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The banker was just having their normal day on the job. Customer, consult, give money, customer. Kind of like a never ending cycle of boredom and currency, at the same times, every single day, for every single year. They frequently wondered just when they’d have their “Eureka!” moment, or their light bulb above their head. They were /waiting/ for their moment to come, for the spotlight to be finally be shone on them. All that was missing was them. No, not them physically. Them emotionally. Them mentally. Them spiritually. The actual them. After a year of being in this dead-beat job, they decided to resign themselves to the conformity of it. A year after that, they began picking up a schedule for everything. And now, 5 years into the job, and they do everything like it’s clockwork. Wake up, get dressed, eat, work, get home, eat, change, sleep. It just goes on and on, and they may be working, but they aren’t working for a better them. They wanted out of it, but did nothing to work on it. That was the one fatal flaw they had. It was sad, really, witnessing this poor soul dreaming of being better, but just not doing it. They could be an Astronaut right now, floating in space and drinking water bubbles. Or they could be releasing their third hit album with their best hit, topping the charts at number 1. They may also be inventing new medicines, helping other people and innovating in the medical field. All they needed was a dream… and they had one. But the difference between the banker and Mendeleev was that Mendeleev did something about his dream. Now, what’ll you do about yours?

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“And there you go class, thus ends the lesson and the slideshow– which I hope you enjoyed….” The professor chuckled to herself and walked back to the front, to unplug her laptop from the projector and fix her things. “Class dismissed!” She announced it so cheerily, it was as if she was a /student/ being dismissed. She had to be the happiest professor in the course– hell, in the whole university. Nobody ever saw anyone smile as frequently as her, or be as fascinated in her major– Biology AND Entomology– enough to start naming a bunch of the insects and transferring them to where they’d help the plants out most. But, hey, there’s a reason everybody loved her.

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