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I like it when I am charging my phone. Charging makes my phone less slow and makes it faster and I really enjoy it.

» Posted By Shawn On 09.19.2019 @ 6:50 am


When the train swept by the river station, and the high pitched whistle carried its tone across the valley, everyone stopped what they were doing. It had been years since a train whistle was heard in Eavesdale. The last train carried away the men to war, and none had ever returned.

This was no war train, however. It was the fruits from the High lands, packed into crates stacked into cargo cars, that the Governor had ordered be sent to every town in the Towerfell.

» Posted By Shawn On 06.29.2019 @ 10:07 am


I once had two sister.
Now I have none.
The first was my mother’s.
The second, my father’s.

Now I am married
She never was mine.
Sisters need misters.
Now mine has none.

I used to have two sisters.
Now I have none.

» Posted By Shawn On 05.25.2017 @ 6:39 pm


A utincel used to cut food and it is very sharp you can cut yourself with it never play with them and only use them for food and eat with them by cutting your own food. There are different kinds of them in the world. Never use it for eny thing but for food.

» Posted By Shawn On 05.09.2017 @ 9:29 am


There is nothing like a woman who loves herself. She isn’t afraid. I am impressed by this. She is not a victim. She is powerful. I am impressed by men like this as well. Those who aren’t afraid to act, work, and be the best they can be.

» Posted By Shawn On 08.28.2014 @ 11:50 am


Severus snape is severe. He is super mean. Why didn’t Harry use the time turner to go back in time and kill voldemort? Why didn’t he drink the luck potion when he went to kill voldemort? These situations are severe.

» Posted By Shawn On 05.14.2014 @ 8:17 pm


i havent been to many yet
but but planning to see
so many of them in my lifetime
and cherish the scene

so when i die all the moment
that will flash before my eyes
will help me escape
to a paradise through time

» Posted By shawn On 03.17.2013 @ 1:10 pm


i an so weathered from the stresses of life that i can literally feel the pressure of the world around me eroding my body and mind.

» Posted By Shawn On 02.20.2013 @ 2:05 pm


I grasped onto the thought tightly, sure to never let it go. As ive finally been able to open my eyes to the truth. Ive been starring in the face of a person ive known my whole life, yet somewhere along the lines i lost touch with their true identity.

» Posted By shawn On 02.20.2013 @ 7:51 am


The pain in my arm was growing. Did I hit it on something? Lay on it strange? There just seemed to be no reason for the throbbing. I can’t even remember when it started.

Its just another strange thing today. Everything is strange today.

» Posted By Shawn On 02.08.2013 @ 7:09 pm


Just speak, say something. I don’t even care what anymore. We used to talk for hours about nothing at all, and that’s all I want now.

» Posted By Shawn On 01.27.2013 @ 2:47 am


The sweeping vista of the ancient Korean temple was the perfect backdrop for the moment. My mother and I were facing the philosophical situation we lived every day at home.

» Posted By Shawn On 01.17.2013 @ 1:22 am


north? southeast? i dont understand man. roses! Where am i going with this?

» Posted By shawn On 01.13.2013 @ 8:38 am


Sometimes i wonder what this relationship between us means. I mean, you sleep over almost every night. We share a meal together every other day it seems. And yet, your Facebook status still remains at “Single”.

» Posted By Shawn On 12.12.2012 @ 3:55 am


The object that holds me down. keeps me from where i want to be. Keeps me below everyone else. It is above me, and i cant reach it. I cant get to that level.

» Posted By Shawn On 12.06.2012 @ 6:45 pm


Gone can mean many things. Like the movie “Gone with the Wind”. It was a classic movie, but I have no idea why the hell I’m talking about a movie that I don’t like at all, or have even seen for tha matter. I’m just typing stuff about the word “gone” but I can’t think of anything. I think I’m going crazy hehehahahhhoho…. DSF

» Posted By Shawn On 10.12.2012 @ 6:22 pm


whether the weather keeps fading away, ive already been swept away. since i got tangled in your hair can i stay there. rain or shine will you be mine?

