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looking at someone for a long period of time, starring at something/someone until they notice or keep looking and make them uncomfortable, disrespectful to stare but you do it anyways

» Posted By Sidney On 01.24.2017 @ 11:48 am


“you’re doing that wrong.” i don’t care. there are my ways, and you know what i mean when i say, “who.”

the control freak in all of us is energy best spent on oneself.

» Posted By sidney On 04.23.2016 @ 9:19 pm


The new apple watch is a very modern piece of technology. It has many cool and modern features that I think has the potential to improve everyone’s lives.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.28.2015 @ 1:06 am


I looked at my friend Dana with a confused look.
“Smog? What does that even mean?”
Dana looked back at me sheepishly. “Well, um, I actually don’t know what it means. I heard someone say it and it sounds like smug mixed with fog so..”
“Smug fog? Are you sure?”
Dana just shrugged.
(this is me not knowing what smog means.)

» Posted By Sidney On 02.27.2015 @ 5:02 am


The plague. Even saying it scares me. The crimson blood staining their lips and the odor of rotting meat. The loss of your bladder and eventually you lose yourself. Thats pretty scary. I never want to lose myself.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.31.2013 @ 6:25 pm

It caught up with all of us eventually. I had thought i could avoid it, but theres no escaping the plaugue. After you catch it the crimson blood stains your lips and the odor of rotting meat surrounds you.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.31.2013 @ 6:19 pm

Evil nasty disease. Slaying thousands and millions. So much death. Sad. Tears wasted and people suffering from the death of themselves and others. Destruction of the body

» Posted By Sidney On 03.31.2013 @ 6:15 pm


so there I was, highschool, blasted out of my mind. I could have just done nothing but instead i got high as fuck. I could have just lived out this dreaded moment without weed. Well, since i’m high might as well get some munchies.

» Posted By sidney On 03.14.2013 @ 11:46 am


He hated himself. Everything he was. Nothing about him seemed good enough for her. And she agreed.

» Posted By Sidney On 11.30.2012 @ 3:58 pm


once you smell the garlic and thyme, basil and acrid sweat of a five star kitchen your stomach plummets to the depths of hunger. a fat italian head chef chortles behind this black whiskers. pies as crumbly as the faces that dine there.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.10.2012 @ 3:58 pm


The chopped wood was carefully stacked against the outer wall of the seemingly abandoned cabin. However, she knew that the small building wasn’t completely abandoned; the stacked lumber told her that much. The inner coloration of the former tree was a fresh white-yellow as opposed to a dried gray-brown that came with age. No, the wood was fresh-cut and newly stacked and there was, indeed, someone inhabiting the eerie building.

» Posted By Sidney On 10.10.2011 @ 1:34 pm


One of Jenna’s earliest memories involved a hot iron. It was nothing extreme in nature, no it was a rather innocent accident, but she remembered that it was hot. Scorching hot and blistering against her skin.

» Posted By Sidney On 10.09.2011 @ 5:01 pm


Rally. Why do others rally. Is it an obsessive need to stand out against our peers? Is it a need for others to hear our voice? Is it for our inner most desires? That is the reason to rally. Because we need it to survive.

» Posted By Sidney On 09.13.2011 @ 5:52 pm


Who the hell picked history? I know damn near nothing about history except what happened yesterday was considered history because it will never happen again and I have missed a chance for something amazing.

» Posted By Sidney On 06.23.2011 @ 1:26 pm


bones are dangly. Dry and charred. rubbed against eachother they scratch. screach against my ears. the sounds of the dead. the words of them shot out with the strikes. non believers do not look but i choose to for the thought is different than what others like.

» Posted By sidney On 05.11.2011 @ 8:58 pm


To open a banana you must split open the peal.

» Posted By Sidney On 12.30.2010 @ 11:36 am


grateful that you are not hear to share the pain I bear all you see is me a foam of misery flowing freely but YOU are not hear ever ever never never will there be one like you. No.

