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The room was a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare – closed heavy doors, no windows, too many people, and stuffy, overdone decor. Prim and proper ‘ladies’ with clown makeup toted tuxedoed husbands like designer furs. Pretentious words flew about like bullets searching for targets of derision. Desperate for air, Tony grabbed his wife, Cara, for a slow dance, ignoring the absence of music. As his hand wandered too low for the propriety of the room, she smiled that secret smile he loved. “Trying to cause a scandal, darling?” she asked. He smirked and glanced up at the chandelier above. “No, if I were really trying to get a rise, I’d lift you up so you could show them just how well you kiss upside down.”

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Walk tall, chin up, eyes bright, and smile. It had become a routine to whip out when he hit his firm’s reception desk. He delivered his lines with perfected professional but personal swagger – ”Morning, Alice’, ‘Wassup, Derrick?’, “Hey, Jan! How was your weekend?’ and then he’d quietly slip into his office, close the door, exhale, and daydream of killing all of them.

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Her father cautioned her about strangers with candy while her mother warned of strange men and dark alleys. No one told her that the devil had many faces, and that she should also take care in the company of beautiful women.

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“That’s the thing though, you don’t get to decide any more. This is mine. My life, my art, my show,” she hissed. It was hard trying to maintain a veneer of cool elegant grace as he crowded her into a corner. This no longer felt like her art exhibition, more like that hellhole Brooklyn apartment she’d fled years ago after he’d beaten her one time too many. “Is there a problem here?” a security guard asked from over his shoulder. The claws gripping her arms began to retract and she exhaled. “No..none at all,” she assured with a smile, her voice almost steady.

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She could feel the slow slide of mucus slipping down her nostril even as she smiled and continue to talk about the snow outside. The wind was whipping her face, egging her nose to spill everything. With the camera was only a few inches away, and a mic in her hand, she prepared for the single most embarrassing moment of her life to be immortalized on live TV.

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The picture stilted and then blurred before everything went black. A collective groan rose from the seats, and people filed out to get a refund. “Perfect,” he muttered under his breath. She quirked a eyebrow, slipped her hand into his and leaned into him. “Now it is,” she whispered.

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“C’mon, do it for science,” his best friend, Hal chided. Deon swallowed down his nerves and a thousand secret fantasies and quickly removed his thread-bare undershirt. The floor suddenly was super interesting and he decided to keep his eyes on it as Hal’s fingers caressed the new scar from his arm surgery.

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She opened her eyes but couldn’t see. It was pitch black, but the smell of stale blood and bleach hit her like a hammer. She turned her head sharply to the left as the rumble of a small motor roared to life. Her screams were no match for those of malevolent metal of the chainsaw whirling closer.

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Introductions were made and Angela learned that the woman her and her friends called ‘Cruella’ was actually named Sam. Sam shook Angela’s hand and complimented her dress with a faint smirk, leaving Angela with the distinct feeling that the joke was really on her.

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“Strip, ” he said with a unimpressed glare. She swallowed, and his eyes tracked the movement. “I don’t have all day,” he huffed. “I’m not wearing a wire,” she insisted loudly so the stake out team could hear that she was in danger. He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Well then, you should have no problem stripping. What? Don’t tell me, you’re a good church going type of gal?” She bit her lip in an imitation of naivete. “Well yeah actually I am.”

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They stared wide-eyed at each other, frozen at the foot of the stairs. Their parents were out of town but the floorboards in their bedroom had been creaking steady like someone was dancing. Every few seconds it was accompanied by a slow metallic drag, like a heavy chain. “What the hell?” Shana mouthed silently to her big brother, whose eyes looked suspiciously wet in the moonlight even as his fists clenched up.

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There was a tinny little red satellite radio sticking out of the debris and rubble, playing old 80’s hits. Even through the screams, LaShonda could hear Steve Perry’s voice singing ‘don’t stop believin’. She hugged what was left of her mangled leg and started laughing and crying.

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When the little old lady with blueish hair demanded a senior citizen discount for her donuts and coffee, Andy winced. “We don’t do that here,” he said in the shamed voice of a naughty boy. Fifteen minutes later, she returned with a gang of more than twenty, some wielding their canes like baseball bats. Andy held his arms up and gave them all discounts.

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She clamped down on her tongue and tried to will down the furious blush growing like a wildfire on her face. But it was too late, she could tell by the mischievous gleam in his eyes and his playful smirk she’d said too much and now he knew she wanted him.

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No one really knew why they were there, but as more people gathered, the crowd drew more people still.

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Hot sweaty bodies crammed into a tiny room lit by a strobe light offering flashes of vanity,desperation, and joy.

