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He plucked a secluded star from the sky and turned it over in his hand. Looking back up the sky, he saw another lonely white star, so he held up the one he took and put it back into the sky, right by the other star.

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After I threw the newspaper onto the counter, I quickly closed the kitchen window. The neighbors outside were making a racket, and it was only causing harm to my health. I held my head with my hand and tried to massage my headache away.

Of course, it didn’t work.

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I recite a word to him, but he only shakes his head. Once again, I fail the test and must memorize all of my work. I adjusted my sitting position on the bean bag and cozied myself into it like a nest.

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Yesterday it felt as if he left with me a part of his soul. He leaves on what he says are very important quests that are mandatory, but I don’t see the strength of it in his step. He walks lightly and nonchalantly, and I don’t believe his words.

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He patiently awaits the ball, standing in a position where he knew what to expect. He held the the bat firmly in his hands, staring the pitcher down. He watched the pitcher take a deep breath, and tightened his grip. The ball came flying so fast that it was hard to see what happened, but in one blink the ball was high up in the air, causing gasps to arise from the crowd.

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She gently put a leaf underneath the insect that fell into the water, lifting it as she gradually stood up.

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He disregarded the way that his socks clung wetly to his sore feet. He also disregarded the sound of his back cracking when he bent down to tie his shoelaces. This is no longer hiking, and he is alone in the forest.

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She seemed like an outgoing person, but that was an assumption from the distance. IF you really talked to her, you would realize that she’s shy, terribly shy. She couldn’t even formed a complete sentence without making a stutter or two. It seems you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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He was quite sure of it, and the air smelled of it so strongly that he was practically tasting it. Blood was somewhere in this room, covering a rotting corpse. The room was dark, so he took a few steps and closed his eyes, intent on locating where the buzz of nearby flies was coming from.

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He was nominated as a champion, but so was the little boy beside him. Short, thin, and coated with freckles, this tough child was stronger than him.

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She opened up the small bag filled with coffee beans and poured them into the grinder. The morning was starting out pretty fresh, even though it was a simple Monday. She always went into the coffee shop about half an hour before she was even required to, mostly because she could be in the shop by herself without any bothersome coworkers. Well, at least it would have been an even fresher morning if not for who stood behind the counter.

The man behind the counter watched her without a word, although his face told more. He seemed impatient and ready to insult, and she could already see phrases piling up in his head that probably pertained to her chunky body frame. She smirked and refilled the coffeemaker, not bothering to look back again at the man.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna make me some coffee sometime soon?” He frowned.

“I hope you’re kidding, this coffee needs some time to have the right flavor. Plus, you know the store isn’t even open yet.” She cackled. This guy was always coming around the store every now and then before it even opened, but she couldn’t really do anything about it since he’s the big ol’ boss’s nephew.

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The teacher quickly separated the two boys who kept fighting, which was the third time for this week.

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I carefully pulled the mirror off of the wall, setting it slowly onto the ground. I was about to pick it up again when I heard barking. I ran to the living room and saw my dog, Marcy, barking like mad towards the door. We were expecting company, so I quickly opened the door. I smiled and greeted the guests who were my parent’s friends, and let them inside. I heard a sudden cracking sound come from my room. I told the guests my parents would be back soon, and hurriedly walked to my bedroom. Inside, I found a guilty little brother and broken glass everywhere. I picked up a sliver from the mirror shards and sighed, hearing my brother apologize profusely.

“It’s alright, I mean, I set it in the floor, what was I expecting to happen?” I comforted.

“I should have been more careful, I’m really sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it, you’re still one of the best big brothers ever.”

“One of the best? I’m your only brother though.” He smiled.

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I pulled the poster off the wall and wildly ripped it in two. Despite how much I loved The Legend of Zelda, I couldn’t even bother to think about the actual content of the poster. The only thing my mind was focused on was who gave me this poster.

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He looked up at me with complete scorn, and then immediately went back to working on his essay. I rolled my eyes and walked towards him, not minding one bit that I was being ignored now. I smiled and roughly grabbed his shoulder, which earned me a surprised, yet adorable, squeak from him.

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He nimbly sorted the corn that he had previously collected in the bowl, making room for more to pick. There was suddenly a loud yelling sound from the distance, and then what sounded like roaring thunder.

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He pulled a marker out of his pocket and picked up my notebook. Onto it he drew a small, pink heart. He then pulled out the heart and handed it to me, I smiled and gladly took it

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He wasn’t being hasty, but he needed to work a little more quickly since he would lose if he wasn’t careful. He moved his glove slightly to the left and waiting for the ball to arrive.

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He ripped off his earring and threw it viciously into the lake, watching it create a small splash. He stared at the remaining ripples that the gold jewelry left in the water.

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The flowers entice me to pluck them from their roots, as if each one is patiently waiting for their deaths. They say nothing once they are pulled out of their homes, even if they are moved somewhere else.

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He vigorously shook the box, the contents inside rattling from the motion. If it would take an axe to the wood, he would do it in order to find out what was inside. He was going crazy trying to figure out what was given to him, but soon enough he would know.

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As I passed through the kitchen I swiped a ripe pear, taking a juicy bite into the fruit’s green flesh. I thought about how healthy and good this pear was, and what nutrients that it provided me. This also reminded me of the love that I lacked, and while my physical body was getting the nourishment that it sought out, my heart was about to dry out.

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The blood dripping from his hand began to form an even larger puddle, each small plinking sound making him even more nervous. He could only sit there in distress and wait for help, as he was too weak to even stand up. When his sister went out to the barn to check up on him, she had found him holding his mutilated hand. He imagined that he must be extremely pale right now, but he felt as if all his nerves were beginning to die out from crying so loudly.

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He slowly pulled the multiple pins out from his wig, and then unclasped his bra. He had to stop this, but he couldn’t. It was extremely embarrassing, he felt as if everyone knew his lies, even though he had a very feminine face. His dresses called to him, and he couldn’t do anything but answer.

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I wouldn’t call it heartache, but there’s a feeling inside of me that is strange. If I focus on it enough, I notice that it is bothersome and uncomfortable. I wonder why I have it, and why it won’t go away. It’s strange how something mental like this can overcome me physically in such a manner.

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The flimsy branches of the tree swayed from the powerful wind. Several broke off and bounced against the white suburb houses.

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I turned the ruby over and over in my hand, observing each clear cut side of the jewel. It was mine, and I had to protect this small remnant. It was very easy to lose pieces like this, and I’m sure it happens all the time. I carefully put it in my pocket and

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I was willfully deceived, and now I am paying for it. I knew what he was doing on those late nights out, but I never said a word. I ignored the red patch on his neck, I turned my eyes away from the sweet foreign scent on his clothes. But I could not ignore the fact that he had finally left, the guilt eating him away. Perhaps it would have been different if I said something earlier, if I just brought it up and talked to him about it. But now it’s too late, and now he’s gone.

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The mechanic popped open the hood of my ruined car and took a look through the smoke. I frowned as he turned around with a pitiful look on his face.

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He plucked the petal from the rose and threw it onto the ground. The rose flipped once in the air and landed on the small patch of overgrown weeds. He walked away from the flower, looked back once, and turned his head away again as he disappeared from sight.

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