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“The AURA is a secret organization that protects the rich and keeps the masses ignorant. How do you think the world is really run, kid? There’s no such thing as heroes.”

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There are three incredibly different sentient races native to Asteros, 4th planet of the Mubu system in Quadrant 2 of the galaxy Pumii.

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“Any refugee in dis ‘ere camp would know not to touch him. Except you of course cuz you’re an idgit.”

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“Any vet would know what this contraption does, Petey.” Marco leaned in with one critical eye condemning him a liar. “Are you saying you don’t know what this is?”

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In an instant, I was propelled beyond my greatest expectations, into the great unknown. So little was known of it, in fact, scientists only speculated the results of a human excursion into its depths.

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“The job is tedious. Why must every detail be perfect? We’re just going to blow it up anyway.”
“It’s not about that Parker. It’s having pride in your work.”

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“Okay, here’s the gameplan. You run in and distract them with your horn, Casey. And you, Josaiah, you… just be you, okay? And then I’ll come in behind them and take the statue before anyone notices. Marcus, you drop the tear gas once you see me clear the doorway. Got it, everyone?”
“You’re insane.”

» Posted By Stella Winters On 11.07.2017 @ 9:43 am


The League of Morons is a new club at my school reserved for losers, geeks, and dweebs from all levels of low academic standards. In other words, if you’re failing at high school, you’re in.

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The cell phone kept ringing and ringing. Voicemail would not pick up. He answered, or tried to, the ringing would not stop. He shattered it on the ground. And still it rang.

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Flashing lights peppered the sheet. The projector was on the blitz again, she thought. She hammered her fist into the top of the projector and something fell with a clank to the floor.

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to loved ones dont like to be away to long from everyone wish we all lived near each other so that i could see everyone each day

» Posted By stella winters On 08.14.2011 @ 8:00 am

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