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Some of us didn’t know what they were about to do. Plaza seemed like a perfect spot to be.Writing love letters to each others. It was the perfect time for such a thing. We were once again wonder fantastic kids. Thinking about comitting a crime. Never minding who the victim was. Time goes passing by..

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The announcement came as a sock for all of us while we were having a drink. She had passed her exams and she was leaving for America.

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We had no certainity that what he was saying was real. So we started an argument hoping to cleverly catch his point of view on what was to decide our behaviour for the next few days. We had only just dicovered our leader and we were hoping to rediscover the meaning of live. And maybe even beyond..

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A hat left in the old lodge. Like in the Bob Marley song they were all anxious to try. Except for little Johnny. He was banned from all this activities. Outside by himself lighting the fire..

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We counted all our lodges to make sure we safely pass the air control. One too many, meaning someone was being left behind. Nevermind, we still got our clothes..

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The finals. The’ve just broke up. But she was still his favourite cheerleader. A touchdown. That was all he wanted.

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they were starving after the new years eve. Grandma started heating the pan and they kissed her on both cheeks. Their favorite dish: eggs and bacon.

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through the contact lens everything seemed perfect: a bright new horizon for the start of this spring.

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we only pray to those who worthy… it was not some kind of a reliogious trip, but only speaking our mind. the hell with candles .. who needs them…

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She sat at the desk, unsure what to write about. The word for today made her think of the wife of Ulysses, of what she studied in school. Damn, all that literature abandoning her brain. Replaced by oh-so-helpful-but-it-is-not-my-aspiration IT crap. Why didn’t I choose literature? Why a degree that fills your stomach but empties your dreams? She sighed and started to weave a new story. Slowly her consciousness was alive, she felt mindful and light.

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In a dash of time she was down the stairs. He sat there, staring at her. From the look on his face she could understand that it was over. “Hi,” she said.

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looks like all we had to do was to follow the signs. They were taking us onward. Towards our new home.

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We heard the noise while going through the empty building. We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Maybe the ceiling or some crazy cats.

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He left the orbit a few seconds after his fiancee. He had too. Just before noon the’ve met in front of the officer and they’ve both said says. Right after they’ve joined hands, she decided it was about time to leave for their honeymoon.

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Received the foreign gloves. The label was from Burkina Faso. He proabably expected something a little more chemical.

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There was no proof that he left the window open on purpose. So everybody was outside now wondering how he could of escaped through the chemney. Could of been Santa Clause or another creature of the night.

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They felt threaten when they saw the wild animals approaching. “Hello, dear” she whispered and rand away.

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We’ll sit in the lounge he heard the voice of the host. They quietly left the luggage and followed the voice.

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So he was innocent. After 20 hours of debates the jury had finally decided. They were having a coffee, only a small break before their next case. A woman aged 24. It was were her first time before the court and everyone could tell she was being nervouse.

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All the buzzing made it look like it was the fall of the empire. Everyone left whatever it was they were doing and went outside to see the miracle.

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One fish and some fries please. Would you like just the same dear? Please! Don’t forget about the pickles, you know your mom loves them. Don’t worry, I won’t.

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He was seen as a man that misses no opprtunity. When he went out of his house people yelled at him: “ey yo Mr. Opportunist”. He did not like that, but when he saw the ad in the newspaper he could not say no to this great opportunity. He was ooportune, at least he was finally good at something.

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No client came so he decided to close early. It was only 7 and the sunlight was still up over the small town.

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they used to sting each other untill one of them started to bleed. They hated the blod color, they were afraid of it and each time they saw it, it was a clear signal that they should stop. relax for a while

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So we’ve melted together like too pieces of boiled chocolate. It was the perfect weather change. The sun was on our side once again. A swim in the ocean seemed like the perfect way to end the day.

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Squirells ran scared by the sound of the howling wind. A storm was approaching and Tom and Jim had to leave the forest before dawn.

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They’ve only met him yesterday. It was the last day of the shooting so they had to change the entire cast for this young and talented fellow.

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And the words left him wandering about their meaning. He had this stencil image of what she was trying to say somewhere tatooed on his body. Each night by the trembling light of the candle he would promise himself to give it another try.

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It does not matter what he beliefs or says. He will be put in the room with all the others.

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He had the franchise so all he had to do was put on a label and a price. Customers were attracted by this things like flies from honey. It was his only option. He was not going to miss out on it. It was now or never.

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