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“God! I just don’t know if it’s real or artificial. You know?”
“What do you mean? How can it be artificial? How can anyone fake love?”
“I don’t know, it’s just a gut feeling…of something amiss… something fake… something real. Like you so badly want it to be real, yet there are so many complicated issues that haven’t resolved, and you’re magically shoving them under the carpet to make it feel like a fairy tale… Have you ever felt like that about anyone?”
“Not in the least bit! Are you drunk?”
“No, just love drunk and sleepless.”

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“Everybody’s heard of the Big Fat Indian Wedding, of course? Haven’t they?” pointed out Anayra sarcastically to her aunts and their friends from the foreign country who were looking at her flabbergast. She was being made to wear a ton of jewelry, her body swimming in layers of silk. But there was not a speck of love in the air.

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Oh! All the ornaments she would make of them. Leela held the pearls from the foreign land tightly in her fist.

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Ornaments of gold shimmered on her, taking one’s attention away from her tear stained eyes. She had become the new queen, after her mother. Her duties would begin whether she was ready for them or not, she would have no time to mourn.

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She stomped her foot in the black grape bucket, knowing it will add to her drink.

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The deepest of red glinted and danced in the silverware like stars on a cloudless night sky.

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I often wonder what it is that I have to offer to this world? And often only one answer stands out-my writing. My creativity is the only single thing that I possess. And therefore, I can offer it to the world. My view- the way I perceive things. I can stand back and look at my own life and the ones surrounding me only when I sit down to write. That’s the gift I possess. That’s the gift I want to enhance. And that’s the gift I want to entertain people with. Writing is a channel for letting go of one’s sorrows and welcome peace and lasting happiness.

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This morning when I sat down to write, I realized my thoughts are scattered everywhere, just like the clothes on my bed. Ergo, I began to organize my bed.

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Dark, grey clouds marked the skies this morning, reflecting my mood from last night. I felt as though I had woken up in the middle of the night. I rubbed my eyes and went to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water, half spilling on the counter and half on my T-shirt.

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July 15th marked the birth of my first novel. I don’t remember a time when I was more excited in life. The date will surely be etched in my memory forever. However, there is also a fear seeping in that I want to get rid of.

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Many a nights in my old room were spent sleepless. Therefore, I shifted my bedroom and my mindset for the better.

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I sometimes feel our metabolism also depends on our mood. It’s not just a physical thing, it’s also a mental thing. When one is in a happy state of mind, the metabolic rate is automatically high, and when one is sad, it has drastic effects on the metabolic rate.

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Health hazards related to beauty products are countless.

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“Warning: Tiny particles maybe hazardous to children. Do not hand them over without supervision,” read the mother on the back of a Lego blocks pack and smiled. Her twenty year old son was not so fragile anymore.

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“Part of the trick lies in how you reveal it,” said the magician.

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It was bright and sunny. But there was a roar in the air. The grounds thundered with the footsteps of the warriors. It was time for a radical change in the country.

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I had been thinking about it for a long time now. Every day, noon and night. But today I’ve made up my mind. It’s time for a radical change! It’s time for me to turn my life around. And I can do that by following a few simple steps that I have laid out for myself. There’s no point in delaying. It’s about time. All walls began as a single brick.

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I took a deep breath and looked towards the security gates as the flight was ready for departure. It was bright and sunny inside the airport platform. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel disappointed. I knew he wouldn’t come. Now, I would be liberated for sure.

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As the plane readied for departure, the air hostess looked outside the window towards the airport. It was the last time she would see the grounds again. But, she didn’t know that.

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“What is a deal breaker for you?” she asked.
“Jealousy,” he said. “And possessiveness.”
“I see.”
“Yet, without it, there’s no love,” he whispered, inching close to her. A smile touched her lips as she sipped from the glass and suddenly understood the burning sensation in her heart.

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Once in a while we all have the habit of straying from our goals, from what brings us joy and peace. The realization that comes with it, that we’ve hit rock bottom, becomes a searing pain in our heart and minds.

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She took charge of her own life. Her feelings. The way her day goes. She wanted to own herself and take charge of everything that is happening around her and by taking charge of everything that is happening within her.

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I want to have a holistic approach towards my life. Change the way I look at things, and attract more happiness, love, luxury and dreams. I want to have a fulfilling and spiritual outlook towards my life, towards the universe.

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Care, caring, careful, couldn’t care less. Those are the stages of every broken relationship.

» Posted By Shalini On 04.26.2018 @ 4:14 am


Dragons existed way before the classification of the animal kingdom into different phyla. Perhaps we could classify them as belonging to the dinosaur species.

» Posted By Shalini On 04.20.2018 @ 12:06 am

We are classified as humans the moment we are born. We are classified further based on our nationality, race, religion, colour, food habits, gender, and what not. But in the end, we are all just life forms on a planet.

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I owe my teachers everything. My principles in life, my way of life, my habits, good and bad, and my language skills. Also, I owe them my insecurities and confidence, my highs and lows. Once upon a time I used to imitate my teachers as a hobby.

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Orange is the colour I wouldn’t want to see in my wardrobe. And it is the one colour that occupies most of my wardrobe. Ugh.

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There’s a huge orange orchard in my backyard. I’m at the farm house of my great grandfather. They say he walks these orchards on moonlight nights, smelling the fragrance, reveling in the cold breeze and singing songs of the dead.

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My mother once tried to teach me quilting, but failed. I was a tomboy in my grade school days and only succeeded at sports.

» Posted By Shalini On 04.10.2018 @ 8:12 am

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