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Record the order of the chords a musician like Lorde ordered for your entertainment. Some space of time away say the artist with little heartaches and pains sat on a microphone and sang to years of audiences in front of him.

» Posted By StatiKink On 04.18.2017 @ 8:08 am


Bulbs of hard white dangle from the ceiling, tinkling with each other when the boat rolls against a wave and turns the sparkling champagne and thinning center pieces into a lesson in gravity.

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Stencil, like the single line drawings you ruined a pencil with. the shape of an unknown fish that doesn’t connect or circles. lots and lots of circles you put your pencil through to turn your stencil into a hand saw.

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Vacuumed sealed seal, the meat of the Alaskan tourist hotel and brothel! Eat with tabasco, sugar, or covered in molasses, but do not over refrigerate.

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Through eyes smouldering like coals, Alaric watched as the silver strand peeked it’s head through the center of her chest. The girl beneath him arched her back in moaning, her eyes closed shut to the demon looming over her. One tremor of pleasure sent her curled with electricity, and with one snap of his flask her soul was sucked inside and bottled up. Alaric looked at the engraving and watched as the menacing, grinning demon’s features softened into a gentleman. He tossed the flask aside and focused his attention on the girl beneath him.

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boggle. I cheated and I premeditated a word while the page loaded. Boggled like a pair of googly eye goggles. wait, that doesn’t sound right. Rapper voice initiate.

Uh, cuz you gotta say uh before you fling a pattern big like the rings of saturn break on open a greek lamp and reach to the bottom and pick up an answer from Artemis helping hard on this stringing words to create thoughts and realize maybe i’m not an artist.

But I’m not. Pity.

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Ooh good one. I should be be able to write a lot about this one. Something good. Something liiike, uh, Idk.

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If one were to look up from their backyard and into the mountain, one would see a spec. This spec is more or less as big as your pinkie, but you couldn’t really tell because the spec is moving down the mountain pretty quickly, “As fast as gravity can pull,” one would think.
If one were to care just enough to watch a little longer, this blot would hit the base of the mountain, slowly come to a stop, get up and dust itself, look around to see if anyone had seen his embarassing fall, and continue up the terrain as though it never happened.
Plot twist: This spec was me.

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What we are allowed to do is a very subtle way of telling us what’s more fun to do.
We hopped the fence, regardless of the coming sprinklers, and sprawled out on Hole 13’s green.
After kissing her goodnight, I crept back through the window in the sunrise hours and kissed my mother good morning.

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Lofty clouds plume above us, billowing up and out and dissapating into the storm clouds that hang over.
Below, the fire swallowing our old bedrooms,
the flames licking the walls I painted myself,
sparks burped from the chewed up pictures of us smiling at the camera,
flicker and fade,
they are the ones laughing now.

» Posted By StatiKink On 08.02.2014 @ 10:46 am


Every once and a while they’ll catch a turtle. Maybe paint his shell, feed him a cheeto, and set him on his way. The kids love that part. The rest of the day they’re staring at a thin line disappearing into the water, watching small ripples push out from it when they nod off and wake up with a jolt.

» Posted By StatiKink On 07.31.2014 @ 11:36 pm


Smoking gun. Machine. Chick.
Smoking meat. Cigar. Your competitor. Rising up three houses down.

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Some folks say my life could be a sticom. “Your stories have nice ends to them” Truth is I make up the endings to them to save you from the ends that don’t kill the party mood. I don’t tell you the about the nights I’m hiking by moonlight, yelling out loud, pissed off, smashing rocks against bigger rocks trying to dig out whatever I’m hiding inside that’s blocking whatever’s being blocked. I don’t think about her enough, and I love her. In that order.

Here’s what I told you: I dropped her off at her house was so nervous to kiss her I giggled in a weird way, stuffed a pringle in my mouth and told her “I’d kiss you right now but I don’t think you’d like chewed Pringles in your mouth.” (Audience “aww”s) role credits.

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“Quietly.” She told him, nudging the gun barell into his back. He toed his way through the creaking floorboards, but with each step they yawned miserably. She clenched her teeth and waved the gun up and down, a command for the sound to cease, but the creaking continued. Up the stairs, a light flicked on, and a fragile, broken voice came out from the doorway. “Hello?”
Two shots were fired.

