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My heart felt like it was engulfed in flames. They roared inside me, threatening to destroy me whole. There he was, my little brother, dead. Gone from me forever. I stare up into the eyes of the man and scream profanities at him. None of this makes any sense. How could someone murder a little boy? Why would someone murder a little boy. I pull the gun to my head, my only reason to leave at my feet, and full the trigger.

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He pours me a cup of icy cold soda drink into a dewy glass with icy drops of water tumbling down the glass, refreshing my mouth and energizing my body to go back at life fully fueled and with full motivation, devotion and the right spirit.

» Posted By steffie On 06.17.2012 @ 9:32 am


It was a brief meeting. That one time I saw my father. I had no more than 5 minutes with him. If someone had told me he would be dead in a few hours, I think I would have never left his side. But no one did, so being 16, I pretending like hanging out with my dad was uncool. I met him once. My whole life he searched for me and mom, and when he finally finds us, I blow him off.

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I groan. Those stupid kids next door are making a racket. I look over to notice kids my age partying. Teens make-out in corners while other get drunk or high. I roll my eyes and go back to my movie. I’d much rather spend Saturday night watching Winnie the Pooh than partying! YOLO!

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It’s like living in nest. I haven’t moved from this spot in days. I’m surrounded by blankets, garbage, and clothes. I sit and stare and think about what I could have done to help. I could have helped, and I didn’t. I can’t live like this. I can’t move. I can’t face daylight. I can’t face anyone. It’s my fault he jumped.

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Jelly. It’s a weird thing. It’s thick, but it runs. It’s different than all other substances. It breaks the mold or what is usual.

I am jelly. I am different than other. I am not “usual.” I am not “normal.”

And, just like jelly, I’m really proud of it. Normal is overrated!

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Broken apart on the inside. Torn to pieces. Never whole again.

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I was emptying out my childhood. This room held journeys, mysteries, and all my fairy tale endings. Now, I was moving. I packed up all these things as my best friend cried for me. I was emptying out a lot more than just a bunch of boxes of stuff; I was emptying out my childhood. My happiness. My everything.

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I placed the baseball cap on my head and turned towards my father.
He was back from the war, and in celebration, we were going to a baseball game. It was my first one ever, and I was overjoyed.
That was, until that truck come. Dad started to cross the street as it flew around the corner. Of course he didn’t see it. How could he? I miss him. </3

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It was an absolute necessity that I graduate high school, but to graduate I had to past these stupid exams. I NEED TO PASS! but with all these facts in my mind, it quickly becomes too much. I easily confuse them together.

I need this to end. So, I come to a conclusion that death is my new necessity. Good-bye.

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That was it. That was the conviction. I was going to prison. Forever.
All because of my love for me. My love for Alex was getting me locked away forever. This was the end. I looked around and said my silent goodbye to the world around me. I looked at the large gray building that I would never be allowed to leave again.

~based on Delirium

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I’m at a dilemma. Do I tell her no or do I just pretend like I’m okay with this? This problem is bothering me. It eats away at me. It keeps me from sleep. It keeps me from peace. It’s killing me. What should I do? What should I do? What?

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I transformed from a girl to a lady in seconds. It’s funny how death does that to you. It takes away your youth. It takes away your love for fun. You freedom from worry and stress. Death changes you. Death transforms you. Death kills you.

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“That was quite the stunt you pulled,” Mom said.

“I know,” I replied proud.

“You can’t treat your elders like that.” The car stopped. “And if you are going to behave like that, I’m done with you.” I looked out the window at a orphanage.

“NO MOM NO!” I screamed as she opened me door.

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I waved goodbye to my family as I left. I was on a quest. I was gonna find myself. I was gonna find my destiny. I hopped into the Tardis with Doctor Who, and off we flew. I looked back one last time before turning forward. Turning towards the rest of my life.

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It was calling towards me. As I stared down 20 flights, the ground called towards me.

It was so alluring. It was a way to end all the pain, all the suffering I had ever felt. It was a way to make this…burden of life go away.

The ground was calling to me, so I took a deep breath and jumped.

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There it was the pile. Ever kid’s dream was to jump into this. The largest pile of leaves in the whole world. And now, after an hour of waiting in line, it was my turn to jump.

But I couldn’t. I was so high up. I was so afraid. No, I couldn’t jump.

So he pushed me. He shoved me right off, and I screamed as I plummeted downward towards my doom.

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Being upright. What the heck does it mean? I know it means something like….straight?
I groan as I stare at the test in front of me.
“Define upright,” it reads. I don’t know. I have to ace this. Without this, there’s no high school. No college. No job. No career. No life. I need this.

» Posted By Steffie On 05.04.2012 @ 6:32 pm

Upright. I thought about the correct upright posture as I went into my interview. I needed this job. If I didn’t get it, I would be 38 without a job. That means death. The year is 3047, and if you don’t have a job before your 39th birthday, death is the punishment. I can’t die. Not yet.

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what do i have to write? i dont get it! help me please? ok so times running uup…. lalalalalla….. well #1 oneword is cut in half hahaha DONE!! :DM yep im a proooooo woo lalalalala! um why did the time start again? oh man! i dont know what to write! ladidadida!!! ok so im waiting… paitiantly… did i write that right? ill look it up… nope i did not :lp mustache face!! ok times up :l

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they are fluffy and soft, mine are gray and I haven’t washed them in a while. I should probably do that. They are also stained a little purple from when I dyed my hair. I like hotel towels because they are extra soft and plush, i might steal one oneday. Idk time will tell. ok that is all i have to say about that, but i still have a few seconds.

» Posted By steffie On 11.08.2009 @ 11:11 am

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