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Swing, I roared into the sky, the sun on my toetips. Whoosh, down I went the ground scrolling by. Particles of sand flying as my tennis shoe scraped the ground. Up again to see the edge of the world pass through my arc. Swing, swing, swing.

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It was the dance combination that did AJ in. He saw Jake put his hand on her back, sliding down to the hinterlands that AJ wanted to explore. And it rested on the dual mound of honey – as a bitter drip of saliva trickled down his throat and into his belly which rumbled like a thunderstorm.

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stacks and stacks of books that smell like paper paste and dust. I walk through them looking for him. I catch the glimpse of a shoulder, a cowlick peeking over a coat lapel. Hello, I say. He reaches for me and i taste him, salty and juicy in equal measure.

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I stood at the avenue with my umbrella still folded. The rain came down and washed away a dark coffee stain down the rain gutter. My face was wet and I realized that my eye makeup was running down my cheeks, my lips were lost in the tears and the rain. And I stood crumpled as the umbrella in my hand.

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