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The prank went horribly wrong. Adrian and Henry stood over Alice while thirty feet away, Michael held Alice’s hand.

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Water huddles around his ankles, successfully slicing them off from the rest of the body, making him look like a pirate with a terrible misfortune with hungry sharks. Strands of leg hair are pasted to his skin from the sloshing ripples, somewhere underneath the murk his toes squish mud between them.

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Don’t use them. If I wanted lines to tell me what to do I want them to be from a poem. About sex. Or making love. I’m going to cross the street when I get the chance to, when cars aren’t flying by and the roads aren’t empty. That way I don’t have to halt them and make them watch me pretend to be walking on a piano across their street. The Beatles.

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Squirmy worms filling holes in the burrows of Los Angeles. The city slept underneath streams of ion cloud gas and full on bashed the incoming stars and striped convicts of the united states. A dream is made, a dream is squeezed down to it’s juices, a dream is sucked dry in Michael Bay film extras and anus cream commercials. There is no logical explanation why I wrote this. Bam.

» Posted By StatiKink On 07.10.2014 @ 9:41 am


Either be vocal or fall underneath the wagon and be buried in the silent cries of all those dreams, tinkling underneath the wheels in broken shards. We must growl and claw, snarl and claw for what we want or we will sink into the caverns of history and be like Jefferson VanHooten. Remember Jefferson VanHooten? Exactly.

» Posted By StatiKink On 07.08.2014 @ 9:40 am


To drive on is sucicidal. You gor a girl in your passenger’s seat, passed out from watering down her bloodstream with rasberry vodka. You got friendly with a bottle of rum, she has to go home. Half the party thinks you’ve gone and took advantage, but really you were the only guy in the room you could trust taking her home. Reputational suicide for the sake of a good deed.

» Posted By StatiKink On 10.27.2013 @ 2:36 pm


I applied my mask and let the constructed oxygen enter my lungs. I fell heavy into the water, my tank pulling me lower than I anticipated. Sinking quickly downward, I remembered I left the oven on.

» Posted By StatiKink On 01.20.2013 @ 7:18 pm


Locals everywhere. Small lopsided knitted hats and thick blocky glasses that may or not have a prescription attatched to them. Hugging jeans that show knobby ankles and shoes that look like they were stolen from Navajo children.

» Posted By StatiKink On 11.26.2012 @ 4:50 pm


When teeth do not impress, the smile does not impress. The teeth are the smile’s wingman; never really put in to full attention yet a very important role to getting laid.

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Bits of stars various from gasses long since passed from exploding cosmos and swollen bulbs of would be planets.

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You cage, you foul chains that grips the oxygen from my brains! how dare you withold the marrow my mind requires and hold it for your own to call yourself a health condition? Release your hand from my lungs and allow me to fill them with the air the wind has brung Thou horrid tar that sticks in my throat, you tricky air that turns itself plastic inside my chest, go alone and allow me to rest.

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I walk around campus, and everyone is plugged in. Tuned in to their own plane going about their own business, unaware of anything around them. Makes it kind of hard to make friends when you’re encased in a bubble.

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Thirteen posts above me are about the gym. Splashed with colorful language and overcomplicated sentences describing people at the gym, flexing their writing muscles a bit too hard.

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There is a stillness in the air among these plants. A soft music when the breeze slips through the blades and leaves. Early, before any sun peaks through the spots the trees forget to cover, a stillness so suffocating you watch every one of your movement ripple across the forest, disrupting it.

» Posted By StatiKink On 09.06.2012 @ 8:34 pm


I’ve been on this terrain for over three days. No food and no water. Just a chubby boy scout who is supposed to sustain himself for a week to get the “Living off the Land” badge.

It doesn’t exist.

» Posted By StatiKink On 09.04.2012 @ 9:32 pm


That flickering hope sent out to us in the night. The one act of self giving love that spans a few moments amidst 2,000 years of perceivable silence that invigorates our senses, makes us blood and water again, turns us back from the dead

» Posted By StatiKink On 09.03.2012 @ 6:55 pm

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