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Morgado saw himself as the harbor in the storm. The oasis in the desert. The refuge that people should have been seeking all along. “Why do they look at me like I’m a freak?” He didn’t see how they couldn’t recognize his value, his importance as the one person who really cared about future generations. Ruby had been his most brilliant success and that’s why he put her back out, gave her back to society. Because she would make a difference. Her new abilities would change people, enable the the general population to access new areas of their brains and fully reveal their potential. No more of this 25% crap. Now people could experience their lives more fully.
But she wasn’t progressing as well as he had hoped she would. He wasn’t seeing the changes in her he expected. She was the only one he was tracking. All of the others hadn’t shown much promise so he released them knowing they were likely not going to offer the returns his hard work had warranted.
Ah! There she was. Just in the cafe’s door. Would his magic word work on her? Were the weeks of conditioning going to pay off? “let’s see” he mumbled to himself under his breath.
Had to be quiet about everything so no one noticed. He figured by now they had started looking for him. His assured success created desirability. Must remain undetected…

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What is lurking around the next corner. What surprise is in store? Something new, bright ,exciting, yummy? So many positive possibilities. Corners hide things and it is so easy to make it to the reveal. It only takes seconds to see what is hidden by so solid an object as a corner.

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