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It was unusual to hear her play – the soft notes as dainty as her fragile mind, her gentle fingers skimming the keys. Yet it was beautiful, and I admired her: the small smile on her face and her focused eyes made my chest swell, leaning against the doorframe as she played peacefully.

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He lifted the baby out of the cardboard box, gentle as opposed to the shrieking cries the child was making. At the touch of his hands, the baby opened its eyes wide and stared back, quietening and sticking a tiny palm into its mouth as Rick tried his best not to sway in shock at his discovery.

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It is just before dawn when I awaken. I stare at the ceiling, sweeping my hand over the empty space beside me in bed, noticing the ever so slight shift in light outside – the soft glow of the rising sun,
It just shines on the bed as it climbs higher, as if pointing out I am alone again. I stare at that space, cold and and untouched by the sun’s heat, and curl up on my side, sobbing silently with a fist in my mouth.

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Sunlight bathed her. The golden warmth soaked into her skin as she stretched her arms out and shut her eyes, tilting her head to the heavens as she inhaled lavender. The warmth felt safe and protective, and lifted her mood as if it was carrying her away from the ground and up into the clouds.

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It’s something everyone needs – not just children, vulnerable adults, the elderly. Everyone needs a safeguard on themselves – their hearts, their minds and their spirits. Everyone needs protection. Even the strongest of us are vulnerable; a weakness is inside them. Even if it rarely shows and we cannot see it. We’re still fragile. We’re human.

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The timing was wrong. I knew it. I could see the horror on my family’s face when they heard the giggle fall from my lips and the smirk on my face that switched to a guilty, squeamish grin.
“Sorry,” I mumbled. Hearing about the death of my mother shouldn’t result in laughter. But the shock that punched me in the gut seem to push laughter from my lips instead of crushing sadness that would overwhelm me when my mind stopped spinning.

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It crept beside me on the road, the window rolling down slowly, and I swallowed hard, keeping my pace as I looked into the vehicle. The man seemed to smirk at the sight of me – alone, helpless, right beside his van – and my heart juddered as I gripped my bag straps and ran.

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“I don’t want to go!” my sister whined from the back seat, arms folded around her chest and covering the Mackintosh Summer Camp logo glowing on the front in sickening orange.
I rolled my eyes and turned back to the road as my mother retorted, plugging my earphones in; i was thankful to be getting a break from the whiny brat.

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Collect your thoughts and breathe.

Collect your favourite show’s merchandise.

Collect post like Harry Potter.

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I stared at the building above me, the way it stood with such strength. It had a structure, it had support, it had foundations. Nothing like me. But that fascinated me.
I ran my fingers through the grass and rolled over onto my stomach with a huff, returning to the sketchbook to finish my drawing of the towering offices.

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She fell to her knees, heart beating like a drum in her chest. It was the only thing she felt, even when her knees hit the ground hard, making her body judder from the impact. Her hands fell too, in front of her, planting on the ground as she gasped for air as if she was beneath water, trying to keep her head raised and remain afloat even when she was sinking.

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His hand was firm, gripping mine tight with fingers that pressed into the back of my hand hard enough to remind me of his presence. His hand was steady, just like he was – keeping me afloat even though my world was crumbling around me. Whilst he was steady, I would be too.

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Round. Smooth. You could stick it up your nose. You could stick them in your ears on a plane. You could eat them. Don’t do it after the nose/ears incident.

I love
olive s.

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There’s nothing more fascinating than a man in a tight, neon outfit flexing his muscles and wiping the minimum sweat from his forehead whilst gesturing dramatically to a protein shake and growling in a manly voice that makes his moustache tremble, “FOR BUNS LIKE MINE, DRINK PROTEIN-0!”

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“Stay down!”
The gun was more of an incentive to remain flat, face down, on the ground, staring up at the man in the balaclava in horror. Our eyes locked and I shivered; I could practically smell the money he was taking away.

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It was nice to see him smiling. Despite all the heartbreak and the pain, his world crumbling around him, his smile kept him aloft through the rubble, like the glow of the sun. It didn’t make a difference to the ache in his heart, the wince on his face when he felt the pain, but he was still smiling. For us.

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Heavy. Silver. Decorated. Honoured. Stained. Dented. Protection. Pressing. Gleaming. Battle. Armour.

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I didn’t want to be involved. It was one of those situations where you’re on the fringe of things and somehow get sucked in, included despite trying to remain as unbiased as Switzerland. I looked between my two friends as they demanded I tell them who was correct, desperate to shrink myself into my coat and hibernate to avoid answering the question.

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“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure.”
We stare at each other, our eyes locked, and I fight looking away, though I blush.
“I wasn’t certain you love me.”
“I asked you to marry me, of course I love you.” The eye roll, the dismissive comment, makes my heard thud and I exhale in relief, feeling slightly ridiculous for my need to clarify.

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The silk was draped over her skin, and she smoothed down the bumps, fingering the frayed edges. It seemed to kiss her.

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I was breathless, crouched on the ground and desperate to get air back into my lungs, when a voice in my ear ordered, “Regroup. Now.”
I clicked the little button by my lobe with a scoff, retrieving my knife from my boot. I couldn’t regroup. They would stop me. I was going to kill him now.

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It was delicious, that burger. Devouring it on the lawn was an activity that made it easy to forget – to concentrate on something other than the shouting halfway down the garden. I shut my eyes and lie back on the grass, smiling at the warm summer breeze as the shouting continued, stretching my arms above my head and letting the sunshine take me.

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Water kissed sand as tears fell from her eyes, barely able to keep them open as they filled with tears. She allowed the sea fringe to circle her ankles, her hand opening to allow the letters to fall into the waters with a splash, the ink bleeding out.

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They came. I was on their side but my lack of physical support pulled me into the same category as those they were fighting against. The smash of a window and bloom of a flame on my curtains made me dive to the ground in fear for my life, but no matter how afraid I was, it wouldn’t protect me from the rebels when they came.

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I press my hand to the screen in front of me. It looks almost like a mirror, my own face reflected within it but contorted in an agonised scream, my alternate self desperate to break free and get out. He beats the screen from his side with his fist, whilst I watch helplessly, feeling the vibration under my skin.

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something that is random and can make jokes with
it reminds me of whose line is it anyway. Can be pretty funny if you are creative. can add life to a story. theater people use them.

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