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Her hands ached the arthritis morning, but it didn’t stop her from fixing him the breakfast she’d fixed him the last 60 years. She just had to be careful not to wince or drop everything in his lap. Her gnarled hands set his plate in front of him and kissed him on the top of his head. “Hear you go sweetie, eggs just the way you like them.”

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She watched from her seat of the arena the clown dressed in his bright reds, blues, and greens dance around on stilts in front of the audience. Children and adults roared with laughter. His white face and mock red smile hiding the pain in his soul she could see so clearly displayed in his eyes.

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It was 3:00 am and I sat in the laundry mat watching my clothes tumble in the dryer. The sound soothing until something inside began hitting against the metal. I jumped. My hands began to tremble, but my eyes remained transfixed on the clothes tumbling one over the other, just like she did on the bed, tangled in her bedclothes. She fought hard, but I was stronger.

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She pushed everyone away. All she wanted was to run. No phone calls, texts, nothing, just silence. She wanted to be secluded from the truth and the sad, pitying eyes.

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“I’m done; deal with it.” She screamed, turning and running toward the house. Tears mixed with the rain pelting her skin like razor blades. She heard the loud roar of thunder and crackle of the tree branch. She stopped and listened. Turning she ran toward him. “Hold on, I’m coming.”

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I’ve never considered myself anything other than a strong, decisive woman. Independent, and self assured. But this past year has tried me like o other, and I feel defeated. Poked and prodded, I have withdrawn, become dependent on others like the weakling I’ve become.

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It takes more effort than she has to slide her feet into her bedroom shoes. The fatigue is overwhelming. The doctor told her to take it easy, but what does he know. Is he going to send a housekeeper, a maid, and nanny to her house to take care of her two kids? “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

“I’m coming, sweetheart.”

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His words fell flat. I was expecting roses and dinner on Valentine’s Day. Instead I got he walked in the door, his face hardly hiding the his despair. His hands empty hung at his side and all the color had drained from his face. My heart dropped. I stepped closer in the new red dress I’d bought for the occasion, “What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, my voice shaky. His words fell flat. “I don’t love you anymore,” He said.

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The number of claims are mounting up . I could probably wallpaper my house with them. Dental claims in the bath, medical in the kitchen, and surgical in the bedroom. That ought to be a conversation starter.

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It feels as if I’m up against a wall I can’t move, and the others are getting closer threatening to crush me. My arms stretch out trying to stop the weight pushing inward crushing me to death, but it is to no avail. I feel the movement under the quiver of my weaken arms and strain against the inevitable.

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She used to have such womanly features. Men reached out to her whenever she walked are into a room, but out of the blue a disease began to ravage her and now her features are distorted leaving wondering “What’s the point?”

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I pulled him close for the first time in a very long time. It felt like God had smiled down on us and the sun came out. I felt our hearts beating to the heat of the passion in our loins and swell to near bursting with love and joy.

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I’m looking ahead not behind, but sometimes it is very hard. The things that have happened to me make it very difficult to forget much less forgive.

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He wined and dined her liked no other man ever had. He treated her like a queen, and took her to the most expensive places, but she knew when something was too good to be to be true, it was rarely the real thing.

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I choose to play this hand. I don’t like it. it is a lousy hand i’ve been dealt, but the alternative is to throw my cards in and I’m not ready. I’m not a quitter. You’ll beat me fair and square, or I’ll die trying.

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I managed to get the whole story written, re-written, edited and out to my
satifaction. Over, and out. The end.

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She could work a room better than any politician. The minute she walked in, she began talking and people listened. They knew her name, smiled, and nodded, “of course.”

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I promise to write more often, I said. But, words sick in my head. My fingers go slowly across the keyboard and letters are scrambled on my tongue. Keep typing, keep trying, the words will come.

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She stood at the foot of the hospital bed and stared. Well, well, look at her “lord and master” now. Lying helpless, unable to even wipe his on face. She felt no sympathy. He had gotten what he deserved.

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I’ve been placed on house arrest for the next six months. I can’t go anywhere without someone taking me. It isn’t that I have done anything wrong, i am sick or they think I am. They are crazy.

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“I will amount to something one day.” I whispered to the back of the dark closet door as mama shut it. “You be quiet now. I’ll be back later.” She said.

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I am due a better year. The last 59 have not been the best. Sure, I’ve had a few good ones along the way, but on the whole I’d say, I’m due quite a few really great ones.

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I haven’t been doing much living lately, not really. Just going from one hospital bed to another, stay alive is more like it. I’m not sure what choice I have in the matter, but I don’t like it not one little bit.

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The higher the plane rose, the higher my anxiety rose. I closed my eyes and gripped the arms of the seats tighter. My chest tightened, lungs expanding with the pressure of unreleased breath. “Breathe,” he whispered in my ear and the touch of his hand brought me back to safety of his smile.

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Soon the snow will fall and the Christmas lights will shine, the kids will squeal with delight and I will wonder why I don’t feel the same as the rest of the world. It isn’t the same with you gone. Christmas isn’t Christmas with you 3000 miles away.

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The place I go for silence and reflection. A place where i go meet my muse. The smell of creativity meets me there and words begin to dance. It is my favorite place, the library, a place to rest my soul.

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I received news today. The kind I was expecting. It was frustrating in many ways. I have become accustomed to disappointing news of late, but I have not loss hope. It is what I believe in. Our indomitable spirit.

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I thought I would spend the day for me, chilling out and recuperating, but that is not what the world had planned. Every thing that could go wrong did and I was called upon to fix, just like the old day. wonder what they’ll do when I’m gone?

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I am measured by the words I say every day. I am measured by the way I live my life and the way I treat those closest to me. I am measured by who I am.

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I spent the whole weekend waiting to hear from you. I didn’t. I called. you didn’t answer. I waited some more and still, you did not answer. I do not know why you have excluded me from your life. It hurts.

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