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The summer camp was her favorite place to be. Just her, the woods, people she’d never ever see again. There was something liberating about it, something she couldn’t quite place, but knew she loved. Maybe it was just the s’mores.

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There was no doubt that I was about to die. I was going to die at the hands of my best friend, my soul mate. How ironic was that? The one who was supposed to love me forever was the one who had to murder me. There was no doubt in his eyes as he advanced, wielding his sword like it was the Bible.

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I am a believer, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that He died on the cross for my sins and has risen from the dead. I’m a believer that He is returning some day soon and will take me away to some beautiful place called Heaven. I am a believer. I am a dreamer. What are you?

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My parents were never the Christian type. They went to church once a week, if that. They didn’t think God wanted anymore time with them. He had his ten percent, what else could He want? It was a long time afterwards, when my mom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer that they both understood what God wanted. He wanted them to have a biblical faith, not a dwindling one. For He was a jealous God and He would accept nothing else.

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The King wasn’t a celebrity. He was reviled by most and despised by many. All He’d done was speak the truth and they had rejected Him. They’d been His friends, His neighbors, listening and watching as He taught in the Syanauges. And now they watched as He hung on the cross, waiting for His Father to take Him home. Yeah, way better than a celebrity.

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The television flickered its blue light across the girl’s face as she watched it, pretending to be enraptured. Her mother was in the room next door, yelling at her father. She winced when she heard glass shatter. Who had thrown it? She wasn’t sure she wanted to know.

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The barricade loomed before her, tall and wide. She stared at it, entranced. She couldn’t believe that her brother thought she could jump this. It would take a thousand of her to make it to the top. She sighed, knowing what he had really wanted her to do.

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The child looked at her mother irreverently. Her mother glared at her, trying to burn a hole into her daughter’s head. She was in deep trouble and she knew it.

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The child looked at her mother irreverently. Her mother glared at her, trying to burn a hole into her daughter’s head. She was in deep trouble and she knew it.

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She stared at the tombstone inscribed with her sister’s name. To a passerby it was a single marker in a long line of markers. To her it was so much more. It pinpointed the exact place where her sister lay. The freshly upturned earth cradled her sister’s story forever: unwritten, unspoken, and unheard.

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She stared at the boy, wondering who he was. She normally had a great deal of influence on people, but this was a different case. He wouldn’t even look at her. It was like she didn’t exist. It wasn’t something she was used to. Normally, everyone was very aware of her. Perhaps he was immune to her influence. Perhaps.

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There are many things to delight in in this world. The simple fact of living should be something to delight in. Each breath is a gift, a wondrously, preposterous gift that we take for granted.

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She silently bowed her head, wondering what exactly to say. She’d never prayed before. Was she supposed to speak formally or casually? Was she supposed to butter Him up or was she supposed to say exactly what she felt? She decided to be forthright. He was an omniscient God. He’d know instantly if she wasn’t.

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There were three pairs of shoes left on the rack. She knew just by looking at them that none would fit her. They were way too small. She sighed sadly, glancing down at her barren feet. Running from the system had it’s downfalls. Suffering through the winter cold would have to be one of them.

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The man stared at her, a look of wrath bright in his eyes. She bowed to the ground, unable to see him, and prayed for his forgiveness. Tears poured from his face as love lit his eyes. His daughter had finally returned. He whispered three wonderful words and embraced her in his arms.

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The children glanced back, fear bright in their eyes. The man was getting closer, closer. They continued to flee, trying to get farther from the man. They knew it was inevitable. He would catch them.

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I stared at the woman, marveling at how someone could cast a mold. It seemed like such a complex task; I couldn’t even imagine.

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The planter swayed in the wind, dangling precariously from its hook. A little girl and a little boy ran past it, hardly caring about such an atrocious thing. It was ugly to them, a waste of time. Flowers had yet to have meaning to either one.

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The branch swayed slowly in the breeze. It looked like an arm, waving sweetly at me. It’s green fingers curled towards me, asking me to come towards it. I hesitated then turned away. Mother would be furious if I dawdled.

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