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Convicts are very interesting people. I actually want to study about convicts, get into their minds. Find out why in the world they do the things they do. What makes them tick? What makes them different from other people, who can control themselves. Where is their self control? Or why do they have the lack of it?

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Water sloshed against the rocks, creating a white foam which quickly receded into the ocean once more. And the process was repeated, again, and again, over and over, and it shall keep repeating, until the end of time, or until all the ocean dry up, whichever comes first.

This was just one of the thoughts and musings that went through Charles’ head as he sat on the bench near the shore, sipping a foamed drink of some kind, the specifics, he could not remember, just under the moniker “The Usual” to the girl behind the counter. Some foam dripped onto his pants; he dabbed at it with a paper napkin, swearing under his breath. It didn’t leave a stain, so much as a dark wet spot; not altogether unsightly, but… It certainly wouldn’t be appropriate for a meeting. He abandoned his seat, and the waters foamed and gurgled their goodbyes to him as he hailed a cab.

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Plus one plus one plus one plus one. It was a double date but only in the sense that four of us were there and some of us wanted love from some other, but because were strangers there was no string crossing that divide.

» Posted By Spoon On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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