» Posted By shawn On 09.05.2012 @ 3:05 pm


ive never actually owned a pair of overalls, but then again, is it really a pair of overalls, if the fact of the matter is.. its on a set of one… er not a set really just a singular entity of course.. I think they are like pants. can they be like jean material? or whatever? I dunno.

» Posted By shawn On 07.07.2012 @ 3:22 pm


I forgot the straw!

I just remembered this when I saw the prompt. You see, I’ve been making smoothies most days recently, but had just a bit ago went to stay with my dad.

I brought the smoothie mix, the ice cream, the strawberries. I forgot the straw!

How will I drink it now?

» Posted By Shawn On 06.13.2012 @ 7:13 pm


It was so alluring, to join him. To rule the empire. To control. To have control. But then I thought of the people. Of the rebels. Of the men and women who had died. Of the thousands of hours fighting, and the death and ruin this man brought. His arrogance. His disdain. And I remembered my inheritance, from my father and those before him, those whose spirits where close-by and watching. And I was no longer enticed.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.14.2012 @ 8:28 pm


It was the sustenance of the soul. The life that filled the world with light. It was breath. It allowed me to cross the dry desert and find the oasis, it allowed me to run across the tundra and not freeze, and it allowed me to fly to the moon, to the stars, and beyond time.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.12.2012 @ 6:14 pm


A single day passes with no word, due to travel and communication errors and such. But I lay in bed, thinking, crying out for, the idea of her soft touch. To snuggle and hold each other, to breath each other’s breaths. My heart aches, yearns, for love.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.08.2012 @ 8:06 pm


It’s seems such an odd idea, still. Going back to where it all began. I mean, two adventures? I’m still jealous. I got to go east, but never west. The Plateau misses me, for Ruby was never mine.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.06.2012 @ 3:53 pm


After running across the floor and springing into the air by thrusting my hands into the beam, I flipped head over heels, heels over hips, hips over knees, and crashed into the floor with a loud CRACK! from my neck.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.03.2012 @ 3:40 pm


A gate of time.

So she went.
Through time.

Her attendant looked me in the eyes.

Am I late?

You’re just on time.

And smiled.

And I knew she would be well taken care of.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.02.2012 @ 6:32 pm


A tree..

Another tree.

A towering monument to Earth’s songs.
Green life.
That breathes.

But as the blaze opens upwards, its breaths are black.
The life melts away,
And there is only ashen death of the wildfire.

» Posted By Shawn On 04.01.2012 @ 3:40 pm


We needed a sea chart. So we printed out a copy, and made the measurements on the paper. Wrong paper of course. So we taped it to the window and traced it onto some glue paper. s we pealed the tape off the glass, I wondered how long the residue would last. When would it be cleaned? How many people have taped to that window before?

» Posted By Shawn On 03.23.2012 @ 11:17 pm


One day I was driving downtown when a cop pulls me over. He asks to see what’s in my trunk. I pop it open. It’s an elephant I smuggled in. He releases the elephant, only to have it smash down tree trunks in it’s rage, it’s trunk flailing wildly. I put on my swim trunks and dive into the lake to get some seaweed.

» Posted By Shawn On 03.22.2012 @ 7:14 pm


I went to him asking him to fix it. He laid down his glasses, looked me in the face, then went over to it. And it was fixed. I then proceeded to break it again. And I think he knew I would in the first place.

» Posted By Shawn On 03.21.2012 @ 8:29 pm


Aghast! How dare he? They said what? Number TWO?

I look up and down, across the stars and the numbers, to see the real. See how my hard work, my sweat and grief have been condensed into a number. A number. Is that really expressive? Is that really…art?

» Posted By Shawn On 03.20.2012 @ 8:18 pm

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