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Life is full of comedy. The key is to discover it. Every day the people and situations that surround us, can bring us down or they can make us laugh. We just have to learn to let go of control and accept the humor that comes in what others may see as a tragedy.

Living our life to the fullest means accepting the comedy in our own actions, as well as in others. Nothing is better than being able to laugh at our own mistakes.

Comedy is the key to finding humor in all of these things. However, this can be difficult at the moment. Perhaps, it may be helpful to step back from the situation and see it from another point of view.

Naturally, there are some tragedies that befall out lives in which humor and laughter are not possible. However, the more comedy you allow in your life the better it is for you to deal with these horrific events.

I learned this when I was in the mental hospital for deep depression and suicidal thinking. I learned to laugh again after years of sorrow and sadness. The therapy and medicine could not compare to the laughter that I felt when sharing stories or playing cards with others that were in similar situations. However, I often forget it. It is nice to remind myself on occasion.

Comedy is everywhere. It is up to us whether we laugh or cry. Only we can decide on how much fun we have in every situation. There really is a silver lining to everything and comedy is the one thing that helps us find it.

Jokes of the day, a great comedy movie, or reading a novel that has comedy in it can lighten the mood of anyone. Even for someone like me, they can help to relieve the deep sadness felt from severe depression.

Another thought on comedy: Why is it when I type in comedy in Amazon Kindle’s search box, I usually get books that border on pornography instead? There is nothing wrong with reading these risque books. However, when I want to read a comedy, I usually am looking for something to make me red-faced with laughter, not flush with embarrassment or desire.

Comedy can be used to describe many different things: some people love slapstick comedy while others prefer a more subtle approach. However, everyone can agree, laughter is the best medicine for whatever may ail you.

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