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She closed her eyes and wished again fervently, desperately, that she could erase that memory. Her heart lurched in her chest and she couldn’t contain her thoughts, couldn’t stop herself from imagining it all over again. Familiarity hadn’t dulled the memory’s sting, in fact she felt like she was stuck in a rehearsed loop, reacting as she had before time and time again unable to keep her thoughts on the present.

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She wheezed against the weight of the big black case as she heaved it roughly into the back of the truck. Taking a moment to catch her breath she leaned against the car and reluctantly looked over at the many instrument cases littered across the alley, waiting to be loaded. “Why did I pick today to volunteer for the pep band?” She wondered aloud as she stooped down to pick up a wayward drum stick.

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Veins pale blue beneath the cover of skin as hemoglobin, rich in iron, carries oxygen. Upon a small scratch, flows blood red with valor as they go to battle to cluster.

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She hesitated, wondering if it was worth the risk. She looked up at him, his expression stoic as he waited patiently. How long had she known him? How long exactly had it taken from the moment she had met him for her silence to become a lie to a good friend? Her hands had begun to shake. “I don’t know where to start.” She said finally.

“Start with what you think was most important.”

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Breathlessly she waited. She pretended it was the cool of the night air that made her shudder, but it was the thought of constantly waiting. To become more of a fixture, a landmark, than a woman. She looked out on the road before her in the night, the light from her porch only stretching as far as the gate. The small dirt path wound around through the trees in the daylight, but in the haze of night it bled into the navy sky and if she were a painter she would have captured it all. The feeling it gave her, her choice. The path during the day, her home. The path at night, adventure.

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“How you fail every time to follow simple instructions is beyond me!” He grumbled, more to himself than to the group of bashful students behind him.

The pipe was completely corroded through, veins of rust surrounding the sizable hole. He had to be careful as he set his ladder up on the water slick linoleum floor. Not all of the water had siphoned into the drainage system and he kept himself calm with the thought of his students mopping the rest up miserably later. The pipe was still weeping large droplets of water, although he thanked his lucky stars at least one of his students had the forethought to find someone to turn the water in the building off before the entire lab flooded. Small victories.

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There was a sharp moment of clarity as the accusation of the words hung in the air between them. She looked back at him, her soft eyes wide and frightened. Paralyzed between comfort and a desire to run. I too felt the sinking finality of it, fixed to the spot knowing that from the moment he had opened his mouth and she had paused it had been enough to unravel it all.

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The car banked to the right at the last second, knocking her head against the glass of the window. When she had kept herself awake as a young girl, thinking about what she would do were she to be in a dangerous situation such as this she assumed she would be loud and fiesty. Instead quietly she grit her teeth against the throbbing in her head, and squeezed her numb hands into tight fists as the car barreled through an intersection.

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Temples throbbing, eyes dry and heavy. He turned the pages of the book slowly, pointlessly. He hardly registered the words anymore, gaze following the pattern the ink made on the page. He already knew what it said. Time and again he had been able to put the thought from his mind, but tonight it nagged at him, burning, incessant. Consumed with the desire for finality, with time, with closure. Some solid confirmation hidden somewhere between the pages that this nightmare had an end.

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Looking at the neat way she did her hair, or the perfect attendance in class, or the floaty giggle, it would have been nearly impossible to spot the bit of the darkness hidden just beneath the surface. Perhaps a careful set of eyes could tell from the impatient way she tapped her pencil, or the occasional sudden short stop of her breath, the gooseflesh as her body went rigid and she purposefully looked straight forward, away from a particular spot in the corner. Maybe even the uncomfortable shift in her seat could have told them everything they needed to know. But people aren’t always very perceptive. Then again, her own perception of detail carved the strange new direction of her life. Subtle, frightening, it should have been so blissfully easy to miss.

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The woman next door is crying. The faucet drips slowly, adding metronomic cadence to the shuddering gasps through the walls. I am frozen in place, my knees tucked to my chest and I wait. A flood of chaotic, tumultuous passion somehow syphoned through that slow timely pattern from the faucet. Alert, waiting for signs of hurt. Unexpected kindred in the sound my body is too quiet to make. Once I know she’s safe, it’s hard to not resent the exposure of my silence.

