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Scientific discoveries have advanced further than anyone would have possibly imagined in suc a short period of time. However, has science gone too far? Humans have the ability to prolong people’s lives who want to die, or will live terrble ones after whatever procedure or medication, yet we do not use those resources in developing countries to help stop the epidemics that cause their short upbrinings. Even though it is a glorious thing that first world countries basically have the ability to be immortal with the right finances, the focus should be on developig countries who need it more.

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I hadn’t been outside in a week. It was too sunny for me to casually walk outside in a blind stupor without shades; the sun felt sticky on my neck and dried out my tongue. This is what happens when a recluse needs to go grocery shopping.

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I fell down and the man who chased me was towering over me like a big oaf. He picked me up by the arm, looked my in the eyes and said, “You pooped in my shoe so now I am going to poop in yours.”
He took my show off of my left foot, pulled down his pants, and pooped in my shoe.
I didn’t mean to poop in his shoe. I had no where else to go.

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“Okay, so what you’re going to have to do is go in the ducts, all right? Go in the ducts, attempt a back flip, continue, and then you’ll see a wall,” he said.
“Wall? In the ducts?”
“Yes, now stay with me now. So you see a wall. Look up. There will be some ducts.”
“No, ducts, dammit David, stay with me. So you see another duct, climb up the duct, and then drill a hole when you can’t climb up any further.”
“Okay, then what?”
“Then, you get in the building, steal the cake, and leave the same way you came in.”
“All of that for a cake?”
“Of course, it’s cake.”

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“My watchtower! Look what you did to it! I spent three DAYS building that.”
“Whatever,” I said. “I wanted to see how big of an explosion my dynamite would make, and your snow toy just happened to be by it.”
“I hate you.”

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“It’s like a sugary, melt in your mouth kind of cake, isn’t it?” I said.
“Well, it’s TOO sugary. What’s in it?” he asked the cake baker.
“People,” he said. “Just kidding, I put powdered sugar in instead of sugar. I am not Mrs. Lovett.” He laughed.

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“I am a believer!” he sang in the car. “I don’t know~ the rest of the lyrics! But I’m a believer!”
“Shut it,” I said. “You just killed a person. You aren’t a believer, you’re a murderer.”
“But I believe that I left no trace behind.”
“Whatever,” I said as I pulled into a cemetery. “Just look for a freshly dug grave and we’ll bury him there.”

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“I don’t know what’s going on,” he said. “I think my car is stalling.”
He turned his head to me like I knew what the problem was. “It’s probably and elf messing with your engine. Pull over and I’ll check it.”
He pulled over and I got out of the car and opened the hood. I asked for a flashlight and he tossed me one from the window. “Thanks.” I said.
I dug around a bit, looking for something that might be the cause of the problem with the doo-hickey because neither of us had any idea how cars worked, but when I pulled out a cap of come sort, a little body sprung out of it. I stared at it while it crawled out. Looked like an elf.
“Sorry,” he said in a squeaky voice. “I dropped my burger in there and I didn’t want to lose it. The car should be working fine, move along.” He waved his tiny hands at me, took the cap from my hand, and closed the thing. I closed the hood and went back in the car.
“It should be working now.”
“What was wrong with it?” he asked.
“Eh, some food got stuck in there.”
“Srange.” He started the car.
“I’ll say.”

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I didn’t know what to say. This person was being so ignorant of anything around him and had no knowledge over the topic, yet he still insists on arguing over it without any sources or intelligent comebacks. Why?
“Well, you see,” he said. “I’m a sly bastard, and more smarter than you are, so you might want to re-think your dumb opinion like the stupid bitch you are.”
We need a new plague to get rid of idiots like this one.

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The mountainous doe stood before us in all of her glory. “Whoa,” Sebastian said next to me. “Do you think we can kill it and make some deer jerky?”
The doe snorted and stood taller.
“Why were you even thinking about doing that?” I said. “Look at this thing, it could easily kill five people before going down.”
It snorted again, stamped its front hooves on the ground and shook it’s head. It galloped toward me and stopped five inches from my face.
I didn’t know what to do, so I stuck out my hand to pet it. The doe freaked out and jumped back. And I swear, she said, “I have already seen the sun once today, I do not need to see it again.”
“Did that thing just speak, or did you say that with a freakishly girly voice?”
“It wasn’t me,” I said. “It was the doe.”

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I was never interested in what anyone had to say to me.
“Can you go to the store for me, please?”
“I have something to tell you, but you absolutely cannot tell anyone about it.”
“I don’t know why you don’t care.”
“Can you give me some sympathy please?”

