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Flames filling my home and I only run from the fire spilling into the rooms.
The light billowing from behind the door only intensifying.
Smoke creeps through the cracks.
Spilling over the ceiling and threatening me with suffocation.
I watched as the windows become dark.
I lay on the ground growing increasingly still.
Hoping, wishing, praying for someone to rescue me.

» Posted By Sonny On 06.07.2018 @ 8:56 am


The hospital seemed to be shrouded in darkness. Every shadow crept out asking for my hand. I wanted to leave this place. I have felt captive for many months and today they will finally let me leave, or at least thats what the shadows said every time they asked for me. They begged and pleaded with me asking for me to come with them. Each time I told them no but not today. I promised my mom that I would see her again before I decided to leave. As soon as she walked through the hospital doors the dark figures cowered knowing that she as my only light. knowing that her light could force the shadows away. When she finally left the shadows where more pronounced an as to why I don’t know. They sang sweet songs into my sirens on the sea. I shook the beautiful shadows hand and together we smiled.

» Posted By Sonny On 02.06.2018 @ 4:23 pm


As I stand dead center of the stage, I take a deep breathe. I don’t remember walking out to my position but its too late to return behind the curtain. off stage my competitors stand glaring hopping I will fail. I lift my bow to the strings of my cello and my hands shake. I glide the bow causing a legato note to fill the hall. I switch notes trying to tune breathing hard. so very scared of the judges in front of me. Looking up at the ceiling i begin to play Bach – Cello Suite No. 1. My vibrato shakes the hall. My breath shaking and floor vibrating beneath my feet. I’m so scared I close my eyes. the song ends and everything is a blur. I stagger off the stage past my competition and they look stunned. I must have missed something. Strangers bring me flowers, to each I give a weak smile.

» Posted By Sonny On 12.20.2016 @ 7:32 pm


He was completely obsessed by one persistent thought. That the ballet dancer in his dream was the same woman that stood before him. No, not in costume but in spirit. He could sense her and everything she was. He could feel her pain and see the deadness in her eyes. Her dance in his dreams were so full of life but this woman was dead. Just a ghost without light. Her spirit followed him for several days and when their eyes met she could feel his life. Slowly he took his life from him leaving him just the same as her, to find others so he could return to a human form. The cycle has no end only take and try to survive, for fear of death is too strong. Humans are much too persistent to live.

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I look down at the glowing compass that is purposed to guide me to my greatest fear. The beautiful gold dial turns making my heart shudder. From my hiding place I see a castle with stone walls and guards standing out side. The guards standing head to toe in shinning uniforms. Showing off the wealth and power of the large cast while the people of this land suffer. What inside that case could be so terrifying?I have traveled for months trying to concur this fear. Meeting many terrifying things on the way what could be worse than those dragons and the witches that have tried to through my journey astray. From my hiding place I formulate a plan. Carefully I walk back to the village that the castle outlooks. Through the merchant markets I accumulate scarves to present myself to the case as a distinguished dancer. For that is what I am, a traveler, doctor, artist, linguist, a dancer so many talents that over the years have kept me alive. My many talents have led me to the compass that may lead me to my death. My talents even after all this time have left me alone and thats the way I prefer it. Maybe my most importantly I am a witch in a magic out lawed land. I look over the compass again with its delicate gears and design and still it point to the castle. On the long draw bridge I stand scarves wrapped around me delicately. I begin to move towards the cast to the guards. I can feel their uneasiness as they shift from foot to foot. they point their spears at me and I smile at them. confused they ask, “what business do you have here?” Throwing my best most convincing enchantment their way I say, “I request entrance and a place to stay in return I will dance. Allow me to entertain in exchange for a dry place to sleep.” I repeat myself for the dazed guards. They escort me inside with a smile. I glance down at the compass again and I know my fear is here somewhere within these walls. “Where are you taking me?” They look at one another and just keep walking down the winding halls. We stop in front of a large mahogany door. I glance down at the compass and it begins to spin. The dial spins and I know my fear is behind that door. the guards open the door and for a second it is too bright to see. The guards push me after I don’t move on my own. There is a beautiful woman in the room in an extravagant dress. “What is this woman doing here?” Her voice demands with an unneeded attitude. “Princess, she is here to dance for you, sense the absence of the last dancer cause you such sadness.” He down casts his eyes but somehow his voice reaches her. She looks at me and I’m frozen mentally. I don’t know how to react from her gaze. As she stares at me I am thawed and I suddenly feel warm. In a demanding voice he yells, “leave us.” They scramble and leave the large room slamming the doors behind them. Leaving the beautiful princess and I alone. “So you’ve come to dance? Well I’m already impressed little witch,” she pauses and rolls her eyes, “you are safe within these walls little witch but you must stay by my side at all times. It’ll be you and I until the end.”

