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thieves are very important people in life and they help us all make each other feel less secure. this means that we buy and install security systems and this keeps the business thriving. i think that thieves are awesome. thieves can become an integral part of our lives and this means that we all need to be aware as to what we are doing all the time. the police ought to catch more thieves.

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i am always coated with something all the time like a shirt or pants i just wish i could go around undercoated some times.

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that the best thing that saves lives because most people previously in accidents were killed by head trauma and since the idea of airbags came to light many many lives were saved.

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Yesterday I went on a pony trek. The trek was through the fields and up a very tall mountain. Five horses went on the trek and we had to

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The shade of the majestic tree was something that always stayed with Paul. He remembered all the times it had gotten the best of him, the kites it ate, the leaves it dropped forcing him to rake for hours. He also remembered the great fall days jumping in the massive piles of leaves with his late mother, only to be warmed up by a cup of her hot cocoa.

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amazon prime, optimus prime, a prime number, somebody ih their prime. Prime is an important sounding word and positive sounding, prime, first, major, main,

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A military organisation with soldiers which go to foreign countries

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Every day is a new round. A new match. What is it I’m going to fight for today? What is it I’m going to win at the end of the day? What will I have lost? And what does it matter really? I’m so hellbent on what tomorrow’s round will bring already anyway.

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Some grade in elementary school, kids got incredibly interested in nice smelling markers. But I liked the smell of regular markers–the ones that smell like gasoline. Just sitting there all day, learning about cursive and sniffing markers.

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Elizabeth got really into watching the sunset after she did her first psychedelics. Whenever I texted her to hang out, she’d be heading to some beautiful lookout point to see the sun go down. It reminds me of the quote on Bruce Lee’s grave stone. Something about how there is a limited number of times we’ll see a full moon or a sunset. A finite number exists but we’ll never know it.

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Elizabeth got really into watching the sunset after she did her first psychedelics. Whenever I texted her to hang out, she’d be heading to some beautiful lookout point to see the sun go down. It reminds me of the quote on Bruce Lee’s grave stone. Something about how there is a limited number of times we’ll see a full moon or the sunset.

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Kelsey Ringer had huge boobs in high school. One time Peter and her were skating next to eachother and Peter slipped and his hands went out and grasped her boob. We would tease Peter by yelling “Peter touched Kelsey” when he walked by. In code, we would yell PTK when the girls were around. We were jealous that his hand had graced her healthy boob. One time, I had an opportunity to kiss Kelsey. But I was afraid and didn’t make the move.

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She was a fortress
who wouldn’t let down her bridge
for shining clamour

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anatomy is basically the insides of people including the organs and other stuff like that, there is also a show called “grey’s anatomy”.

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I dressed well but it wasn’t a suit. I hadn’t owned a suit since the fire back in ’77. I don’t even recall how that fire was started but it didn’t matter, all my suits went up with the building. And now I was going to a job interview in a Polo Shirt. Of all things. A shirt with a horse on it with a guy on the back playing Polo was considered ‘dressy’ nowadays; it was enough to make me wish I’d burned up in that damned fire along with all my suits.

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I heard the sound when going past my neighbor’s apartment. A cute, if quiet girl, I immediately thought to myself, “Oh my. I wonder if that could be… but what else could it be but that!? And then, to destroy my short fantasy, she ran screaming out of her apartment pursued by a bee.

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Depth is a perception that is subjective in total. I tried to measure the depth and the shallow part was just too shallow to comprehend. I have no idea what the shallow end is even for. The depth is what matters.

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“Take the strain!” shouted the man in charge. So we all did, even though most of us didn’t really want to, the rope representing our anxiety, our tension.

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As much as he was hoping for, there was half the wind he would require to make steadfast his journey to the island. The boat was ready, the wind was not. It seemed he would require more patience.

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I’m amused by the smiling eyes she uses to look at me these days. She probably felt like she’d been missing the man I am now for our whole relationship.

Better than ever.

Beautiful time marches peacefully. I’m secure knowing I’m yours. Forever.

