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It was public, the demonstration, as they always were. And everyone had gathered around.
The man cloaked in black shoved the woman with her hands tied behind her back and her hair pulled up out of the way.
As she knelt to her knees and lowered her head she slowly closed her eyes and the audience grew so quiet, you could hear her last breath leave her body before the blade came hurdling down seeking purchase at her neck.

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she kept dreaming of little towns and how she would love to simply escape to one, rent out a motel room and buy little berries and milk and coffee and teas and know everyone in the town.

she would have a leather bound book where she would write it all down and it would be stained with tea and flowers she had found.

she would buy countless disposables and use them all up in those towns

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Little beads of perspiration began to form all over his skin, tanned by the sun. Jonah stared up at the sky and uttered a sigh of relief when a gentle breeze interrupted the unrelenting heat of the day.
Though the views were nice and he was never at risk of not having something to record or take note of in his water color-stained journal, Jonah knew he was a prisoner on the ship…

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The ship rocked and swayed back and forth in the calm blue waters.
Despite the subtle breeze and beautiful view, Jonah couldn’t help but crouch down and hang his head between his legs in an attempt to shake the sickening feeling he was experiencing.
“How do they cope?” Jonah thought, envying the crew, who didn’t seem to be phased by the never ending tilts and reek of fish surrounding them. His jealousy was cut off as his miserable breakfast from earlier made a reappearance over the edge of the ship.

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i got my fish eye working on my camera :)
funny thing, cameras. i would rather replace my eyes with camera lenses and be able to take images and moments in a flash instead of having to worry about bringing my camera to an unsafe place and risk it getting damaged;

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it was up in the sunny mountains. with green all around. the little haven had four walls, painted in ivory white and had intricate little designs cut out in all shapes; she sat there in half lotus and took a sip of the jasmine tea before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath in

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The sky was as gray and bleak as ever and, as usual, it looked as though it was promising a rain.
His navy trench coat only made him look taller and enhanced his pale skin and prominent cheek bones. He gazed down at the Thames and upturned his collar before walking away with his hands in his pockets, giving a little smirk as he thought about his earlier discovery…

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i love that scene in Lady & the Tramp, with the pasta, and the meatballs, and the accordion; it was very romantic…

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the benches i always sit at are as cold as ice. their metal structures scream at me to get off of them…

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i once had some oatmeal that was so bland it only brought up pictures of cardboard and parchment. its amazing what a little brown sugar and raisins can do…

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Describing the beast as savage would have been too generous; the helpless child could do nothing but stare. He watched the creature tear the doe’s limp body limb from limb and shove the bloody spoils into its terrifying jaws.

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she crouched down to the pool of water that had collected at the end of the stream she’d been chasing.
her delicately detailed skirts of silk gathered around her ankles and her bare feet pressed into the moist earth, laden with moss and dew.
she reached out a nimble finger and touched the ivory flower.

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with petals as white as the moon herself
the flower floated on the water
with the geisha watching from her window
she unraveled her long black hair
and gazed at the lilies
their dew shone in the light of the setting sun
and as the last light of day dimmed down,
she left the flowers in her secret pond
and returned to her tower above

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nice and freshly cleaned, she ran her nimble fingers down the strings that she easily tied around her waist. it was embroidered with the same black stitching throughout, giving her a lovely figure and a hint of mystery he adored…

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they snagged on her gown as she attempted to flee the retched night that had gone horribly wrong, they worked with the enemy to ensure she would not escape this town, piercing her satin embroidery and tearing at the draped silk, hooking into her flesh softer than a rose’s petal. she gasped as pain struck her and little rivers of blood streamed down her skin

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The trunk was old, older even than the old woman who it belonged to.
She had followed the trunk’s singing, a harmony unlike any other she had heard before. The song had beckoned her, teasing her with the promise of adventure, coaxing her with the hope of something new in her life.

It led her to a small door, hidden behind old dresses wrapped in plastic and smelling of her grandmother, it had been waiting for someone to find her, waiting for excitement.

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It was beaten up, badly. It’s color had faded to reveal a tired brown. A worn out trunk, used endlessly by her previous owner.

The girl loved in nonetheless and proudly carried with her around the station, which was bustling with excitement. There was smoke and steam and the sound of boots against brick and tiled floors, a sound she would never hate or dislike or get sick of.

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that fireplace was a threshold for memories.
it was made of a brick, red as you like, that was older than you could imagine.
the fireplace had watched the families sit before it for years, it knew more stories than it could tell in a years time.
it was her favorite place in their grand house.

