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The room was dark and empty, with only the moonlight streaming through the curtains to light her way, but she could see that once the lights were on, it would be quite cheerful. Shelves ran the lengths of the walls, lined with various loose-leaf teas. The back counter held a coffee grinder, though she could already tell it would need repairs before it would be functional.

She smiled slightly. Looks like it would be tea for awhile.

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Tim looked up nervously at the nice woman with brown hair, and then back over to Michael.
“Do I have to?” His voice was weaker than he would have liked, and he couldn’t keep the tremble out of it.
Michael smiled, though Tim could see the worry behind his eyes, and put his hands on Tim’s shoulders. “They just want you to make a simple statement, Tim. That’s all. Don’t even look at Him. All you have to do is tell the truth, okay? Jan’s going to help you as best as she can.”
Tim glanced at the woman, and turned back to Michael. “And then I can live with you?”
He took a breath, and let it out slowly. He squared his shoulders and tried to look brave.

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The motion of the bare bulb was hypnotic as it swayed back and forth on the thin, frayed wire.
Back and forth, back and forth.
The shadows danced and swirled along the cracked and pitted ceiling as the bulb swung; a portal into dark times and darker memories. Outside, the thunder rolled, a continuous explosion of air, leaving behind the overwhelming scent of ozone.
Back and forth, back and forth.

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Horns blared and shouts rang out as eh wove in and out of traffic, the engine of his Valkyrie screaming. Behind him, sirens wailed. He couldn’t get caught. He couldn’t be late. The consequences would be unimaginable.

A semi changed lanes up ahead, and he gritted his teeth. “Dammit.”

Quickly veering to the right, he downshifted, revved the engine, and popped the front tire up off the ground just in time to bounce onto the sidewalk. A portly middle-aged man in a business suit with an expensive briefcase blanched and jumped back, tripping and landing on his rear.

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He stood outside the door of the medical plaza, staring at the crumbling, faded plaster and the torn scraps of posters and advertisements that had once lined the walls. He clutched his left arm to his chest, wincing as a fresh stab of pain lanced from his fingertips to his shoulder. A car horn blared down the street, the sound bouncing off the ramshackle buildings lining the block.

This place didn’t look promising at all. He tried to flex his fingers, still attempting to convince himself he wasn’t hurt that badly. Another flare of pain made him grit his teeth.

He sighed. There was nothing for it then. With a deep breath, he reached his good hand out and grasped the oily, dirty door handle.

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“Welcome,” He said, spreading his arms out to the side to encompass the vast space, a terrible grin cracking his face in two, “To my Gallery!”

One by one, the lights to the warehouse crashed on, illuminating the scene around them.

Cheryl’s eyes widened in horror and her mouth dropped open. Jeremy’s face drained of color and he swayed on the spot.

Cheryl covered her mouth with a trembling hand. “No…oh, God, no…”

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“From up here, everyone looks like little ants!” The small boy was holding onto his mother’s hand and dragging her towards the edge of the platform, his free hand reaching for the rail. A wide grin split his face, proudly showing off his missing front teeth. His poor mother was pale with fright, and she was leaning back, away from the rail so it seemed her son was the only thing holding her up. I had to wonder how on earth she’d managed to make it all the way to the top in the first place.

The things we do for kids, eh?

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He had no clue what to do next. The whole plan had fallen to shreds, the moment Jerry opened that cabinet. Alarms blared throughout the empty building, red lights strobing across the blank walls, making them appear otherworldly. Menacing shadows danced and leaped from the desks to the walls to the doors.

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The success of the entire project hinged on this one moment. This one decision. He could change the world, he knew. But for better or for worse?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

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He stood on the edge, looking down to the destroyed landscape below. Water lapped up to the second floor, the usual flow of debris slamming into the wall with every wave. He’d never left the safety of the building, never gone to the Outside, but with the New Ones intruding and attacking the small group, he knew that soon he would have no choice.

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Ian looked out over the edge of the building at the stomach churning, ball tightening drop to the asphalt; his entire existence hinging on one insane idea that was bubbling up through his mind like pop. He looked at the next building over, judging the distance between them. The top floor was about two stories below him.

Behind him, he heard the groaning of the fire escape ladder as Steve pulled himself up and over the edge. “I’ve got you now, you little bastard!” He shouted, his voice hoarse with madness.

Ian felt goosebumps wash over his skin as the first raindrops began to fall. He took a breath and backed up a few steps. It was about time he learned how to fly.

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The wind was so intense that as soon as Maggie stepped out the door, her umbrella was pulled inside-out. She staggered forward clutching the handle tightly as she tried to pull it back down, but to no avail. The rain came down in sheets, drenching her to the bone in seconds.

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“We’re gonna need you to come in to the station and make a statement. You know, just to tell us what you know.”

She stared at the wall, not seeing it. “I have to?”

“I’m afraid so. You may have information that we don’t know yet, and anything that can be used to help us find this person is critical.”

She sighed, lowering her eyes to the oily carpet. Sniffing, she reached up to scratch away some of the blood that had dried above her lip.


