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There are only 2 things I can name whose memories shake me to my bone and leave harsh images running through my head. The first is of a large vulture, using his talons to hack at and rip the skin off my brother’s corpse. The second was the day you decided it was my fault, words tearing through me just the same way.

» Posted By Shak On 02.19.2014 @ 5:44 am


One thing has led to another and now I find myself standing in a dark alley in the middle of the night holding a crowbar and facing the worst situation possible
” This needs to stop,” I say, unwavering. The man I once loved stands in front of me but for now all I see is a lowly criminal

» Posted By Shak On 01.27.2014 @ 5:41 am


People will believe me when I lie to their face.
I don’t know how but I have encased myself in a layer of opaque glass that like diamonds refract and distort light until you’re not sure what you’re looking at anymore.
I scintillate lies and truth all at once and it scares me just how easy it is.

» Posted By Shak On 01.25.2014 @ 11:49 pm

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