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The prophet came to me and told me to follow my heart. Do not fear rejection or humiliation. Just go to him. I left the dimly lit cafe and went to the university where he worked. I marched into his office and told him we are going to be together forever.

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He poured himself another glass of bourbon. Great, she thought to herself. He will be getting very drunk tonight. She knew that he had a girlfriend and he made it clear to her that he was not interested in becoming more than friends, but she knew that once he was drunk, maybe he would reconsider. Maybe she could be his little secret.

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I had been tracking the footprints for about 2 weeks now. I really had no track of time, but I figured it must be around then. The footprints kept changing shape. At first they were incredibly large footprints, almost a bigfoot-like foot print. As I kept following them, about a mile or so, they changed into cat pawprints. I followed those for a few days and eventually the pawprints grew in size and appeared to morph into large bearpaw prints. On the last day of tracking, I grew very cold and tired. The prints took on a whole new shape now. They looked to me as if they were goat prints. Up until now, I could see the snow beneath the prints. But these goat prints appeared as if they had been burnt in the snow. The grass buried under the snow was black and charred. Bending down, my nose was assaulted with the smell of burning death. A part of me wanted to go back, to the peace and regularity of my life. But the other part of me was taken ahold by curiosity.

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Dan didn’t know if he was just assuming they were talking about him, but he was pretty sure they were. He was tired of being talked about. He knew they were talking about how they’re beating him at Candy Crush, but little did they know that Dan was leveling up. He played all weekend long and went up 4 levels. Now he on level 147. Dan, a 37 year old man who works in his little cubicle in Michigan, divorced, two kids away in collage, and the proudest moment of his life was on Saturday, when he beat level 147.

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The team and I were commissioned to explore the ocean floor. We went about finding nothing out of the ordinary for weeks. It was during the 26th day of exploration when we found something so truly amazing. It was a grand castle made of golden coral. It was so shiny and bright. As our submarine neared this magnificent building, I felt a chill of fear go through my body. How can such a colossal structure go unnoticed? It beamed with such a beautiful golden aura. The closer we got, the more movement I noticed around the castle. Once we got close enough to make out the figures, I came to the shocking realization that what I was seeing are mermaids!

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He spent the entirety of his life working on his time machine. It was finally finished! It resembled a wrist watch. He was about to figure out if it would actually work. He placed the watch on his wrist and punched in 1985.

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The Colonel was very angry. He had been frying up chicken all day and was ruining his nice white suit with sweat and grease. He could feel the sweat running through his snow white mustache.

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As I looked through the aperture in the door leading to my room, I felt numb. I saw myself crying on my bed. I racked my brain wondering why I was seeing myself crying hysterically. Then I had remembered this must have been me, a year ago, after finding out the terrible news. Had I gone back in time?

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