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The dog’s fangs glistened in the half-light drifting in through the windows. A low growl, more felt than heard, seemed to reverberate around the room, drilling all the way through my being, so I felt it even in my teeth.

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He laid the picture on the table, his dark eyes never leaving mine. I shifted uncomfortably, unsure what he wanted.

“Look at it.” He gestured to the photo.

I looked. And gasped.

“But that’s…”

He nodded.

“Thought you’d recognize it.”

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It was blinding outside. The sunlight white-washed the land as far as the eyes could see. Pale stones and light dirt reflecting the bright rays seemed to glow harshly, and even through the polarized windows of the jeep, we had to squint through our sunglasses in order to see anything clearly.

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I love to walk. Especially in the city. Just get lost, and walk. Nothing else. Let my feet lead the way, while my other senses get the chance to just sit back and tag along for the ride, for once.

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They were pathetic, really. All tied up. Power gone. Their faces were streaked with tears, their eyes red and bloodshot, too wide. Too wide. One man in a business suit had soiled himself, and the reek was awful.

These were the all-powerful, huh?

Take away that power, and you’re left with the core. But these people had none. They’d never fought a day in their lives, and it showed.

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As he chuckles, I can’t help the shiver that drips down my spine like wet ash. I twist my wrists, trying in vain to loosen the knots holding them together.

“Yep.” He grins, staring out the window to the dark sky. In the distance, I can barely make out the sounds of the approaching sirens. They won’t get here quick enough. He turns back and smiles down at me. I snarl at him, fighting even harder against the bonds as I try to lunge at him.

“Everything’s going to change now.”

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The rustling of the fabric was the only sound to give away the fact that I was not alone in the room. I opened my eyes wider, trying to see anything in the darkness, but it was as if someone had wrapped moist velvet around my face. The air was hot and stifling, and everything was totally black.

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The blast rocked the building, and Steve had to grip the sides of his desk to keep from toppling onto the floor. He fumbled for his phone, ripping it out of his pocket with sweating fingers to check the time. A gasp ripped its way out of his throat as he stared at the small device in horror.

“No-NO! I had more time, dammit! I had more time!”

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He would be eternally grateful to his neighbor, would create vast masterpieces out of random food objects and leave them at the somewhat batty lady’s door in her honour, would buy all her groceries for a year, would do anything, anything, if she would only shut that little yapping shaking howling wannabe canine up!

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Thunder rolled over the sharp peaks of the mountains around them as, shivering, Rob and Tracey made their way slowly up to the dim light between the trees. A small shack, situated in a copse of pine trees just off the highway, stood warm and inviting ahead of them, the windows lit with golden light and smoke rising through the rain from the chimney. And when they asked if they could possibly warm up inside for just a bit and use the phone, the old woman that answered simply smiled, and told them she would be delighted to help.

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I froze. “What?” Praying, hoping against hope that I had misheard.

Tim sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration. “Miles just called. They made a mistake, and now the deadline’s moved up to tomorrow.”

My eyes widened, as a pit seemed to form in the center of my stomach. “That gives us less than half the time we were supposed to have. There’s no way we can finish in time!”

Tim turned away, looking out at the darkening skyline outside the window. “I know.”

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Everyone thought they understood Michael. He was just so…quiet. So well-behaved. So mild-mannered. No one would believe the things he took part in when no one was watching. Or when he thought no one was watching. She had caught him, had hidden in the low bush at the edge of the quarry and had watched him. He was completely driven in his task, and she knew the screams would stay embedded in her mind for years to come along with the sight of the blood running over his hands.

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He stared down at the shattered fragments of the vase, his big blue eyes wide and terrified as his uncle stormed into the room.

“What have you done this time, boy?”

Upon seeing the shattered porcelain pieces on the tiles, his mouth snapped shut, and his brown eyes, the color of weak tea, narrowed in rage.

“I-I’m sorry, uncle.” The boy stuttered nervously.

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I stood, staring up through the orange halogen glow at the building rising twenty floors above me. Somewhere in there was the information I needed, and if my source was to be trusted, it would be somewhere on the eighteenth floor. I was alone again, and had only one shot of making this work. If I couldn’t get the info I needed now, chances are I would never get the opportunity again, and Tim would be as good as dead. Taking a deep breath, I strode forward, knowing the only reason I even had a shot at succeeding was because I had the element of surprise. Strike hard, strike fast, and leave chaos in your wake. And if you do it right, you can still escape while they’re all reeling from the shock.

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Clip the leash to my leg, tighten the bindings, and I’m ready to go. Clear skies above, and clean white snow below, groomed to corduroy perfection. Jump start, and I’m heading down the hill, crisp cold air numbing my face, the vibration traveling up my legs as I start leaning into my first turn. This is my bliss.

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He was pleased. The reports had just come in, and things were finally starting to go his way. The dissenters were finally out of the way, and now he had only to take care of those damn kids. Then, finally, the world would be his.

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lease…lease…lease….hmmm, can’t really think of anything to write. At least, nothing I can really twist this into. Maybe I could, if I had some time to think about it. Heh, I’ll have to try something later.

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