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She anxiously checked the results of the third test. A baby. Unbelievable. She’d been so careful! She’d taken her pill at the same time every day and even kept using condoms. How could this happen? A slimy, parasitic, baby was growing inside of her. She let out a long, loud sigh of exasperation.

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The visitor slowly descended from the sky. Each person that saw it, saw something different. A man. A martian. An angel. Something evil. Something good. A quantum being capable of being everything and nothing all at once; it exposed us to ourselves.

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Split seconds go by unnoticed until one Split second results in a chain of events that changes everything.

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There’s a spot on the wall and it’s really bothering me. Too bad I can’t do anything about it. It’s too far away. On the other side of the room and my bed is so comfy. The phone rings and I pick it up. The spots still there. We talk quickly and hang up, but that spot hasn’t moved. It’s just looking at me.

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