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Walking home from school was always a refreshing activity. Then one day I slipped on black ice, I broke my knee and my papers scattered everywhere.

» Posted By shani On 12.21.2012 @ 3:20 pm


Her hands measured the sides of his arm. Two wrist lengths. It felt sturdy and solid, something nice to hold onto while she floated in and out of the world. Silly little thought, that maybe she could fly.

» Posted By Shani On 11.14.2012 @ 11:39 am


There simply is no other solution.
She would have to do it. Soon, or it would never work out. It had to happen as soon a possible, or it might as well not happen at all.
She was too simple. He to complicated.
She to skittish and he easy to avoid conflict.
They would never discuss it, this she knows.
Oh well, maybe there is hope for tomorrow.

» Posted By Shani On 10.24.2012 @ 9:03 am


The entrance of the house was an immaculate golden archway. It was beautiful beyond words. I stared in wonder, and walked through. The gates slammed shut behind me, and I was forever trapped in this beautiful world This beautiful place. Without escape.

» Posted By Shani On 10.18.2012 @ 10:52 am


I want to bury you, bury you after what you did to me. The feeling this word brings is terrible, like the world is crashing around you. Buried in your own thoughts, your actions you end up regretting every day. How terrible it is to feel this way.

» Posted By Shani On 10.15.2012 @ 6:17 pm

She didn’t want to bury her baby. It was just a bitter thought, burying something that hadn’t even begun. It was the end of a life, that had yet to live. She bent down, kissed her child’s forehead one last time, and they lowered the little casket into the ground. The mother bent down, and dropped the first clod of dirt.
“Good Bye.”

» Posted By Shani On 10.15.2012 @ 11:40 am


I miss you by my side. You could be off to college or work or you could travel the world and I wouldn’t know. I just want to see you face. I miss your laugh. I miss you holding me, and not letting go no matter how much I protest. I miss your voice. I miss you, friggin idiot. I miss you! I need my best friend. Where are you, darling?

» Posted By Shani On 10.13.2012 @ 8:11 am


The rain dripped and splashed, and I tossed my umbrella to the side. Taking her hand in mine, we dashed out into the streets. We spun in circles, singing to the beat of the thunder. She laughed, water streaming down her face like tears. Her eyes bright, her smile vibrant.

» Posted By Shani On 10.12.2012 @ 10:56 am


It was the biggest mass of fish I’d ever seen. They twisted and twirled in the hazy lights. They glowed blue and orange. They moved as one big animal, as the shark zipped and spun round. They were invincible. No one could swallow them.

» Posted By Shani On 10.09.2012 @ 10:54 am


She was happy. She was a vibrant light. So peachy she said. But I could see through her ruse. I could see the lack of light in those eyes. She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Blending and confusing the world for us all. She wore a mask, the darkest and fairest mask possible.

» Posted By Shani On 10.08.2012 @ 10:53 am


Combine. C-O-M-B-I-N-E. Seven little letters, coming together. Singing and dancing, in harmony forever.

» Posted By Shani On 10.02.2012 @ 11:14 am


A thread is beautiful. It links two things, it links other threads, it is a tiny bridge between two separate entities. A thread can be literal or figurative, but a thread unites.

» Posted By Shani On 08.16.2011 @ 1:11 am


i feel so connected to some people. connection is what brings us together in the end, doesn’t matter how. and the weird thing is that sometimes you connect to really strange people, people you’d never think you’d get along with. but that’s the mystery of it all i suppose… crazy isn’t it? now the worse part is when you really connect with someone and they fuck you over. but i love connections anyways.

» Posted By shani On 04.07.2011 @ 10:18 am


soft and lovely. a luxury i could afford but never had.
reminds me of you.
you bought my love, but never appreciated or realized the value.

» Posted By shani On 06.25.2010 @ 9:41 pm


rich. money. you get what you want. people in california are wealtjy. you get to drive a nice car. things arent quite so hard for people who are lucky enough to have wealth.

» Posted By Shani On 05.12.2010 @ 5:16 pm


I was on top of a tree and I was smoking some green stuff that came to me from the sky and I decided I would like to try to become more mellow. I looked around me and I saw a bird flying, only it was not a bird- it was a dog. It was a flying dog. I told the dog to come over to where I was sitting and it did. I introduced myself as the King of Siam, and he introduced himself as the Queen of England.

» Posted By Shani On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am


fields of em. taking pictures in em. probably filled with bugs, which is sad, or something. probably serves me right, me thinking they’re gonna be all cute and cleanly and everything.

» Posted By shani On 09.10.2008 @ 8:06 pm


Today at lunch , I was buying. So I went to buy it , and I noticed the trays were out. I called out to the lunch lady and said , ” hey miss I need a tray”
So she did , and it was glowing.

» Posted By Shani On 12.23.2009 @ 5:45 am


Pills are the new evil in society. Everyone takes one. I think of my students who must take pills. Pills to sleep. Pills to behave. Pills to live. I hate pills. They stop us from living.

» Posted By Shani On 01.23.2010 @ 1:19 pm

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