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The setup he ran on his computer did not work well.THIS IS HE THIRD TIME HE WAS TRYING TO RUN THIS SETUP.after repeated attempts it just did not work.either he will get the job or he will not.The setup was to run somehow. He will have to search for something else.

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sate is one of the most beautiful things present on earth. it provides joy to everyone ! it has been awarded as the best medicine for curing depression .
doctors around the globe adopt this method to help the people in depression. this has achieved a world recognition .

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I am honest, but sometimes there’s a diff of opinion in what it means? should you be honest all the time? most people don’t want you to be honest. will I tell someone they are fat? that’s honest but not nice. honesty is enemy of politeness, but we should be both? strange/ brits were strange

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who knows what our final destination is? I, for one have no clue. But, as they say, they journey is always much more fulfilling than the destination. My journey goes through its highs and lows– wonder,embarrassment,joy and despair–everyday of my life.

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blog, drop, number, letter, say,. talk, chaste, pure, linked, single, throb, heart, top, alphabet, character, singular, tense, toil, two, three, sing

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