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her brushed strokes erupted on the page; leaving a fury of colours in its trail.
when the artist’s instrument was close to withering out it returned to its home:
a familiar nourishing and vibrant; the palette

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and so it flowed along the newly waxed and cleaned and polished floor, just for the occasion. it have layers upon layers of beauty and she felt exquisite. as did he.

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the darkness had taken her away
with deceit and promise of an escape.
as it happened to be,
this path lead to a tunnel
which led to a cave with great wide jaws
and teeth of stalactites and stalagmites
one could marvel at for hours on end.
the cave ate her whole and she plummeted
into the world of misfortune and misery.

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the moon shone in the sky like a large luminescent platinum disc in the dark of the night.
she stood as the edge of the wide pier with her feet dangling down, teasing the water with her boots.
the boy looked upon the gazing girl and smiled to himself before walking over and sitting himself down next to her.
she turned, surprised and he saw her face illuminate brighter than all the stars in the sky and even the moon itself…

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she entered the dimly light room in the dull apartment skeptically.
dreary wall paper surrounded her though it was even more damp and dingy than that of what she had been expecting.
she dropped her dirty bag to the floor, darkened to a horrid brownish color.

and she wished with all her being she could return home and away from this undesirable den within her dream.

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the leaves. it was always the leaves-her favourite part of any season.
but autumn leaves. just breathing them made you feel…safe. the different hues of scarlet and amber and gold melting into one another’s lives.
and dying.
one of the most beautiful deaths known to this world.

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the rubber burned and made the nerves in her nasal cavity burn and singe. she recoiled from the horrific fumes exhausting from the tires. the day was blackened with smoke that rose past the peaks of the surrounding mountains and up to the stars above.

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a mixture of colors and laughter, dancing and swirling around each other in the light of the moon. how lovely they were, even basking in their own light, radiating off of them as they glowed with contentment.
the pair would never separate for they had no reason to neglect the other. and so they danced, from dream to dream, simply existing to serve one another and let the children’s dreams rinse away their day-time troubles

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she sat on a park bench trying to remember if she lived in a city where the sun broke through the dreary day. the sky was overcast and gray. bored watching busses and cars hobble by here she pulled out her lighter. she slid her thumb over the thumbwheel, coaxing it to revolve for her and ignite the flint waiting for its chance to give off a spark. the lighter agreed to her cold hands and let itself burn up its store of lighter fluid. how automatic this simple, yet ordinary, tool was. she thought to herself just as the chilly wind blew the flame out.

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the harsh wind hit her face as she was thigh deep into the 60 degree ocean. she thought how blue the water looked today as a colossal amount of sea water hurdled forward, pushed and pulled by the constant gravitational pull from the great white giant floating high above her. a breath, a gasp, a pant, a choke. a pull; down this time, ripping her soul in half as she was shoved down into the sand below, making it swirl into a cloud and sting her eyes. her throat burned and she wanted her heart to slow down, but in the panic it only raced faster. she was losing her air and was struggling to find the surface. a riptide hit again and her head whiplashed as a result. her neck made contact with a rusted pipe, snaking its way under the ocean floor. a sudden bolt of electricity shot through her and then nothing. her heart stopped, as did her diaphragm. everything below her slim collar bones ceased to live,
she realized. having no choice but to lie there and stare at the overcast day above her through the waves and the water.
she seemed peaceful, flowing with the tides, her hair swirling around her like a sea plant.

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the first leaf to turn its brilliant green into a scarlet hinted with orange tones understands me. she and i are one soul coming together to create part of what i love and who i am. my soul has so many bits and pieces. the little sea star with his unadvanced eyes (compared to that of a humans) sees things in blurs of black and white. it has to real brain or circulatory system. it gets chewed up and spit back out my its neighbors but always manages to regrow itself whole again. the littlest sea star, feeling it’s way through the world with his small suckers on his underside. yes, the sea star is a part of me and i relate to him completely.

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oh how mutual it was. telling jokes and stories of their individual adventures one after the other and building a lovely relationship off of their playfulness. each teasing the other with their mouths. they had a rhythm; a hard wave of intensity crashing down onto the shores of tenderness and romance; they were in harmony-even their heart beats thumped to the same pattern in the heat of the moment despite the cool moon-lit air. “the night went quite well,” they thought mutually when they had departed ways, each smiling to themselves as they reflected the previous events but grinning brightly when they thought of what was to come–

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