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He bit down his anger and broke skin on his wife’s hand. She gave him a strained smile, her eyes begging him to calm down as the big screen painted a caricature of him at his weakest. A bead os sweat trickled down his temple as he tried remain stoic. But the cameras were unforgiving and bold. Every two seconds there was a click and flash as they waited for him to give life to his legendary outbursts.

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Teresa sucked in air so hard it made her swoon. The sonofabitch had actually showed up. Albeit disheveled, torn jeans, greasy hair, and wearing cheap whiskey like cologne. A furtive glance to her classmates confirmed her worst fears. “Is that someone’s dad?” someone whispered. She steeled herself and waved grandly. “Dad! Over here.” Drunk or not, his smile still melted everything else in her world.

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Huddled together in a small Army surplus store, a new enclave begin to form. Allie gazed at all of their faces. Different colors, ages, and a near even split in gender. Between the three families, they had an endless supply of guns, knives, ammunition, and enough food to feed a small army. As the groans of the undead harmonized with the wind outside, Allie tried to focus on getting to know her new friends.

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She tried to pretend she was a statue in a game of freeze tag. But the stakes of this chase were much higher. She’d learned long ago that holding her breath was futile, so she took air in silent gulps. A familiar shadow dimmed the light streaming into the slits of the closet panel. She shrank back against her mother’s coats and when the door flung over, she could only brace herself and whimper.

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He watched from the back row of the town hall meeting as they ripped each other apart. Nasty accusations flew like fists and men who had been friends for over twenty years threatened the kind of bodily harm usually reserved for enemies. He tried to look troubled, but inside he gleefully sowed the outcome from the seeds of mistrust he’d planted last spring.

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Last night I watched the Captain America Superbowl TV spot with my stomach tied in knots. Really I care far too much about fictional characters, and in particular, I’m too invested in the screen life of Mr. Steve Rogers. It makes my heart clench even now when I think of about the end and there months yet before the movie even begins.

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The brush was thick. Legal clauses, waiting periods, and a thorough screening made it difficult to see a clear pathway to adopting Tamara, the little girl she’d long regarded as her daughter. But her lawyer was sharper than a machete, cutting through red tape with efficiency. Within a month, Tamara was hers, both in the eyes of the law, and in spirit.

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His brother’s cloak was usually ill-fitting. Too big by a foot at least, Erik often found himself drowning in it. But on days like this, when they had nowhere to go, all chores were done, and the weather was nice, the cloak made a nice Superman cape. And with his brother behind him, holding the ends, Erik could stretch out his arms, close his eyes, and pretend to fly.

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The prostitutes on the corner were background scenery. Mostly. He rarely took note of them any more than the graffiti they used as their corner store offices. Until he saw her. Long brunette hair, torn fishnets, and shivering in spite of her better efforts to look confident, she was young. Too young to be on the street. He glanced around, handed her $500. “Whatcha want, Mister?” she asked with a coy smile. He shook his head. “Go find a hotel and get something to eat.”

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One these days, he was gonna take off and go sailing. Well, first, he’d have to make time to take that sailing class he’d been eyeing for a little over three years. He almost signed up for it but then work got in the way, as it always did. His second wife had accused him of being a polygamist. Said he was already married to his job when they got hitched. He shook his head and laughed because that was what the first one had said. But seriously, one of these days he was gonna put work aside and at the very least, pay the docks a visit.

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The council had ordered his assasination. John was sure of it. No one knew who was on the council exactly, but that didn’t matter anyway. They had spies everywhere, and they were always watching him. They had many disguises. Some wore business suits, others wore cashier uniforms at the grocery store. Sometimes he wasn’t so sure. People like Terri, the sweet blue-eye psychiatric nurse who always had a kind word for him, seemed too pure to be in on it. But then he caught Terri talking to one of the guards who often held him down for medication. That’s when John figured out she was one of them.

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She pulled off her top and suddenly they were in his face. His mouth went dry and then his hands were palming them. They were soft, and nothing like those of his boyfriend. But he liked them. Not more, not less, but just the same. “Huh,” he laughed. “What?” she asked. “I guess I’m not totally gay?” he said in wonder. She smirked. “Only a halfway, then.”

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ugh. I don’t know. drawing a blank.

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Destiny tried not to roll her eyes as her sister did ‘the thing’. They all knew it was coming. First her lip would quiver and then her eyes would take on this Bambi glassy-eyed quality that only the seasoned observer could fend off. Luckily, her father was one of them. After being denied permission to stay out past curfew, her sister predictably crumbled into hysterics. Destiny and her father exchanged a knowing look, and she held in a giggle as he offered the melodramatic sobbing mess on the floor a few tissues.

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