going. You got this.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.29.2015 @ 2:18 pm


Wintertime in New York is unlike other places. Soon falls and gives hope, which gives hope to disappointment as it falls and disintegrates into the concrete, warmed by the life-force of the city streets. wintertime is cold, soulless, lit up and dressed as a lie of warmth and love.

» Posted By Susannah On 12.21.2014 @ 5:07 pm


I slipped the card into the slot of the headband waiting at my forehead and I began to ask questions. Is it living? an animal? a food? What color is it? Can I take it out in public? Is it something I can wear? I know! It’s a Chicken!

» Posted By Susannah On 12.08.2014 @ 7:40 am

the headband dug into that space just above and being my ears, clashing unmeldingly against the stems of my green Korean glasses. the tiny spikes of the band dug menacingly into my scalp, leaving its mark on my skull only as a disquieting memory.

» Posted By Susannah On 12.08.2014 @ 7:37 am


I ate thanksgiving leftovers in a fort.
It had a treehouse and funny rules, “You talkin’ to me?”
a few new friends, fried potatoes, and a SMART Car.

» Posted By Susannah On 11.30.2014 @ 5:12 pm


The emperor looked out over his wide kingdom. He saw that it was glorious. He marveled at its gloriouis potential. Then he burst into wailing fits of tears because it was time for bed.

» Posted By Susannah On 02.24.2014 @ 7:18 am


How do I best demonstrate the way to write to a bunch of kids who have little to no practice? Ah…sigh…sometimes I worry that I’m not doing enough for them…sometimes I wish I had a road map. But, as they say, there is no road map for kids…besides, everyone just uses their phones these days anyway.

» Posted By Susannah On 02.16.2014 @ 5:13 pm


How can one NOT think about romance on a starlit night? Well, the idea of a starlit night is romantic. The reality of the starlit night is not so dreamy when the weather is F below zero and traffic is whizzing being your back. The sand is everywhere and I feel like the oysters we had for dinner might be making an encore performance.

» Posted By Susannah On 02.06.2014 @ 12:44 pm


I doubled the gum I was chewing in my mouth. The dull, elastic taste suddenly brightened momentarily, like a burst of juicy goodness that faded as quickly as it came.

» Posted By Susannah On 01.28.2014 @ 6:21 am


his only job was to apprehend criminals, but he was a terrible cop. He foiled his own cases constantly. He tripped on his own feet; he stumbled on to evidence. He was, essentially, a bumbler.

» Posted By Susannah On 01.27.2014 @ 6:21 am


Taffy was my blue parakeet. He flew around the room in our high- valuted cielings and perched on the paintings, pooping all over Jesus’s head. Oh, Taffy. You brightly moving aquamarine sunbeam!

» Posted By Susannah On 01.24.2014 @ 11:56 am


After a night of tequlia with heavy-set Richard, the last place I wanted to be was on a boat, the heavy swells of the sea, rocking us back and forth, violently ripping my stomach lining from its resting spot,daring me to to hurl my breakfast across the roof of the boat.

» Posted By Susannah On 01.31.2013 @ 6:39 am

All-swell that end-swell, but in the end, it was mostly unwell.
She was falling apart. Quickly. her hair was falling out. She crumbled under her weight when trying to walk. Indeed, all was not s’well.

» Posted By Susannah On 01.31.2013 @ 6:35 am


I must focus on myself if I am to be responsible for others. IF I allow my health to fail, then I cripple, and I can take care of nothing. I must be more strict, clear, and concise. No more concessions. I must, or else I fail.

» Posted By Susannah On 01.07.2013 @ 11:15 am


Wanting is an urge, a push. I am I pushing it, or is it pushing me? Which, in this situation, is preferable. I work on what I want, and fear what will happen if I get it.

» Posted By Susannah On 08.14.2012 @ 1:07 pm


I’m high at work right now.
I couldn’t care less about the configuration of this or that. I’ve never been high at work. or most anywhere except the few times I’ve smoked weed. Vicoden is somehow different, somewhat the same. teaching while like this was surprisingly easier than other days…

» Posted By Susannah On 06.28.2012 @ 1:44 am


armpits. the pits of despair. the pits of hard work and determination.
the pits of desire.
be proud of that stench, and sometimes, remember to take a shower.

» Posted By Susannah On 06.20.2012 @ 2:38 am


all this racket
over saving face
making a scene,
so seem as if you care
once their eyes have turned,
you look away, solemn. .
do what you want, you say.

» Posted By Susannah On 06.10.2012 @ 7:27 pm


It’s hard to grind my coffee beans, ever since I lost that little knob that goes on the handle. It says something to my addiction, the spinning, spinning,spinning, digging, digging, digging into my palm for just a taste the sweet sweet nectar inside that little wooden box.

man, I gotta get myself a blender!

» Posted By Susannah On 06.08.2012 @ 1:24 am


butterflies, robots, human beings…plastic toys.
everything will inevitably transform.
become another.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.27.2012 @ 5:33 pm


every question begins with one.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.22.2012 @ 3:53 am


What is the most romantic thing you can think of right now? is it something that actually happened? or could ever actually happen? Congratulations. you are not a sappy teenager who reads too much twilight. nor are you a 35 year old virgin.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.17.2012 @ 6:51 am


Outgoing. yes, I am.
When I know my role, I go out, and I do it whole heartedly.
But people confuse outgoing with its opposite.
Can outgoing people be shy? yes.
Just as someone who is brave can also be scared,
then I, too can be a shy person.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.10.2012 @ 1:45 am


It’s almost time for lunch and I’m hoping it’s not fish again…again…more fish. When I slide that door open, I cross my fingers, I cross my toes. I pray for something–anything but fish. But before my eyes can see, my nose can smell, that tasty fish.

» Posted By Susannah On 05.07.2012 @ 8:00 pm


I see the old women who walk around like bent tree branches and I worry. With every pang from my hip; every creak of my knee…I wonder, will I become one of them someday? transformed into a whithered twig who can no longer stand erect on her own?

» Posted By Susannah On 05.04.2012 @ 8:11 pm

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