» Posted By Sonny On 12.18.2016 @ 2:07 pm


There she was again leasing out her love to another. Just like she had so many years before. Tricking me with her lies and promises. I knew that she had stollen my heart from the very first day I knew her. Her dark wavy hair in tight curls down her back, her golden personality shinning brighter then her eyes. Her smile so brilliant at never the less she meant everything to me and I thought she knew that when all of this started. I could have sworn that I bought her heart and all the love to come with it but here I am watching her lease out her love again. Her lease came with terms and conditions just like any contract. The payment was my soul, my time and she spent them recklessly.

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The airbags deployed and i closed my eyes tight. i see my mommy and her head slamming against the seats falling helplessly. My bother and sister in the back seat begin to cry and all I can do is close my eyes. My head pounds and she isn’t waking up. from behind my they scream, “mommy mommy wake up.” They detach them selfs from the seats and climb forward. they shake mommy, but still she remains silent. At the time i was unaware that she was dead even though all the clues pointed to that fact. I reached into her pocket and fumbling I called the emergency services just like she had thought me to. They asked me where i was, how they could help me, but i didn’t need help mommy did. I tried my best to answer the calm mans questions, and with each passing question the man begins to realize. After what feels like forever of child screams I see the flashing light. Carefully they remove us from the car and zip mommy into a bag. They took us to a big building that smelled like medicine. The adults asked us many questions about our family and age. I told them almost everything I knew. with the adults i spoke for my siblings while they cried over mommy. I told them I was ten and then I realized maybe if it hadn’t been my birthday we wouldn’t have gone out for ice cream. Maybe then that sick man wouldn’t have driven into us. Maybe mommy would still be alive if I hadn’t been ten.

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The moon was changing me making me feel something in my heart for the first time in ages. How could something so deadly be beautiful? my hands moonlit and the sky full of poisonous grey. My eyes burned from the gaze of the orb in the sky. Each night I stared at the forbidden moon hoping, wishing, begging for it to tell me its secrets. Finally this night the deadly moon spoke back… For some odd reason I expected a earth shaking groan to find my ears. Instead I heard the songs of sirens and their songs led me further into the poisonous grey. Burning my skin and my heart, but it felt so good to feel. All night I gazed at the moon and it whispered in my ears little lies I hoped to believe. When morning came I realized how vast the pain within me. Though I will always remember how I loved the demons of the moon light.

» Posted By Sonny On 12.13.2016 @ 3:09 pm


I saw a wolf down the road and it went Oooooooooo for 1hour and didn’t stop until my dad hit it.

» Posted By Sonny On 09.01.2016 @ 6:58 pm


Very Bland yet not dark colors. Somewhat happy, but very 60’s -esque. a time of oppression. So they look good, and blend well, but they signify something dark and oppressive. neat.

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String, link, our connection to all that is…

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ordering order seems irrelevant.

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Lite up by the starlight night. Lightly starry in the stairs of night. Staring into the starlight night.

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Wrapped up in whorly bits of life.

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The Clash, Clash of the Titans, and I am sure there are others that have such an impact as the meaning of the word.

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Ever seen a rocket fly downward? Is it still called flying if the flight is underground? I heard that subterranean transport to China would change the world but I also heard the Pacific is real pretty.

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I have a kite hanging at my side, like a pet manta ray.

» Posted By Sonny On 05.20.2010 @ 7:03 pm


To be a balloon only for the free airfare.

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destiny, choosing and walking. picking a destination in life. making a choice. moving forward. to walk the path of the righteous is a long hard path but full of reqrd and merit. worth the journey.

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I slowly replaced the bulb into the squeaky squawky socket wet with mildew and grime from the latest vermin who had visited this sight and spilled it’s vile spew within the room. It lit. I was happy and got the hell out of there

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throw it away, everything, everything must go, nothing can remain.

if you think you need it you dont, if you cannot live without it, you cannot live, you will die

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pop goes the weasel as he colors on the easel if he happens to get the measles will that affect what he pops off about?

» Posted By Sonny On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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