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The feel of crisp air runs down my whole body, I look up at the old rigid house that is on the end of the block. The mysterious man tells me in a deep voice “Follow me” as he had a grin on his face. The man yanks on my arm with full force knocking me to the ground, I can feel the wound pumping blood out of it just like a heart. I get up with despair the guy lifts me up and sets me back on my feet. He turns me in the direction of the house and tells me to walk forward, by the time reached the house it started to downfall he say “Get inside now!” I open the door to stumble upon a nice cottage. I look at him and ask “what is this” he told me he had lured me in to have a guest for dinner.

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It was dark and I shivered as I pondered around looking for warmth, it was only 4 days since I last saw the city before “they” came. I finally came upon a cave with blue walls and sticks all over the ground. I laid down and whimpered, while I think of my family.

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I ran to the store and my vision felt blurred from all the energy drinks I had last night. I went to grab the handle to open the store doors, and I fell to the ground I look up from the ground to see the horizon. Everything looked blurred together in the distance. It looked like a bunch of cars just pasted by.

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Fans are the people who cheer you on, like if you play for the white sox people who cheer for them are fans.

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A formula is the sentence of a math problem or any kind of problem, for instance say E=Mc2 that is a formula. It is a mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols.

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As his arm snapped in two, I immediately knew the outcome of this excursion. He wasn’t going to make it. He cried out in pain, with such horror in his eyes that I’ll never forget what he said next: “I don’t want to die. Don’t leave me.” He knew I had to, yet still he begged.

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The flipping of notecards at the table around him became background noise. Every tap of her pencil, every sigh of stress and disposition from he perfect lips captured Nelson. She was out of his league.

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I had to bargain with the sahdy man in order to get the piece of food that seemed so harmless. Oh so harmless indeed.

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hi there, my name is billy. Today i was walking along the street to the bank. I wanted to get a deposit.

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the require some sort of gas to fill them and the come in many colors and can be blown to almost any size. there are a wide variety to the types of balloons you can get some come with logo’s or will have say something to commemorate the occasion.

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A seemingly endless pit, filled with what can be seen as hopelessness and tragedy. Yet there is a certain beauty about the trench–how something can reach so far down into the earth, and unlock its secrets. Show us a world we are not used to, and have yet to explore.

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Vines are long strings. They can hang plants. Grapes grow on them. They grow in vineyards. There are multiple types of vines.

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Vines are long strings. They can hang plants. Grapes grow on them. They grow in vineyards.

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he’s bleeding out in a cottage in some dark jungle, somewhere out near the coast but far enough inland to prevent a real doctor from getting there.

benjamin called but he doesn’t know what’s eating him.

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I “grasped” the basketball.

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When at least she found him, he was in a state of disarray. It was because of this, that words could not come. Only feelings of sadness and anger. She never thought it would come to this.

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I remember the first time I spoke. It was in the bathtub at my parent’s house. My first word? Duck

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Ahead. When I think of ahead, I think of

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You pull her closer to you, looking down at her small frame and all the cuts laid on top of it. You kiss each and every one of those cuts and she begins to cry, though that’s the last thing you want her to do. You hold her close, gently stroking her hair as he body is racked with sobs; nobody else knew what you did, and nobody else was as careful and gentle and loving with her as you were. You promised to her that you still loved her, that you didn’t care about what you saw. It was true.

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“Oh Cassandra, this is the dress that you absolutely must get. You look stunning!” Your mother tells you, the first she’s really spoken to you in years. You didn’t want her to go dress shopping with you, not for your wedding when she’d been far from a mother do you since you were just a child, but she insisted. The dress she had you try on is hideous; a mermaid style with horrible feathers. “Sebastian would love it on you!” “Bash will hate it, mother.” And with that, you turned away from her and went back to the dressing room to take it off immediately.

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“Shit, Cassie, you weren’t kidding about that nurse’s outfit…” Sebastian smirked, staring directly at her boobs as she walked towards them, mesmerized by the slight jiggle with every step. “I never lie, you should know that for future reference.” She grinned as she straddled his lap, wrapping her arms around him. “Ah, I’ll be sure to keep it in mind, don’t you worry about.” “Mm, good. And it feels like you know exactly what I wanted in exchange for wearing it for you.” She smirked, playfully wiggling her hips. “Happy Birthday, Bash.”

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“Phoebe, you’re so much more… experienced than I am…” Eve blushed, both of their shirts off, done in a fit of passionate snogging. “More experienced? Evey, I know nothing about… real sex. Sex that isn’t forced and painful and horrible… We’re both learning this for the first time, not to mention that I’ve never been with a girl before…” Phoebe blushed an even deeper shade of red than Eve, nuzzling into the crook of her neck. “Well if we’re both learning together, we might as well start now…”

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“Dear lord, Lia, what have you done to the nursery?” Imogen had just gotten home from work, seeing the nursery that they had just put together yesterday all moved around, the crib now against the opposite wall, and Lia looking up from her spot in the rocking chair. “It seems better this way, it makes more sense…” Smiling, shaking her head, Imogen crossed the room to her girlfriend, kissing the top of her head. “You’re adorable.”

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The dinner was set by the time Eve got home, flowers placed at the center of the table, showing how happy Phoebe was that her girlfriend was finally, finally home from another of her long business trips. The days always seemed longer, the nights impossible, but it was these days that made up for it, the days that Eve was home and back into her arms once again.

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The past is a beautiful thing. It truly is something we cannot comprehend. Much like the future, the past is mysterious, unknown and forgotten. However, understanding your past can help you see your future. But truth be told, the past is only what it is based upon your interpretation of the events of your life or other’s.

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A roar is a powerful thing: it is the call of the most powerful killer in the animal kingdom, it expresses anger and dominance.

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Crew is a word for a group of people who work upon a pirate ship. I have a crew of my own, however they are not pirates. They are my friends. I don’t normally call them my crew, though. Guess, I am not ghetto enough,

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low and behold, there’s a balloon up there! look at it go. up up and away til it goes pop!

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I hate this town. I hate it so much. I hate where I live. Everyone judges and is in everyone’s business. There is no acceptance of differences or uniqueness. You have to be rich and a jock to be accepted it’s stupid. I have everyone at my school. They’re all stuck up and assholes. I can’t wait to get out of this bullshit town. It’s ridiculous.

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