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The damage to the car was so much it was a surprise he managed to make it out at all. Lee sat next to the car on the road, staring at it. He had been hurt, his arm was very sore and tender, but he got off relatively ok. He still couldnt believe he had been in that car, that he had driven it as it was devasted beyond recognition. He was lucky to be alive.

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The ferry pulled out of the harbour and the family settled into their seats. Finally the day had come, the day they had been hoping and fighting for. They were going to have a better life from now on, no more troubles and hardships, just happiness. Viva la France!

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The girl looked at her mom as she began to braid her hair. It always was slightly painful when she did it but in the end, she looked beautiful and that was what mattered. Her mothers fingers pulled and twisted and worked until all of her raven black hair was pulled straight back against her head, she admired herself in the mirror. She was stunning.

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I think I should mute myself sometimes. I say too much and it has already caused me some inconvenience. It’s also a very useful tool in remote controls. By the way, I’m using it right now. Mute is similar to ma

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i am pregnant 4 the ist time.i m so

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