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I went to law school at University of Western Ontario. I had a great time. One of my favourite TV shows is a western starring space cowboys – Firefly, which spawned the movie Serenity. I moved out to one of the western provinces – Saskatchewan. I went and visited Alberta while I was there. I moved back east, though, after less than a year.

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I-I-I I’m a, I-I-I I’m a
I-I-I I’m a, mother-father-gentleman

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If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate!
I’m very good at finding solutions to most problems. I don’t believe that there is a problem without a solution. You simply must search for the answer. What is the solution to the meaning of life? Even such a complex question has a solution… and the answer is apparently 42.

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Brunch, the meal that comes between breakfast and lunch. I first heard of brunch on the Simpsons, the episode where Marge is contemplating cheating on Homer with the bowler, Jacques. Did the Simpsons invent brunch? Or did it exist before that episode aired? And couldn’t it have been just as easily lunfast?

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My favourite snack to eat while at the movies. The aroma of salt and butter saturates my nostrils when I enter the theatre. It’s enough to make anyone salivate. I wonder why it pops the way it does? Whether you get it at the theatre or make it at home in the microwave, it’s never possible to pop every single kernel of popcorn. How tragic. To be separated, packaged and stored, and yet, never to reach its potential…

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Loss. Bereavement. Some people go through life without experiencing much. For others, it’s a daily experience. What have I lost in my lifetime? Old friends. Old enemies too. Loss is not necessarily a bad thing. Loss is to gain as destruction is to creation. Nothing is permanent and inevitably, all is lost. That does not mean that one should despair…

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One often pictures a mouse heading toward the centre of a maze to acquire a cheese reward. However, the Minotaur also resided in a maze. Perhaps mazes are not so safe. They can have traps. I wonder why people complete mazes for leisure?

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The Festival of Lights. How many years has it been since I’ve last celebrated? I can’t remember the last time… it’s my favourite “holiday”. The festival in which one gets to ignite fireworks, just like Victoria Day. I look forward to the next one.

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I have never gotten the opportunity to stay at a cabin. I do not own a cabin. I’m sure that I know someone that has one. What’s the difference between a cabin and a cottage? Is it the size of the building and/or the design of the building? Anyways, I’ve only ever been camping.

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Beehives are where all the bees live. What are they doing, up in that hive, up in that tree? Are they making honey? Are they making babies? Why, oh why, are beehives filled with honeycombs? Why are they combs? Why are they not hexagons? Wait, aren’t hexagons combs? No, they aren’t combs! I have never seen anyone run a hexagon through their hair! Wait, why is a reference to “anyone” = “their”? Isn’t “their” a possessive reference to a plural noun?

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Give me liberty or give me death.

One of the most important things a person can have. Freedom. It’s something most of us in the free world take for granted. It’s because we haven’t had to fight for it ourselves. And it is necessary. To fight for it. Because there are always people that will try to take it away from us. Our many different freedoms.

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A runway is where airplanes take off from at the airport.
It is also where fashion models model at fashion shows.
I wonder why they’re called the same thing? Is it because people think that fashion models are airplanes? Or is it a metaphor — these models are so “high”, as in “out of your league”? I wonder if anyone has ever thought of this before…

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The Giant bellowed! Our heroes were stricken with fear! It emerged from it’s cave, with great anger and furious vengeance in its eyes! Okay, I took that last sentence from Pulp Fiction.

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What people wear when they are working in the kitchen to prevent their clothes from getting soiled from the cooking ingredients. It is a symbol of motherly love and affection — such is worn when freshly baked cookies are presented to hungry children — aprons and oven mitts!

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An unruly mark. Something that will harshly affect the aesthetic appeal of an otherwise flawless piece. I had a blemish on my academic record, with a C+ in Anatomy.

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Platinum is worth more than gold and is far more useful. It’s a rare metal that is great for industrial, electronic and aesthetic purposes — there’s nothing like getting Platinum jewelery for the one that you love. Platinum (Pt) – Element 78 on the Periodic Table of Elements. Did you know that each and every one of us has trace amounts of Platinum in our bodies? Consider that fact the next time you feel that you’re completely worthless :P.

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“Don’t slouch!” That’s what my parents always used to say, as well as all of my teachers. It’s not that I would slouch all of the time; they didn’t always say it to me, but it’s a phrase that they would say constantly. It’s a phrase the triggers the “good old days,” where I had little knowledge of worldly things and few responsibilities.

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We’re leaving here tonight. There’s no need to tell anyone; they’d only hold us down, and by the morning’s light, we’ll be halfway to anywhere, where no one needs a reason,

Forget this life, come with me, don’t look back, you’re safe now; unlock your heart, drop your guard, no one’s left to stop you now.

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I saw the skyline from the highway. New York City. I hadn’t been there in years. Not since Grade 8. It was the year before 9/11. I hated New York ever since; I was robbed. It was breaking dawn; we had been up all night and just came to see a bit of the city before heading back.

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Marble is a construction material. It is also a sphere that kids play with — I played with marbles in my childhood — it was great fun, and a passing fad, like POGS. Many of the world’s oldest and most enduring structures are constructed from marble, e.g., the Taj Mahal.

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The person at the head of the executive branch of a country’s political system in a democracy. The person whom everyone holds responsible for all of the things wrong in the country, even things that are beyond the powers of the President. Not all democracies have a President — some countries, like Canada, have a Prime Minister (PM) — other countries have a President and PM, like India, where the PM holds more power than the President.

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The description of something that you see that leaves you breathless and/or lost for words. How to describe such scenes as the Amazon Rainforest or the Glaciers of the Great White North.

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It’s the best medicine. It’s what comedy tries to get out of people. It’s what I thoroughly enjoy doing. It’s what’s done when you’re among friends and having fun. It’s the reflexive action that one does when one is being tickled.

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They are the plural of what’s inside all of us, the second most important organ in the human body. They are a suit in cards. It is part of the title of the Robert Downey Junior movie, Hearts and Souls. It is the second part of the title of a video game franchise, Kingdom Hearts. It’s also the name of a card game, included in every copy of Windows.

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