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it’s amazing how often people rate each other. Rating is a form of judging. We rate everything around us, and compare and contrast everything. Humans are always rating as a way to seek a form of perfection we are always striving for but can never be found. I hate being rated. But I guess rating is what makes us humans.

» Posted By Spirit On 05.04.2013 @ 7:26 am


Zombies. If any plague were to happen, we would most likely become zombies. Isn’t it obvious? All the TV shows that are popular right now are about zombies. Our obsession with germs, all these vaccines, and all our OCD use of sanitizer has got us all paranoid about an oncoming plague.

» Posted By Spirit On 03.31.2013 @ 7:45 pm


The mysterious absnese of romance in her life did frustrate and at times puzzle her. She attempted to ignore it and succeeded mostly, but the thought was always there, gnawing on a nerve in the back of her mind.

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I sat in the dark listening to the rumble of the engine in the corner of the room. I growled, stood back up and paced back and forth, contemplating my frustrating situation. The roar was growing maddening and it dug into my skull. I impulsivly ran to the machine and kicked it. My foot exploded in pain, I shreeked in pain and anger.

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The maze sprawled before her, the twists and turns over whelming her. The omnious buzzing grew louder. She turned around to see the source of the noise and saw the sky darkened by the fleet of elephant sized bees flying through it.

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The machine tumbled to the ground in front of me. I grinned as the gears rolled away, for despite her best efforts, Remora had failed to build something that I could destroy, fix, destroy and leave for her to find in the morning. She was a fine inventor, I couldn’t deny that, but her machines were always flawed in the worst way.

» Posted By Spirit On 03.21.2012 @ 5:58 pm


The wooden porch swing squeaked as it slowly swung back and forth. Amy leaned her head on John’s shoulder, feeling drowsy. The air was hot and the cicadas sang.

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Captain Tenu looked around the deck of the ship and glared down at the lowly deckhand, Crovin. “Oy! Crovin, was it ‘ye who threw the rubies overboard?” Crovin trembled. “Aye.. I mean Nay Nay Cap’n!”

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The generator hummed and made its signature whirring sound. This was the sound of safety, adventure and a thousand other things she could name.

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The crescent moon hung in the sky and shone like silver. I looked into the grove of trees surrounding me, the heady scent from magnolias drifted through the air. I breathed in and I knew I was ready to fight.

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The carnival was dusty and smelled like dirt. The performers all stood in a circle and stared at each other. “So?” Mila spoke first. “How are we going to get rid of him?”

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The giant dark maze was getting old, I knew my way through and I knew that the cheese at the end would be old, stale and swiss. And swiss cheese is nasty, why would they but that for a lab rat anyways? It seems expensive, I;d much rather have a nice chedder or motzerella.

» Posted By Spirit On 02.12.2012 @ 7:54 pm

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