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Chopsticks are two sticks that can be used to eat Chinese food, they can be tricky to use, Some people can just pick them up and use them to eat anything, however, I struggle

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this rattle rang in my mind, piercing my ears till i fell to the ground.
my knees ached, i laid there waiting for the slithering snake to escape.

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It had been the longest day of her life. As she walked into her apartment, it took all the energy she had not to collapse on the floor on the foyer. It’s wasn’t that she was exhausted at all, in fact, her adrenalin was rocketing through the ceiling. It was the intensness of his eyes when he looked at her, it was his smile and its sincerity for her, that made her weak in the knees.

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Before I even opened my eyes i could tell that I was in a basement. The musty smell of the wet concrete and the cold hardness of it. They it me. I’m being held captive. I need to think. What is the last thing I remember? I remember being at work, and the two men who claimed to have an appointment with him, but they weren’t on the agenda. I had been given strict orders to not let anyone past the gate who did not specifically have an appointment.

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Mountainous feelings of loneliness and soaring feelings of inadequacy.Is this this how it ends.?The rosy stories we tell ourselves in junior school.,fade and sour as we find out Cinderella is just another fallible woman.
There are too many men in the world,I have added to that quota,Too many aggressive women with their clawing arms and fierce eyes scoop them up.They are the cutting rivers that run through the valleys of these men;s souls.They grow on verdant slopes and root themselves down to the core.The mountain man is scaled.

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Reconstruction. I don’t really know how to write about this. Personal reconstruction? My mind goes to construction workers wearing hardhats and drilling things into the street below my apartment at fucking 7 am. But that’s an entirely different word. So that doesn’t work. At this point I’m just running out the clock because this word is not inspiring me. Also my hand is bleeding. I need a bandaid.

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KISS: Keep it simple stupid! That was one of the first things I learned in my PR class at my University. So why is it so difficult?Why do I overthink everything? This is what I will try to answer in this article..

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Well, that’s one thing I hate when people think they are superior. They are taking advantage of their leverage in order to make people feel down. And I guess, that’s just not right to actually tell people how inferior they are to them. Just because they know they have the power doesn’t mean they can act around all tall and mighty.

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something of misfortune, such as an illness where people die, but also can be more of a metaphorical thing. she was a plague to me or the plague on both houses, which eventually fucks someone over in the end. No one ever wants plague. EVER.

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the way i moved through the crowd was that of a ballerina. lithe, yet surprisingly strong. no one would have seen it coming, what i was about to do.

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Available. What does available mean? That I’m open to love, hate, friendship..I’m here for you? I need you? Why aren’t you available to me when I need you?

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They sat underneath the willow tree back behind the old barn, where the hay was still kept. Hand in hand, there was an unspoken understanding; yet she still couldn’t quite bring herself to say what she wanted to. The words lingered on the tip of her tongue, held firmly back by a fear she couldn’t dash with any bout of courage.
“What’s on your mind, girly?”
“You have a potato bug on your shirt.”

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thigh, upper arm, drugs, disco, party, downer, caffeine, alcohol, body, lower, middle, higher, high, pills, supper and love.

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So… thirsty. Couldn’t breathe. Making my way across the barren ice, I needed to stop. I knew I couldn’t, because I would freeze Making it seem as if my love was completely gone for the world might have been my only chance to survive, but I skipped the lovely offer. If only, if only.

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The Darlings were a simple sort… always easy to get along with, never tough to make friends with. They were a species of their own, with their interesting beliefs and love. Making an idea turn into reality for the Darlings was exciting all in its own; they believed that if you knew what they were thinking, you should be considered a god of theirs.

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Darlings. They were all very sweet, and I realized that it was all a stylish facade put on by my uncles. Maybe if they made themselves a little less obvious, it would make more sense to name their daughters “Darlings”. He’s wasting my time. Not a darling.

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modem. looks a lot like modern. Means ?.
People might right it as modern if they only glanced at it.
Examine it.
Is it a word?
Who knows?
I don’t, that’s for certain.
Do you?
Modem. Maybe like modern. Reminds me of it.
Looks modern.
Like the Tate modern.
Museum hold secrets, words, so many things…

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A structure or place made or chosen by a bird for laying eggs and sheltering its young. Like your first home, it’s special. I think a nest to be a cozy place, warm and comforting. c:

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