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When I was in kindergarten, we were all taking showers and a boy yelled out, “There isn’t anymore soup.” And everyone went quiet trying to figure out why anyone would need soup in a toilet. Turns out, he had mispronounced “soap”. We all had a good laugh because of that. ^_^

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The shenanigans that ensued went far beyond what one would imagine.

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She clasped onto him like he was a buoy in the savage sea, her only beacon of hope to stay afloat. He looked into her teary eyes. She silently begged him to stay, but he pulled himself away from her embrace. The last glimpse she saw of him was that of his back as he turned a corner and disappeared from her sight.

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Bowling. Rowing. Throwing. Bellowing. Mowing. Mewing. Earning. Learning. Writing.

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She sat opposite me, in a corner of the cafe. It was a cold Thursday afternoon. It had begun to snow the night before. The room was cozy though. She was reading “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Whips of her long auburn hair fell forward and she would tuck them behind her ear every now and then.

She looked so serene and oblivious to her surroundings. Her coffee had turned cold by now. I had already finished mine half an hour ago. Yet I still sat here watching her. She was beautiful, and I felt that I was not worthy of her.

I didn’t want her to know that I liked her, or even know that I existed because I was not worthy of her. I was contented to just see her every day in the cafe, yet a part of me wanted to get to know her.

She looked up, I looked away. It was both wonderful to have her in sight, yet torturous to be so close to someone I wanted to love yet not have the courage to speak.

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I sniffed the burrow. Oh, he must have gone down there. I just know it. I smelled his blood. It was strong and I could easily pick it up. Then footsteps from behind me. I turned.

“Is he down there, Roger?”

I barked twice.

The man set down his rifle by my side. I sniffed it too.

“Good boy,” the man said as he patted my head. “The rabbit’s shot, no doubt about that. We’ll get him out soon. Just you see.”

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He stood atop the cliff. The winds were strong. It felt like he could loose his balance anytime soon, but he trugged on. Reaching the edge of the cliff, he looked down. The jagged rocks played peek-a-boo with him, hiding as each wave crashed upon the cliff’s bottom. The sun was just about to dip under the horizon. This was it.

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She stood in the dark underground tunnel. A horn blared. The train passed with loud rumbles. Then silence. She stood staring at the floor. Footsteps resonated throughout the station. They were coming from behind her. Her head lifted. She turned around.

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I sat there mumbling to myself. It wasn’t fair. Why would father have put me with aunt when he knew very well that I hated her? She was a cold lady who spoke so harshly of everyone. My aunt came back to the living room.

“Do you know what has happened to your father, Leonard?”

I shook my head.

“He has gone to a better place and won’t be returning,” said the lady dryly.

Gone where? Why hadn’t he taken me with him? Father wouldn’t have done that. I sat looking down at the floor, then looked back up at my aunt. She looked fairly displeased with me and I didn’t want to upset her by saying anything else.

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We were stuck together. I couldn’t let go. A force kept us together. She was the North and I was the South. Science said we were attracted to each other, and that was law.

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A blue wall. An endless scroll. Social media platform. It’s what we call Tumblr, and it starts with your dashboard.

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We laid in deep holes dug in the ground. Trenches, they were called. Our feet soaked to the bones, skin pruned, minds tired from war. More men died from infections than bullets. Ironic, isn’t it? You sign up to protect your country and half the time you’re standing in mud.

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She stood in the corner facing the wall. Her cheeks were tear-streaked, her bum bright red from the spanking. It wasn’t fair that she had to stay in the corner for so long. She huffed. The door creaked open…

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Flour rhymes with our. It’s said as “fla-were”. Flower, is said as “flauw”.

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The vines grabbed on to her legs. The thorns cut her skin. Her breath was short. She kept running on and on. There was no escape, no way out of this nightmare on this dark, starless night. She could only run. But she couldn’t run forever…

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I couldn’t read what he had written because the paper was soggy from the rain. I could make out a nine, and maybe a three. Or was it an eight? I wasn’t sure. A cruel twist to our story. He had wanted me to call him, and yet fate had it that I wouldn’t be able to.

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It wasn’t that I wanted to lie, but you just don’t tell any random person something so personal. She had asked if I was alright. I had said that I was fine. She frowned and said, “No you’re not.”

I stood there, not knowing what else to say.

You don’t say anything, because you don’t want anyone to know anything about you.

So I lied. Again.

“No, really. I’m fine.”

I smiled. She did too. And in that moment, a little part of me died inside.

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She laid on the bed, pale as the bedsheets. She reached out to me. I cupped her hands in mine. They were cold, like a deep fish. She mumbled something barely audible as she looked into my eyes. Her eyes closed and the plague robbed her of her last breath.

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I was pouting. My hands were shaking in anger. So close. I was so close. Just 0.2 seconds behind him. If only… I could have gotten the silver. I could have.

“Hey, Alex!”

I looked up. A photographer had his camera pointed to my face.

“Smile for the camera.”

And on that podium, even though my heart was aching, I faked a smile.

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… It’s a type of grain…. How is wheat supposed to get me to write something. This is a terrible word for inspiration…. I just. I can’t. So, yeah. Minute’s up. Now to click on the black button to see what others have written…

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Love is like a whirlwind. It is heart-fluttering, crazy, breath taking. It’s like your heart riding on a tornado and never wishing for the feeling to stop.

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We were all destined to die. No churning about it. All of us. No exceptions. Every breath you take is one closer to your grave. Nothing really matters in that sense. We’re all dying, so why not live this life well?

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“This wasn’t how it should have gone. This wasn’t how it was meant.”

“Well, calm down Eloise. You’ll be fine.”

“No. No. It’s a disaster. A calamity,” Eloise said. “What should I do. Oh, what should I do?”

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She pressed herself against the wall. The whispers were barely audible. A muffle of gabble. Hushed voices from behind the divider.

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I love my red boots. They make me feel safe. I can run through puddles, and mud, and the rain. I saw a pair of yellow boots in the store the other day. They made me wonder whether they’d be nicer than mine that day. I looked down at my feet at my red boots, then smiled and turned and skipped away. I love my red boots because they’ll stay, on my feet for now and everyday.

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The foundation of everything is made of bricks. At least that’s how I see it. Quite obviously, buildings are made of bricks, but so are relationships, friendships, careers and your learning. Brick by brick you built everything from the bottom up.

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