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The heist had gone off well, with one exception. Terry hadn’t been seen since he went back to the truck for more det cord. A single deviation of the plan had caused a domino effect of compromises.

Jerry had accounted for nearly everything else and the guys were able to continue the operation with great success, but everyone still wondered what had happened. Barry went searching for him a few hours later, but didn’t have anything to go on and the calls he made were futile attempts toward resolution. Larry didn’t have any luck either.

Twelve days passed until they guys saw a grainy picture of a guy who looked like Terry on the news. The guy in the report had been found lying on the pavement two streets from the bank. He’d been stabbed in the back. It was reported that he was recovering from a punctured lung and police were looking for clues to the case.

The accomplice had been located and everyone was visibly happy — that is everyone except for Jerry. He seemed happy enough, but something just didn’t sit well with Barry. Somewhere deep down, he felt that the smile didn’t come quickly enough on Jerry’s face. There was a hesitation, both momentary and fleeting.

A whisper kept invading his head, “something isn’t right.”

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Nothing would ever be grand enough to melt her. He knew that now. He’d already given her the greatest gift he could think of when he gave her the car and she’d not even said a simple “thank you.”

And just to turn the knife in his gut, when he did have the courage to tell her how her lack of a response made him feel, she told him that he shouldn’t have expected anything in return. She told him that his feelings weren’t valid and that he was wrong.

If that was how it was going to be with her, then what was the point of trying to maintain any sort of a relationship? No act of kindness yielded any appreciation in response. A homeless man who is given a cup of hot coffee says “thank you,” and even a dog wags his tail when his belly is rubbed.

How could she be so un-apologetic for her failure to exhibit even the slightest hint of emotion at such a romantic gesture? How could she be so defensive of her own actions that she completely failed to see and respond to the hurt that she had caused to well up in his eyes that day? How could she be so dismissive?

As he turned over in bed that night, he thought to himself that being real with the people we love is incredibly difficult. It’s entirely necessary to keep one from going insane, but the consequences of opening up can be devastating.

He fell asleep clutching his pillow, agonizing over her absence yet again. How he wished he could find that person he’d fallen in love with all those years ago, who would look into his soul and not be scared away.

Was she even real?

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He sat on the hood of his Camaro when they got back to her house that night. It was a beautiful evening and the stars were just beginning to appear in a quickly darkening sky. Their conversation made it clear that he truly cared about her. And why wouldn’t he? They’d been friends for years.

She stood in front of him in the driveway. Talking. Lingering. Hesitating. Questioning whether she should go inside the house or stay with him, where she really wanted to be. Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

Instantly, he knew that he had to end the evening before he did something he couldn’t take back.

He stood, readying himself to go, and she fell into his arms with a tenderness he’d never felt from any woman before. She kissed him just as he turned his head to avoid her lips. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to meet her soft lips with his own.

Instead, he embraced her warmth and attempted to kiss her forehead. She moved her lips upward toward his and he managed to kiss her left eye in the process. They laughed together and he told her that he was sorry and thanked her for the wonderful night they shared. Then he drove away.

She may have been willing, but he wasn’t able.

They were indeed great friends, but she was already in a relationship. Nobody would ever know what had happened that night, but there was no doubt in his mind that maintaining her honor and his own integrity was the right action to take — even if it killed him a little inside.

She ended up marrying that same boyfriend three years later and the two of them never spoke of that night again.

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Doubt is debilitating. It’s a combination of a fear of success and leads to the termination of hope. Find the other end of the stick and you’ll have something worth holding.

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biblical is a weird word to say.

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a word that no won really uses any more i have not heard any one say it befor in my life

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a word that no won really uses any more i have not heard any one say it befor

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I had to derive that the car had stopped short of the sign from the skid marks on the road.

She still wasn’t breathing, but the man in the blue blazer wasn’t giving up hope. Pump. Pump. Breath. Nothing.

I watched as the cycle continued, relentlessly. Hoping. Reconsidering my belief system.

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I like the piano. my daughter plays it beautifuuy;.

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At the end of the day, he looked out until he could no longer see the sun. The crows flew over the prison yard. The last few guard drove back home to their families and for him it was night again.

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