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“Choose” The words echoed in my ears. I licked my lips nervously. This choice would change my entire life. I had to choose between my parents, who i love dearly, and the love of my life, who i cant live without.

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Speech, its a funny thing. Full of life and laughter. Everyone has a language but not everyone can speak. Its a funny thing really. And the birds can speak, and so can i. Why can i? I might never know.

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The end of an era was aproaching. Jonathan looked at Haley with sadness. “So thats it?” He asked, obviously hurt and sad. She nodded. “So, what now” He asked. She looked up and pulled out her handcuffs “Your going to prison for life for killing her” She said and slapped him until he fell into the pit of fire and burned until he died. “Woops” She said

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It was the end of the day. Everyone was exhausted from their work in the mines. With them was a small boy who no one had seen. His name was Joseph. Joseph had snuck in because he needed something. And that something was the crystal rock.

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