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Things that turn. It makes your mind go. It’s the thing that is esstential for objects to work.

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I stand at the window, watching him plant the flowers in the ground. Waiting for him to mess up. Any moment now and he will be caught. Any moment and we will have our killer. He stands up and starts to turn towards the window. I swiftly move to the side. I wait for the soft sound of his footsteps, but they never come. When I am almost ready to give up, I hear them. I sit patiently, I hear the door open. “If you didn’t want to be seen at the window you should’ve moved quicker.” I sighed, “My fate is inevidable, isn’t it?” The gardener looked straight through me. “I’m afraid so.”

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A jury of sorts.

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He runs home as fast as he can. Hoping for that one letter. Hoping that it finally came in the mail. He runs through the door. Right where he sits, is a neat little letter. He picks it up. From Harvard. He opens it with care. Inside it reads, “We are sorry to inform you….” That’s as far as he wants to read. “Well did you get accepted?” His mother asks gingerly. He turns around and smiles. “Actually, no. I don’t think I am clever enough for such high standards, but I know places I can go.” His mother frowned. “They aren’t clever enough to see the potential that you have sweetie.” She turns and leaves the room.

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Glady. Often associated with joy, happiness, giddiness, excitement. All good things.

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They hide under your bed. Scare you as a child. They hide in your head and scare you as an adult. You can’t run away. You can’t hide. You can only stand up to them. Be courageous.

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Knight and shining armor. The guy who is supposed to sweep you off your feet. Those stupid stereotypical stories. The women being the damsel in distress. He saves her from the dragon in the castle. They fall in love. Happily ever after.
That is no knight and shining armor. That is a bedtime story.

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Entrance to another world. Getting to hide away for a long time. Leaving a boring world and entering a portal to a new one. A happier one. Somewhere that can make me feel welcome and wanted for once. This portal lets me forget those memories. My friend clutching that cup. Gun pointed at his head. Whispering bittersweet nothings. This portal allows me to forget that. The portal opens when I grab a pen.

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Hiding in the corner. Blending in with the wall. Struggling to not be seen. You need some kind of camouflage in order to be successful. In order to endure this wasteland they call life. You need camouflage.

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Her hair falls perfectly on her shoulders. “She’s so gorgeous. I wish I could look like her.” Her lips as soft as the morning sun. She turns around and sees you staring. She gives you a small smile. Not a confident smile. Just a small smile. You walk up to her. She gives you an icy cold look. You have entered uncharted territory.
“Listen. I know that I haven’t been the best towards you. I’m sorry. Please let me make it up to you.”
“I saw you talking to that other girl.” She said in a tiny mousy voice.
“Love, you need to be more confident. She was just saying how she wished she was as beautiful as you. Nothing else.”
She frowned. I could tell she didn’t believe it but she went with it anyways. If only she could believe the truth. She was as beautiful as the northern lights. She could turn heads in every room. No matter how she looked she was gorgeous.
“You know none of that is true. I need to get to class.”
I slip my hand into hers and kiss her hand lightly. “May I have the honor of taking my lovely lady to class?”
You watch her enter the room. All eyes turned into her direction.

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“This is to new beginnings.” We clank our glasses together ad take a sip.
“I need a fresh start. I need to know that things will be okay.” I feel his husky breath on my neck.
“Give it time.”
We stare into each others eyes. The last thing we hear is gun shots.
This is our new beginning.

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The beginning of life. The beginning in which God created man. He made women with the side of man. The beginning of something beautiful. When god was created man he was began something that didn’t quite go as planned. Man soon found free will. They found that you could defy against people. That began the downfall of human race. That also began something more. It showed God we cannot be the perfect people he dreamed we could be.

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Incense, it burns. The flames opening within your soul. You smell the scent left behind. Burning what is left of the past. You turn around and say goodbye.

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