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She stood in front of the class. The old classroom was filled with noise of feet shuffling and whispering, she thought she even heard some suppressed laughter. A boy in the first row lifted his hand: “Miss, what is the word for toilet paper under your shoe in Russian?”

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she really made an effort. Would it have the desired consequences? Could she convince her boss again? All those extra hours, all this fast track work, all the extra duties she accepted. But no reward yet.

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She could see the dark outlines of the mountains and the woods and above that – the starlit sky. The night was so different here, far away from the city, far away from the lights of any village and far away from the streets. She hoped she would find her way.

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She had to jump through all this hoops. Being nice to people she despised, being humble when she has had success, wearing clothes that hindered a normal movement, not being too loud, not being too forward – she was a woman.

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He was the toughest boy of his brothers. Not like the musical genius, not like the poet, not like the painter, he was the one who conquered the stone, who chiselled away and crafted statues. And when somebody teased one of his brothers he was the one to come to their aid.

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So I played the circus images. Again and again I searched the bunnies and the piedestals and the hearing devices. When they asked me to solve their riddles, I did. Oh the joy of being one of a group of players in a hidden object online game …

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They gathered together in the old stone circle. The older ones exchanged nervous glances. The younger ones either chit-chatted excitedly or were pale and quiet. The youngest was one of the latter. All were clad in black.

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She walked with her empty basket along those market stalls. Very appetizing, those offers. But she had not enough money for all those tempting fruits and bakery goods. She could just afford a small piece of cheese.

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It was well thought through, she had to admit. Not quite her train of thoughts, but he always claimed she showed “female logic”. Well, she would just stay true to herself then. She took the pistol and shot.

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She went head over heels over the handlebars. Those new breaks were a danger, now, that she was used to the old ones which responded rather reluctantly. Thankfull she had managed to land in the grass at the side of the road.

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She sneezed again. Her head felt foggy and she was cold and hot at the same time, shivering and still to warm to cover up. Her tissue box was running precariously low. Now, where had she put the Ibuprofen?

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A news outlet – was that a place where you could get last year’s news, a little bit less expensive, dressed up as the real thing? It was, wasn’t it? At least during the summer months, the silly season as they called it. Always the same stories to surface.

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She looked out from her little flat – there was the old villa on the hillside. It looked rather dangerously, as if it would slide down any minute. The thunder reminded her, that there was bad weather to come.

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They exchanged many colourful words. Different starting letters, some more than four letters, and the children looked on, baffled that the forbidden words were coming out of their mothers’ mouthes so plentiful.

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She went away from the grave.
First she had left her childhood, when her mother died and she had to take over running the house for the lord of the manor, than she had to leave her home when her father married her to this young, unknown man and now she was leaving the home she wanted to make here because her new husband had just died.

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How to politely decline this offer? She knew he, too, was only being polite by offering for her hand. It just did not feel right to accept, even if tradition and custom kind of forced her to. She sighed. “Can I sleep over this?”

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No, she did not want to marry her cousin. She was 15, and it was outrageous that her family asked her again to save the family by marrying a cousin. She had married once on the families behalf, this time she would not agree. After all, her father could not force her. She was a widow now.

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She hung in the belt, head down. The car swayed in the wind, only held back by a root. This child, she hoped she had evaded it, she did not hear a crash, the child should have escaped. She hoped she would, too. Then she saw it, the hand.

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She watched that firy line in the sky. The dragons were back. She ran through the wood whistled for her sheep and the dog – the only thing that would save them was the small cave at the foot of the mountain. Then she stumbled.

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She was the smallest in her class. Everybody went over her head – and so did the conversation. She felt even smaller than she really was, when nobody spoke to her or only in very patronizing tones. They would soon regret this. She was ready to go big.

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She looked out from her window. Out there she saw all those white triangles. She envied the people who sat in them. She would love to sit in one, too.

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She bend over to reach that spot. Why did her skin itch that much today. It’s not as if she had forgotten to shower and use some body lotion afterwards. So why did her whole back itch this morning.

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So they wanted a sequel. Well, she had only killed that one husband of hers – how was she going to know what it would be like to kill another man. Still, she needed the money from the Guitly-Widow series … She would have to find another husband …

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He counted on Dick, to come in in time and cause some distraction. He would then sneak in silently and do the deed.
The sun sank and punctually as the 4 o’clock train the stray dog appeared and begged for food from the other side of the fence.

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Heaven, hell – what strange concepts for her. She did not believe. It might have been different if she had learned how to believe as a child, but nobody taught her. She was left to her own devices, mostly, and her parents had to work too much and to teach her more essential stuff.

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The ominous rumble from the sky threatened her. She ran on, into the forest, hoping she would be safe there, at least from the rain or the hail. The weather was not as friendly as on the mild spring day on which she had set out for her adventure.

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His hairline was receding. He could no longer ignore it. Cut his hair very short? Shave his hole head? Or even give in to his vanity and get a toupet.

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The men crumpled the paper and threw it into the overflowing bin. Again, this could not be soo difficult, Others had gone through the process, too. He looked at the previous version, which he had to change. Some logical mistakes, some later changes – so many reasons why he should not keep this version.

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She always was good at making do. She knew what to use if she did not have the real thing, she saw things and immediately knew what she could use them for. But this here puzzled her. What the (insert imaginary place) should she do with a coin?

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That panels was lose. She pried it off the wall and found a small metal box behind it which she tried to open, but it resisted at first. “Ouch” her finger got cut – and then the box was open.

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