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i invite my cat to a party and we had a cake that my bff ate all of it the cat wos in the pool with a biceney on.she wos undrear water for 30 min but came back up. Wen it wos her bday we had cat nip and tuna. she wos in a pool of fich she ate all the fich

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i derived from a bear and an egg. it tasted great. i dont know know what to write. im talking out of my ass. this is a good story, said the cow. moo moo bah bah black sheep. and the heep a deep . i take it in the butt. sai

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The trees are dying one by one. Dreams like this haunt me, fires and sparks, never-ending light. The pathway has disintegrated and I am within the forest now, inside the fire. Pine needles are dry, so dry, they burn around me. The pines have souls, we do not realize, souls that never rest, but god, do they ever burn..

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Mentally I am pushing people out of the way.
Simplicity is beauty
But often misunderstood.
I want to show my love for artistic nature
That is, for once, not overcomplicated.

I quiet down and put my headphones in.
Ignorance is once again ignored.

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The army wasn’t always an army
A collection of military ideas that were not yet military
Surrounding machinery.
They used to get stuck in the mud, I heard
Not exactly convenient,
Terrifying, yes.
We win wars with terror, not guns.
We blast each other out of the race by frightening.
We are horror stories waiting for endings.
And god, I hope this one never makes it to the big screen.

» Posted By shayna On 10.02.2013 @ 5:46 pm

The army wasn’t always an army
A collection of military ideas that were not yet military
Surrounding machinery.
They used to get stuck in the mud, I heard
Not exactly convenient,
Terrifying, yes.
We win wars with terror, not guns.
We blast each other out of the race by frightening.
We are horror stories waiting for endings.

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i have many eneimes, but i have more friends. i love my frineds, but my enimes make me stronger. i thank them for thtat. But my friends support me and my desisions. i love my friends <3

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Held up like always. Fuck. I’m stalled I can’t go anywhere. I have to get there. Before time runs out. Before I die.. I’m sorry.

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An engine is something that makes the vehicle run. without an engine the vehicle would not run or even start.

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i don’t know what disregard means.

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Earring is a type of jewelry that girls/boys may wear.

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Bitten means to like be bitten or something , i am not good at this either.(:

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Pins are things that are very sharp , they can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes , there are safety pins , there is a type of pin which is used for sewing , and some other stuff , the end.(;

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A hood is something that is on a jacket, it is used to cover your head.

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A pattern is a form of shapes and colors.

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Professional is a word that means that you or someone is very good at something and is very experienced with the job that you/they may have.

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A lantern is something… (i do not know how to explain it.) lol

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The word loss has many meanings, one for Ex: maybe you, or someone have lost something or someone very special and close to your heart. If someone was to tell u such a thing you would say i am sorry for your loss.

» Posted By shayna On 02.24.2012 @ 6:51 am


A maze is like a group of openings and some come to a dead end and others have a way out.

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A butterfly is an insect that has lots of different patterns and designs on their wings. They come in very season exept in the the winter and fall.

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I don’t exactly know what orbit means but i know it is something relating to space.

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A festival is kinda like a carnival. There are games and you can win prizes.

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i think the the word hinge is a handle of some sort, something to open a drowr or cabinet.

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I think that this word means to hide. for ex, i think the older you get the more you will want to hide you imperfections and cover them up with difforent products.Such as creams and ect.

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the punishment that lies within all of us exists in the portal that we create. without punishment we will not recognize sin or the existence of our own lives. punishment is what creates responsibility, the desire to continue life, and the fundementals of the world around us.

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Trophy wife. Winning. What you get when you’ve excelled in something. Prize. Excel. Trophy. Trophy. atrophy. Trophy boys, trophy wives. Trophy life.

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i like straws. there is this song about a bug stuck in a straw. its an inch worm i think. my mom used to sing it and my sister loves it. my sister is pretty nice but she overreacts a lot and we fight whihc isnt fun. right now i dont know whhy but she seems maad to me. now i have a funny feeling in my head.

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maroon is a pretty color, it is the color of my car, i am confused as to wether or not maroon and magenta are the samek my alarm just went off in class so it kinda cut me off from writing for 60 seconds iwas very emberassed this sucks my face is all read but the teacher handled it well

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I think that after you die, somehow sometime we forget. Just a little maybe a smell, a voice of the person you are trying and trying to remember! forgetting sucks, and so does death. in order to not forget just remember. lest we remember those who remember never forget. <3
I know that i forgot a memory of you, you used to sing me a song, a lullaby i can't remember what it sounded like and i hate myself for forgetting.

» Posted By Shayna On 06.07.2011 @ 6:19 pm

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