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The challenge was mountainous. She gave no indication of meeting any of my needs and seemed only concerned with her own selfish desire to talk, talk, talk. She should find a different Sherpa.

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Please don’t leave me, I’m on my knee asking you to marry me.

I see I have your attention now
and suddenly I can only wonder how
I will ever survive the loneliness devotion to someone who does not truly love me will cause me.

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I vant to alone, rally I do. Be a Darlink and bring me the Vode-ka vould you?

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The kids had run out of the house and I was cleaning up after dinner. My Husband Ralph was sitting in the living room, as was his habit, watching the news while I busied myself in the kitchen. This was my time to have solstice; The kids and him out of my hair, my time to be alone.

I rubbed the counter with a rag and saw the small dot on the granite texture. I tried to rub it out. It was a round electronic looking disk that slid away when I touched it. Turning it in my fingers there appeared to be a small arc in the tiny circuits buried in it.

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The darkness and vapor, like steam, over the rough water hid our port side perfectly. The light from the harbor made the stern stand out in the waves. We had been aboard the sub for 8 days now and were getting claustrophobic, and on each others nerves. The siren blared with the commanders bellowing “Battle Stations!”, over the intercom. We all leaned where we stood as the sub dove quickly and stayed submerged beneath the suddenly deadly waters.

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It was easy to see the influence Drake had in his work. The sweeping lines, the use of bright colors and the sheer size of the pieces had distinct similarities to the earlier and much acclaimed post-serial killer crime scene photos.

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The substance is easily derived from the boiling concoction. First it must be passed through a filter made from a sheep’s bladder filled with the neck hair from a Spotted Norwegian mole, harvested during a full moon in late fall. The reduced crystalline powder, dissolved in female deer urine and inhaled while boiling, makes toe hair grow quite curly and fine making for excellent leprechaun pillow filler.

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Thick and glistening in the shadowy light the tendrils were covered in a thick outer skin with veins and ribs running under the skin surface like a long twisted finger, wrapped tightly around his throat.

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His hands and feet were tied across the framework. Each limb laced delicately to the rusty steel lattice. Below, in the far most he could see the people going about their daily life’s unknowing of the perils that unfold above them. Casually he laughe, and spat, as a kids would do looking over a daunting height. Was it to taunt fear or to test it. For him it was neither but his fate on top of the sears building.

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