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“It’s not very scientific, is it?”

“Nonsense!” He yelled over the hum, “These are the building blocks of science!” He attached another battery.

“But… we don’t even know what this is. You found it under a rock.”

“Exactly! Now we are electrifying it! Science!”

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“So this is the workshop?”

“Yep.” He made is sound so innocent. The room was full of spiraling coils, tangled wires, and a thick chemical smell. Was there a hint of gasoline? “Don’t touch anything.”

Like all good stories this begins with an act of defiance. The first thing I touched shrunk me to the size of a dime.

“I said don’t touch anything…”

» Posted By Steven On 02.24.2016 @ 6:50 am

“It’s fine, we’ll workshop it.”

He always said that when we couldn’t get something just right. Don’t worry. It’s fine. Next time. We’ll workshop it.

How’s that workshopping going for you now?

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It spins, perpetually. The single place in the universe we can be certain to have life, and therefore, the only place in the universe which we should be concerned about.Of the seemingly endless distance in space that we are faced with, occupying our curiosity, it seems beyond pointless when we have yet to understand anything resembling the meaning of our lives on this planet.

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Impressed. Sizzle! A hot iron presses onto the cheek. A tie is straightened; the knot’s perfect. This will impress the japanese. You read my papers already? That’s quite an impressive feat for me. Thank you sir. Thank you officer. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. Mein doktovatta wurden sehr impressung mit dein arbeit. Story of my life.

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in an instant you could have it all
or catch yourself before you fall
in an instant you

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you could have it all
but you choose to give it up
a decision that ended up a bust
never knew the other end
and instant will be missed

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I looked at myself in the mirror. This isn’t me. It’s just a shadow of who I used to be. I used to be happy. I used to be more than this. The world changed me, and made me into this bitter thing I see now.. a mere decoy.

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Hiding the scars down her arm, she pulls her sleeves down. She wouldn’t want the cute boy across from her to think she is a monster. She is good. Just troubled.

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It was a blustery morning in Rome. Parsinian strode up the cobblestone stairway with only one thing on his mind, he must stop David and Michaelangelo from sleeping with that whore. He spied Medusa from behind, just as she was slipping David’s pants off. Parsinian lunged forward and sliced her blind fold, and poof… David was no more. Michaelangelo swung his blade, beheading both Parsinian and Medusa with the single swish of his blade. He then decided to consider himself a sculptor.

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there was a barrel that was red that all the kids used to play in. and then one day a kid got stuck and screamed for help, he couldn’t get any attention, thirty days passed and he was still stuck.

» Posted By steven On 01.01.2013 @ 5:30 pm


Affection. The object of my affection is this word. With beautiful curves in the Arial typeface, it is the epitome of perfection. It lives within me.

» Posted By Steven On 12.02.2012 @ 5:12 pm


A teacher once told me that i could never graduate high school, and i probably wouldn’t because of my bad work habit. He told me this 1st quarter my freshman year. well now it’s 3rd quarter my senior yer and i’m 3 credits behind. lolz.

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From this day forth you will see everything as you need to see it.
Forth fourth froth first fourth forth

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dark middel ages small alleys where people sit and play the dice with candle light.

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Madusa turned the kinghts in to stillness stones.

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these can be found in a plug. Fuses is a plural countable noun. It could also be a verb meaning to bind something together. There are many different uses of the word. It contains just two lll

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Turbines are boring. The only thing that I can imagine with turbines basically are alternative energy technologies. These consist of techs such as hydropower and wind. They cost a lot.

» Posted By Steven On 07.09.2012 @ 8:19 pm


I like to burn insect with magnifying glasses It is fun You can have a full ceremony for them then tie them to a post and slowly burn the rope I like it when they scream too or I cam blow them up with a firecracker.

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I was shorthanded when the war came upon us. We did not have enough men and we had to retreat.

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I am listening to a song that has a lot of instruments That makes it instrumental :)

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There are separate kinds of animals and bugs I like juice

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I had an Entree from a restaurant, it was good. :)

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Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the sun. They are usually tinted and have UV ray protections. They are good.

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I know how to nourish plants. Water them, give them sun, have he right fertilizer.

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I have had a heartache before. It usually happens when you are sad or heartbroken. But other than that it is a pain in your heart.

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I know how to do a lot of flips. Backflips, Front-flips, Side-flips, and a lot of other kinds.

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I have fixed the wagon. Now you will pay me the 5 shillings or I will break the whole wagon. 5 Shillings or I kill it.

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I do not know what the word pageant means… Sooooooo. Uhm. Yeah. I kust looked up the definition and it is very complicated.

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The duration of the time in the atmospherical radiations that multiply from the perpendicular planet that is adjacent to Earth is 112.4 light years.

» Posted By Steven On 03.15.2012 @ 7:44 am

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