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I lay down and sigh. Who knew that a simple summer party would lead to this. My mom looks sympathetically over at me. We wait for what seems like forever for the doctor to return. Finally, Doctor Mark pushes open the door. “Good news, Lauren.” I sit up, only causing pain to sear through my calf. “Your leg isn’t broken.” I instantly light up. “You do have three fractures…” My smile shatters at these words.

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As she sat in her car, as the rain pelted her windows, as tears streamed down her face, he though of her. It was a rainy day after all.

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I grew up in a house full of beliefs, and opinions. When Ma got yellow fever, the biggest opinions came out. The biggest arguments took place.

Ma was always strict. She was a strong woman with fierce grey eyes and a teeny-tiny waist. The reason she was so strict: she cared about Bridget and I. Pa was fairly different from Ma. He was a comfortable looking man with soft blue eyes and thin lips that were always turned up in a smile. He understood me the most. More than anyone else.

One argument changed my life forever.

“Phil, you must send Bridget and Cassandra away. The girls cannot live with sickness everywhere!” When she had yellow fever, Ma barely spoke, but when she did it was always this.
“No. I insist that the girls stay here. Bridget is not even four. She is too young to be without a mother. And Cass? What about her? She loves Bridget more than anything, we cannot send one away without the other!”

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When a snatched open the door, a blast of wind hit me. It was more than that though, because it made me turn around.

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I gulp. Mother always warned me not to go into Indian Territory. I must have wandered in accidentally when I was gathering twigs for a fire. A boy with big dark eyes looks up at me. He runs away dropping the leaves he was collecting and shouting in his very odd dialect. I stop, frozen. The boy comes back with a tall, dark skinned man. He has paint all over his body and is wearing animal skulls and feathers. He must be the chief.

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I wake up on January 1st with a new outlook on life. I’ve had mistakes, decisions, and ideas. And now, it’s the start of a new year. A new decade. A new century. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning.

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Positively nothing.

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As I waited for the man to activaite my checking account, he stared at the amount of money in my hand. No average teenager has this much cash. I mean, I am holding $50,000 here! I follow his glance. “14 years of hard work, school raffles, and saving up,” I say. I can tell he’s not convinced. I’m not either.

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After working eight hours at DiJono’s Pizzeria, I finally get my free meal a day. Mrs. DiJono hands me a slice of pizza and a box of three breadsticks. “Thanks,” I mutter.
With the salary I get, she could have at least offered some pepper.

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I got up and stumbled out of the tent. Everyone else was still asleep, though the sun was rising. I decided to walk down to the lake. A damp mist clung in the air, like a blanket.

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Sara looked at me with those deer eyes. Careful, watching, patient.

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The manager strut through the store, scolding employees. When he arrived in aisle 11, he found the woman who had asked to see him. “Oh, good you’re here, it’s about time.” She looked at him skeptically. “I couldn’t find my favorite brand of olive oil, and when I asked one of your employees, he scuffed and said keep looking.”

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Elle looked hard at the gypsy woman. She had yellow, crooked teeth and her lips were cracked. She was wearing numerous scarves and coats. Elle stuck out her hand. “Please,” She asked, looking at the woman. The woman hesitantly took her hand, palm up, and stared hard at it, tracing it with her overgrown fingernails.

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The three muses sat on the rocks laughing and whispering about the foolish mortals who had fallen into their trap.

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I posted the posters all over the school, keeping my fingers crossed that at least one person will show up. School ends and I head over to the band room, holding my breath. I open the door and let it out. It was so silent you could here my heart beating with ease. Of coarse. No one wants to be in my band.

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The thunder crackles and the lightning flashes. This goes on for hours. Finally, Shadow grabs her toy mouse and scurries under the bed. “Kitty, kitty,” Bridget and Sarah begin to cry. The storm is only getting louder and everyone is restless and worried about Papa. I as, the older sister feel the need to take charge. I toss Charlie the phone and scoop up Bridget and Sarah into my arms. “We are going to bed now,” I tell them. As little as they are, the twins doesn’t understand that the storm is making it hard for Papa to come home and she doesn’t want to go to sleep with these scary noises. My 12 year old brother, Charlie, does the best he can to help out with the twins, but it isn’t enough, it never will be.

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I was so excited to finally see Maria after so long. When the helicopter landed, I jumped out and looked around. Maria was standing at the edge of the landing pad, talking to one of the men. She looked nothing like she did four years ago. She was as skinny as a skeleton and her hair was longer and darker.

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I once baby-sat my friends guinea pig named Violet. I always thought that was a funny name for a guinea pig. After Violet died, they got a new guinea pig named Delilah. LOL!

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The cheerleader took the megaphone from the teacher’s hand. “Excuse me everyone!” She shouted. “Let’s give a big round of applause to our school team, the Penguins!”

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I looked around. Tall trees and shrubs lined the lake. Behind the mountains, the sun was quickly setting. I needed to find a place to set up camp for the night. It was getting cold, so I gathered some STICKS and made a fire.

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Bows of all sorts lined the walls. Huge ones, tiny ones, purple ones, and even solid gold ones. No wonder they call this place the bow boat. Sitting here, in the middle of nowhere, is a little house full of bows!

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