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The sunlight peeked through the bottom of the blind. Sasha figured she had three more hits of the snooze button before she absolutely had to get up. Through the blind she could see the blinding whiteness of snow as well as some moving flecks of more heading toward the ground. It looked so beautiful from here.

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The woman’s aura looked heavy. Isabella walked and sat next to the burdened woman on the bench, and reached for a wrinkly hand. Some bird seeds from the bag followed the movement, and the chickadees below fluttered rapidly. As the old blue eyes met her own, Isabella said the only thing of comfort she could think of.

“I see you.”

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She looked at the screen of her phone and realized the distance between herself and her mother. “Happy New Year” it said. It was the first words the two had spoken since Christmas; since the woman who bore her had drunkenly proclaimed, “I always loved your sister more.”

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