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She stirred the large pot of soup a few more times before reaching into her spice cabinet… “It needs just a little more flavor,” she thought… She shuffled some bottles around til she found what she was looking for, an unlabeled, amber colored jar…

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Sitting on the floor with his back against the wall, he clutched two envelopes in his hands… One was his bank statement, the other was a letter… His one room apartment was nearly empty because he resorted to selling everything after losing his job so that he could keep his wife and son in a home… He had so little hope moments ago after reading the bank statement, but upon reading the letter in the other envelope, he was moved to tears… Inside was a check and a letter from a man that he stopped to help on the side of the road, needing water and a ride to the next town… He kept his promise in a way he could have never imagined, he was now holding a check for a million dollars…

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Wheels were turning, things were finally in motion. Their plans were starting to finally work out for them, and their project was nearing completion. It was art unlike anyone had ever seen before and they were so ready to unveil it to the world.

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