» Posted By sidney On 08.16.2010 @ 12:11 pm


Corners make me feel so clumsy. Ineligant. When I fold clothes, i can never get perfect corners. Why is that? Have I done something wrong? My sister can make perfect corners. But she worked at a Gap for a year, folding clothes. Everyday. I wish I was a corner. Or at a corner, of the world. Corners are so perfect, but i’m not. Words are corners. Sharp and concise, and neat.
I’m not jealous. I don’t like Gap.

» Posted By Sidney On 09.12.2009 @ 10:51 am


I’m not logical whatsoever. I’m illogical. Everything is illogical. Let’s get stuck in the illogicalness of the world, and just have fun with it. We can, you know. It’s possible, because nothing is logical. I like listening to Joe Walsh occasionally, and that definitely can’t be logical. What’s wrong with me? Oh wait, I know. I’M ILLOGICAL.
This post is definitely illogical. What else is new.

» Posted By Sidney On 09.11.2009 @ 12:31 pm


there are a million deadlines but they are only there to create order and improve efficiency otherwise we would have no motivation to get things done. deadlines help us maintain the significance of time because it is only the absence of or limitedness of time that makes us find value.

» Posted By sidney On 05.22.2008 @ 1:58 am


step dad mom nights funny fun music bluegrass old myself carrie brwon soggie bottom boys constant sorrow

» Posted By sidney On 11.25.2009 @ 8:14 pm


flowers are pretty
they have stems
my favorite flower is a daisy
I was born in april
That is the month of th daisy
It is also when it rains a lot
It doesnt rain a lot in summer

» Posted By sidney On 12.08.2009 @ 6:48 pm


once there was a lantern haning from a ceiling. it was made up of obsidian rocks. th lamp often got lonely. then another lantern was installed. the original lantern was thrilled! the two lanterns lived happily ever after. the end!

» Posted By Sidney On 12.16.2009 @ 8:28 pm


The tarnished badge, in the old wooden box with the picture of someone without a name, only the sloping script of long ago: 1925. The dust that has settled but is more like a blanket that dulls the modern world, rather than hiding what’s underneath. The new of who is now old.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.08.2010 @ 6:32 pm


Soft, sweet earth hidden beneath the leaf litter. A woman, the sunflowers warming her back, uses her mint green gloves and a trowel with a red handle to break the earth, finding a bulb below the surface. She wistfully pulled it out and stood up, shading her eyes with her hand. She had to pack up everything, even her tulips that had yet to bloom. She was moving on.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.15.2010 @ 5:26 pm


Ew. Geometry. The pieces of patty paper ( I hate that phrase), graph paper, and shiny metallic pencil lines along with the indents of hard lines and the ghost of erased marks on my paper, trying to draw the right fricken shape.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.02.2010 @ 9:58 pm


That’s what fuels me. It is my words, my sentences, my writing. Without it, there is no light for me to explore my own depths, both of myself and of the world around me. It’s walking home from school, listening to my ipod. It’s sitting in a quiet house while it rains outside my window. It’s what my heart tells me, and gives me more clues about myself than my brain ever could.

» Posted By Sidney On 02.27.2010 @ 8:47 pm


They have this cold mask, this barrier so that the words they say never actually mean what they mean. Their “caring” gestures are only that – gestures, a mime of actual compassion that’s as cold as their soft, pale hands. I’m pretty sure they can’t care anymore, for anyone. They’ve seen too many people get their lives torn apart or avenged at the sake of others to make any kind of attachment. For a lawyer’s life, it’s not personal. It’s business.

» Posted By Sidney On 02.26.2010 @ 9:51 pm


Fell onto the table beneath her eyes, creating dark circles where the salty water soaked into the wood. She couldn’t believe that she was crying over dinner, it was so pathetic. Until she looked up and saw the lit candles, the upholstered chairs, and the dimmed lighting. She was alone. As always.

» Posted By Sidney On 02.25.2010 @ 6:06 pm


I’m short. Everything is larger then, you see on a whole ‘nother level there. It’s like diving into the ocean – you get lost in a sea of torsos and waists, butts and forearms. Tall women, tall guys, the don’t really intimidate me, I’m just in a kind of state of awe…because most of the time they’re beautiful too.

» Posted By Sidney On 03.16.2010 @ 10:29 pm

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