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Classical education. Seems tried-and-true, doesn’t it?

Latin, Greek, boy’s boarding schools, camaraderie and friendship in the face of dispassionate teachers who are often more miserable than the pupils.

It’s good at seeming, and less good at the “friendship” bit in particular.

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“Do YOU qualify for this once-in-a-lifetime offer?”

“Um, I wish, but in all honesty not really.”

“So… you aren’t employed?”


“You aren’t dead?”


“You sound qualified to me!”

“Don’t I have to have a college degree, job experience, that sort of thing?”

“It helps, but we do training, and honestly we’re a bit broke and desperate. Please do our accounting…”

“Just making sure… you WILL pay me, right?”

“Yes. Just… not more that what you’ve been asking. Most people work for more, but you don’t have much experience. Just please, take the job.”

“When can I start?”

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The dishwasher whirs along happily in the background, the only sound in the suddenly tense silence.

The girl stares at the shocked faces of her family, her own face set like stone.

Now that it was out, no power on Heaven and Earth, (and certainly not her father, whose face was darkening in outrage) could put the words back in her mouth.

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The box full of squirming puppies sat beside the lemonade stand.

The puppies liked it out in the fresh air, their mother liked that she got to see the grass again for the first time in six weeks. The neighborhood children liked it being full of new pets, slightly sticky with the summer heat and spilled lemonade.

It was leaving the box that the puppies didn’t like.

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Syndrome. Such an ugly word for a certain person, certain condition. I suppose it’s not as bad as some, but it still marks, claws, and leaves a ravaged person behind.

I know it’s not “monster”, not “demon-touched”, but still.

I’m a person, not a syndrome.

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It’s not easy to weave a well-done lie.

She’s a master, she is. You can never tell which are lies and which are half-truths and which are full truth.

Be careful of her, my boy. She’ll tear you to pieces if you get too close.

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I latch onto the idea like a dying man onto a life vest.

What else can I do?

She stares back at me, unblinking and cold as ever.

I take the crossbow, the iron bolt heavy and so cold it burns my hand.

“Five million, as promised, and I’ll do it.”

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They snap, shatter.

“Got you.”

I step out from behind the couch, avoiding the shards of colored glass and the man swearing under his breath as he picks them out of his ludicrously expensive shoes.

He though that money could buy me. I will defend myself from him as I have from every other vulture after my treasures: with anything at hand, even my grandmother’s Christmas ornaments.

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“No harm will come to you, just do as I say.”

“This isn’t as bad as it could be, no harm done.”

“There’s no harm in just one more…”

“Trust me, I won’t harm you.”

You’re all lying. You’re always lying.

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All that jazz.

Every time I needed money, every time I wanted news of my family, I had to go through it all.

“What are you doing with your life? Who are you seeing? Aren’t you such a good little girl, missing home?”

Every time, I grit my teeth and say, “Schooling, nobody, yes.”

Even the times when I am out of work, when my teachers are on strike, when I’ve flunked out of classes, when I have a nice steady boyfriend that happens to be non-religious, when the last thing I want to do is to go “home.”

That isn’t home anymore, and I don’t think it ever really was.

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She just asked me, right out. The words hung in the air before her, starling in their bluntness. She stared at me, challenging, waiting for and demanding an answer.

“Yes, I’ll do it.”

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The cost is too high. This moment in the sun, the perfect golden sunset, the sea spray, all of it, is not worth the cost of every moment after. But you know, as you always do, that I will pay it anyway. I will always do what I need, do anything, for one more perfect day with you.

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The majority is not always right. We have a responsibility to the truth, not popularity. The future of humanity depends on our decision. Simple majority rule. Choose wisely, Councilmen, and decide the fate of this planet.

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Does anyone know when the prompt changes? My time zone is Eastern Standard, so anyone on the Eastern Seaboard of the US/Canada would be helpful! Thanks!

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Liberty Bell Circuit. The place of hopes and dreams and glorious parties that lasted until sunrise. The place of laughter and danger and neon lights. I can’t believe that I’d left. I can’t believe that sooner or later, we’ll all be gone.

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The mournful tolling of the bell echoes dully off the snow-covered houses. My feet crunch through the layer of ice as I trudge onward. The third funeral in a week. This can only mean one thing.

The plague has returned to Tlia.

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The sun glows from behind you, gleaming off your long blond hair like it is liquid gold. You turn, sun-softened and beautiful, and I can’t believe you are mine. The translucent colors glow and the dust settles, the church silent except for the quiet hum of the organ. You take my hand and we turn forward, together at last and forever.

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The neon sign’s harsh rose light flared in flickers across the cobbled streets. The candy-colored illumination flickered off the wet storefronts, catching glints on the windows, and silhouetting a lone figure in a long black cloak against the dimly lit city, lit up for the night.

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I offer my hand. Only a small upturned palm, bent, scarred fingers, but it is all I have. A golden ring sits heavy, dragging down my palm, held out as if it is my whole world. It’s not.

You are.

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The chalk dust scatters around me as the shriek of the chalk whips across the room like a gunshot. I scribble the answer to the problem as fast as I can and flounce down triumphantly into my seat. One point for me, none for the world.

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