Life. It was all so mundane. Nothing interesting ever happens, but everything is inevitable, so maybe something exciting will happen one day.

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“Grandfather!” I yelled. “Wait for me!”
I ran up to him before he rolled down the ramp. I caught up to him, but he didn’t say anything.
He never does; he just looks at me with his burnt eyes that makes whatever I have to say not important anymore. When I look back, he smiles the kind of smile that makes you want to tell other people that you do not know who this man is, but he is too compelling.
I looked away to push his wheelchair and asked him if he needed anything. He grabbed my pinky with his pinky and said, “Pinky hugs are all I need to keep me going.”

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I finally witnessed it. A domino effect of people falling down the stairs; it was possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. You see me walking up the stairs, third person perspective obviously, and then here comes tumbling down young Mr. Know-It-All, sad really, down the stairs of the east wing in the building. First he knocks down Mr. Popular who has his arms around two females, the slut and the whore of the school, for purposes that will never be known due to the fact that they have never had sex, which is why the titles are so misleading. But then Mr. Popular lets go of the girls and he falls down on the school mascot, or the duck, which is an actual real-live duck in our school, yes I know it’s crazy. But the duck got mad, Mr. Popular was embarrassed, and Mr. Know-It-All was laying there frantically looking for his glasses. Yes, what I witnessed today was good.

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I kept looking at him until he stopped his juvenile tantrum along the pavement. When he looked back up to me, he resumed his crying, but instead he threw his butt on the curb in a shrewd manner. “I don’t wanna go,” he said as he crossed his arms. “They’ll all laugh at me.”

I waited a moment before I responded. He might start up again, and I don’t have anymore patience to deal with him more. “Well, what do you expect me to do about it? Call the FBI if someone even looks at you in a weird way?”

“No,” he said. “I just don’t want them to make fun of me.”

“It’s your own fault, you put it on yourself.” I walked over to him and took off his baseball cap. On his head was an obtrusive elf laying on his head and gnawing at his ear.

“Back off!” the elf cried. “I ain’t got nothin’ to do with this!”

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I tightened my bowtie. “I’m all ready to go,” I said to myself as I walked out of the preparation room. She always preferred me when I was in a bowtie, might as well be the last time she sees me in one. Several people passed their blessing to me as I passed by, but I couldn’t say anything. Finally, I walked up to the coffin and looked at my little, three year old sister’s sewn eyes. “I know you think I look silly in these bowties, so I thought I would made you laugh for the last time,” I said, and then I closed the casket.

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I seated myself on the chair. Warm ooze drained from the back, impaling the pores on my body. I was turning metallic. Faint laughter was mute to my left ear, but I couldn’t see him in front of me. “Stop,” I said. “No one is afraid of you.”

He stopped leaking and absorbed the slime back into his body. My chair was dry again and my skin returned to normal. “Well,” he replied. “I guess I’ll just have to change that.”

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I seated myself on the chair. Warm ooze drained from the back of the chair. Faint laughter was mute to my left ear, but I couldn’t see him in front of me. “Stop,” I said. “No one is afraid of you.”

He stopped leaking and absorbed the slime back into his body. My chair was dry again. “Well,” he replied. “I guess I’ll just have to change that.”

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I revved the generator as many times as I could, but it wouldn’t start. I tried countless of times. It had to start. They were coming. 5. 4. Almost, I hear their footsteps. 3. 2–it finally started. I was successfully able to grind the body and make some of Mrs. Lovett’s signature pie. They never found out in the pie shop.

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It was belated. The most important day. The day I was going to murder the man who killed my parents. I didn’t know where he was, or what he was doing at this moment because he was late for this very important date. He was supposed to attend a funeral, his funeral, that I prepared for him, but he never showed up.

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Pruning is a valuable thing. Do you need something to get rid of? Prune it. Prune the living heck out of it. Prune your prunes, prune your mother, prune your father. Prune until nothing is left. Rid of everything unnecessary in your life and hope that out of all the things you pruned, you pruned the right ones otherwise you’d just become a tree stump without the hold of its branches.

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Once in a while, I would go outside and look at the swing set in my backyard. I didn’t know why it was ever there in the first place; I never played with it, anyway. It stayed there. Alone. Unwanted. Neglected. What was I to do with it? I’m not a little girl anymore. I really should get rid of it, but I can’t. Too many memories on that thing. Too many.

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